When Mayhem Is At Bay - Splinterlands


Hey Hey Hey, Battlers!!



I hope you are doing well.

With the season being close to ending I’ve been getting some hiccups along the way. One of them is this battle, I was so close to winning too. It was a battle between two Heralds of nature, the best man claimed victory at the end of the game.

Nonetheless, this game put me on the edge of my ultra comfortable bed. It was so close to being a victory too, could’ve been a game of the day for me.

I had been trying to use Drake of Arnak like I had said but the enemies were easily toppling by monsters, that +1 shield had zero effect agains magic users. It might’ve been my bad luck but I didn’t try with it after a few bad matches. Then, I tried to use General Sloan. No good luck there too. With just an increase to the ranged attackers the other cards are severely underhanded, and when they are fallen the ranged attacks cannot do anything as they are brought up in the tank’s position.

So, I’ve concluded that Tarsa or Thaddieus Brood or Kayla Frendul has to be my go to for any of the matches. I’ve yet to try Contessa Lament though, might do it for the next gameplay so stay tuned!

Well, without further delay, let’s start the gameplay presentation!

Below is the screenshots of the gameplay and at the bottom of the game is the game’s link.

The Battle


It was a battle between two Obsidian factions. We had taken similar cards too. A modest mana cap of 21 and a ferocious fight at hand.

My Team

For my tank, I chose the Mycelic Morphoid as a primary damage receiver, the second place being occupied by the Unicorn Mustang, the Hill Giant at 3rd, the Khmer Princess at 4th, the Child of the Forest at 5th.

I wanted to delay the unicorn from having to face all the attacks as much as possible as my last 2 monsters were like twigs just waiting to be popped off.

Opponent Team

His tanks was the Unicorn Mustang, then the Mycelic Morphoid, then the Chaos agent, then Khmer Princess, and lastly, the Regal Peryton.

His monster choices were good, considering that he had an endgame place. His last row monsters themselves were tanks and had an acceptable damage.

Round 1 - Non Equivalent Exchange


The trait of the Obsidian faction is an addition of 1 to magic damage. He had two magic users and I had 1, there was the slight advantage that he got in the beginning of the match.


At the end of the round, my Mycelic Morphoid was out thanks to his Unicorn’s blows and his Chaos agent was out by my Child of the forest 🌳, not a good exchange.

Round 2 - Chaos


It was looking grim by the end of the first round but a new dawn had set on my team’s side. His Unicorn was losing HP quickly and so was his magic user. My plan of sacrificing the Morphiod was working.


By the end of the second round, both our Mustangs were on the brink of collapse and the others were unscathed on both sides(apart from his Princess).

Round 3 - Authority


The round started with a bang on my Unicorn from the Mycelic Morphoid.


My Child did the wonderful work of eliminating the Princess while his Unicorn had washed off my Mustang and also had my Giant 1 foot inside the grave.


His Mustang was down and out, his Mycelic Morphiod committed a hit. The game could’ve gone either way from here as it was a 2 v 3 in my favour. My Giant still had a +2 HP like the rest of my guys.

Round 4 - The Tilt


A gentle touch of magic from his Peryton and my Giant went back to the hills. It was a 2 v 2, and from then it was all going to go downhill from here. My Forst Child was a ranged attacker if/so when my Princess falls it was going to be all over while he would still retain his attacking hand.

Round 5 - The Slide


It was a 1 v 2 in my favour but the Peryton had the most health among all the monsters on deck. My Child threw a pebble at the Regal Peryton doing a -1 to his +6 HP.

Round 6 - *Gulped


The Peryton claimed the Princess and Child remained in the forest, unable to do anything as his attacking range was breached. As he got served up to this monster, the game had ended.

This was anyone’s game but the mistake might’ve been in taking the Child Of The Forest. In his stead, had I taken any other attacker or magic user I could’ve had a better fighting chance.

Battle Link:

Battle Link