The Long Fiery Knockout - Splinterlands


Hello splinter-cells, I hope you are doing good!

Finally, after a long while I got myself an action packed battle that might give you some pointers in dominating your opponents. A battle that went for as long as 8 rounds making this battle is definitely one for the book of records.

This time around I made a Tarsa faction but used cards that I pondered about attaining victory with.
Below is the major moments in the rounds of the battle and at the end of the post is the battle link.

The Battle:- Insight


This battle was between Tarsa and Mother Khala, both possessing the health boost of +1 except Tarsa has an additional boost of +1 in damage. The mana cap was 20, a moderate amount considering all my recent battles.

  • So, in order to win I had to consider what I wanted to get out of my faction train.

Would it be to increase my health for a longer fight, or reduce it to get a quick vic? Or, get their magic power down since many players find solace in dealing damage to HP to get a quick match and victory.

  • Next, which cards would you take to further exploit the trait of the faction.

You could take a number of small mana costing monsters who would get a buff in certain aspects when there is a low mana cap. Or, go for a more tactical gameplay where you would get a perfect blend of monsters who would attack in harmony by placing them carefully around the deck.

My Team

Living Lava that did 3 melee damage, Radiated Scorcher on the second, Fire Elemental, Goblin fireballer, and lastly the Chaos Agent.


  • the living lave made a perfect tank who would deliver a heft damage and has an ability to reduce melee and ranged attacks.
  • the radiated scorcher was a monster with a low mana cap, it’s health and attack would increase once the traits would be introduced.
  • the Fire Elemental would have a burst damage effect on the surrounding monsters,
  • the goblin was a low mana monster and was good for a ranged attacker.
  • the chaos agent was at the back to receive the damage of monsters who might go for the last monsters(I had about 1 mana to spend so…😁).
Opponent Team

Shield Bearer, arguably one of the best tank, Venari Crystalsmith, Sacco Hireling, Celestial Harpy.

Round 1 - Arise Warriors


The traits were introduced and the battle was on! My frontline monsters did an amazing job at dealing damage to the Shield bearer but the Venari Crystalsmith and the Scavo Hireling kept healing him. This was one of the aspects that made a perfect loop. I damage it, the healers heal and then I attack again to which they would heal.


Thanks to the ability called Shield my Living lava didn’t suffer ANY damage from monsters apart from the Shield Bearer.
All this hit and run, the only thing that brought about a change was my Fire Elemental. This lady monster did a terrific job at causing a burst damage to the neighbouring monster. Slowly but surely eating away the HP.

Round 2 - The Cycle Of Labour


By the second round my Lava’s shield was deteriorating but his Crystalsmith was also getting its HP depleted.

Round 3 - First Contact


After a lot of back and forth, healing and damaging, I finally landed a blow on the enemy tank. A hit from my Scorcher. A small step for my vic, a leap against the healing beasts.

Round 4 - Breach


The round where we finally get to see the demise of the oh so annoying Crystal spell caster.


Nope, not yet. Scroll down.

Round 5 - Point Break!!


YES, we got this f*****. Now all we gotta do is to stomp the Scavo Hireling. It’s not gonna be easy as my Scorcher and Living Lava was nearing the it’s limit.


And the second to bite the dust was my amazing Radiated Scorcher. The damage that the Living Lava committed to Shield Bearer was all useless due to the Scavo Hireling’s shield buildup. The assault on the Hireling was about to commence.

Round 6 - Mutilate*


After this long time, Sir Shield Bearer was getting more damage while the burst effect on the Hireling was being shown.

Round 7 - ”Clench Fists”


With the healers gone, the battle was decided and only the random attack pattern of monsters was left to proceed. My tank still had it’s 4 damage from it’s melee attack but it had a health of 2. But, the Celestial Harpy was still at full health and that was a big thorn.

Round 8 - Finale


Both parties were at rock bottom but mine happened to float a little as there was a 0 damage on my tank by the Celestial Harpy. But, I did take a hit from their tank and thought that I was about to lose this battle, after coming all this way it would’ve been such a waste of time.


And as my luck would have it, it seems that I was blessed to have the Living Lava on my side. This one thing was an absolutely beast in this entire battle.

Evidently, this beast tamed the healing effects of the healers and let the smaller monsters eat away the tank bit by bit.

The Battle’s Link:

Battle Link

Thanks you reading so far, I hope you loved the play. See you next time!



so blast damage won :) living lava is great tank, but expensive:(


It's worth its expense, and I usually go for the Tenyii Striker but this time I the Fire Elemental a chance.