Normal X Splinterland

Hey Battlers! Get ready to see the most common match up out there, ever🙂🥲. Yeah, you can walk out of this post right now 🚶‍♂️.


This battle was another one for the books, a battle between cursed demons and healing goblins, Dark Vs Light. Obviously, your truly was with the Dark one’s aid. And, this time I made 3 changes to the squad that didn’t change the outcome of the battle.

The Battle


It had a mana cap of 26, a mana cap that is in the normal mana zone. I had Thaddieus Brood while my highly esteemed opponent didn’t take the most popular faction that I’m seeing till now, the Drake of Arnak. He had Obsidian. Drake of Arnak is a top choice if you can balance the attacker, healers, and leeches. Maybe I’ll try it on the next battle.

My Crew

I had my trusty Windeku on the tank position, the disintegrator on the 2nd place, Life Sapper on 3rd, Death Elemental on 4th, and Soul Strangler.

Opponent Crew

Unicorn Mustang being the first monsters, Mycelic Morphoid on 2nd, Goblin Psychic on 3rd, Khamer Princess on 4th, and Regal Peryton at the last.

Round 1 - Fugayzi


Obsidian’s trait is having a +1 Fire Power. Thaddieus Brood has a -1 HP and a -1 on Fire Power. An easy negation of the opponents trait. But, the disintegrator has a -1 on melee attack power on the opposing monsters. The traits were exchanged and the battle was on.


First Blood went to both the Regal peryton. The thorns effect was as useful as ever, dealing a counter of -2 HP to the attacker.


His attackers turn did a good number on my primary monster but their turn were over, my units turn. They dealt a heavy damage to their tank as well but my Life Sapper couldn’t do much. His attacks were negated by the Unicorn. The Psychic Goblin was now down to 1 HP.


Just like that, the Goblin deals a heft damage and healed their own tank. A dynamic shift in the power curve of the battle.

Round 2 - Sizing Up


My tank couldn’t survive the 2nd round, but before it went away it dealt a -2 damage on the Unicorn. #windekupower(not a real link).


Thankfully, the Death Elemental took out the Goblin. A huge hit in the opponent’s healing wound.

Round 3 - Process Of Elimination


The Disintegrater still going strong, keeping that -1 damage effect on the opponent’s melee attackers.


The battle went on to tip on my side as the monsters on the opponent’s side were falling one by one. This time it was the Khamer Princess, all of my monsters were safe and didn’t suffer much damage.


And soon, even the mighty Unicorn kicked the bucket, leaving the Mycelic Morphoid and Regal Regal Peryton.

Round 4 - Assurity


The Morphoid having 1 HP is a twig that wanted us to end its suffering. The last monster was a beast. Talk about saving the best for last.

Round 5 - I Am Inevitable


So, without losing any more of my monsters the victory was all but a matter of time. My disintegrater clutched to its last HP, the others were not damaged in any way.

Battle Link

Battle Link

And that’s the way the battle ends. Thank you for reading, hope you had a real yawn 🥱 from this. Time to go to bed🙂.