Hello, splinter-bites. I hope you all are doing well.

In this daily segment of the Social Media Challenge, I have made a battle worthy of sharing.

Today, I shall show you guys that a battle where bloodthirsty monsters with bloodlust ability can thrive even in low mana cap battles.
We all know that they are better and more effective when backed up by other monsters in a medium mana cap(26-32) battle, even in such stubby mana.


Battle Conditions

Screenshot (988).png

The mana cap was 15 and there were 4 summoners to choose from: Fire, Water, Nature, and Dragon.

The only battle rule is:

  • Born Again = All monsters have the rebirth ability.


Battle Details

Screenshot (964).png

Let's begin from my side:

Tank: Fungus Flinger(Ability: Martyr).
Attacker: Katerela Gobson(Ability: Bloodlust, Sneak, Double Strike).

The martyr effect was an amazing ability that I wanted to feed to my bloodthirsty beast. It would give me additional HP, speed, and damage. The same traits are observed when a monster with Bloodlust ability triggers Bloodlust by finishing off a monster.
I wanted to trigger Katerela's Bloodlust after the martyr effect more than twice. The sneak ability of Gobson, it could attack twice from behind and maybe eliminate from the back before taking the tank's position.

My initial overall attack was 4, thanks to the double-strike ability of Gobson. When the fungus flinger would die twice it would increase to 8 per round! If it's bloodlust gets triggered, it would increase to 10 damage per found!

Now, his side:

Tank: Kelp Initiate(No Ability).
Attacker: Tide Biter(Ability: Reach).
Blocked Attacker: Hardy Stone Fish(No Ability), Torrent Fiend(No Ability).
Non-Attackers: Merdaali Guardian(Ability: Tank Heal).
Ranged Attacker: Igor Dearkspear(No Ability).

His strategy was not half bad. He wanted to defend from the back and front while healing his tank and doing a bit of damage from the second position and hit me with his ranged attacker.

In short, he chose to do a fixed damage of 3 per round and do a heal of 2 per round.


Major Events

Round 1
Screenshot (966).png

The summoner abilities on speed were canceled out and my fungus flinger died twice right away and thus gave me additional HP, speed, and damage.

Round 2

Screenshot (968).png

My HP, even after getting the martyr effect twice, was reduced to 3 but fortunately, I had eliminated a monster. Hence, I got a Bloodlust effect.

Round 3

Screenshot (971).png

I got the first turn and Keterela slew the Initiate. My damage was now 12 per round!
Round 4
Screenshot (972).png

Somehow, my HP was reduced to 1! 1 hit from his ranged attacker and pushed me to the edge.

Round 5

Screenshot (975).png

Fortunately, it was my turn again he eliminated the Tide Biter. That way, he received an HP but he got hit by the Fish and again was reduced to 1 HP.

Screenshot (976).png

This was the most crucial point and my journey could end here! By the luck of the gods, his ranged attacker had missed and I survived!
Round 6

Screenshot (977).png

From then, his monsters started to miss their attacks. And then I could see myself having a landslide victory.
Round 7
Screenshot (978).png

His ranged attackers had missed his mark once again but it didn't matter as my HP was above 2 and I have the highest speed and attack. Every round, I was guaranteed to get an elem.
Round 10

Screenshot (981).png

My attack and speed had increased to 13 with no challengers left.
Round 13
Screenshot (986).png

And finally, his free monster had come up. Naturally, he had missed his attack.

Screenshot (987).png

And finally, we end the battle with a staggering damage of 32 per round, 16 damage per strike!

Battle Link

Battle Link

Thank you, guys, for reading this far, I hope you enjoyed the bloody battle. Catch you legends on the next one!


Those end game damages are insane haha.