SPS Airdrop is over and refreshing Dashboard revealed

Today marks the end of the airdrop for the SPS token and it seems like the year has gone so fast. It seems like yesterday when the SPS was launched and airdrop was started to the splinterlands asset holder. What a great journey it has been and this has given a great opportunity to the players and investors in the game. IN the last one-year period a lot has happened but that is not all because there is a lot more and now it will be interesting to see how SPS token will perform in the coming days and weeks as there should be less selling pressure in the market. I am not sure if this will grow and drop because its totally dependent on the market and the community sentiments.

The splinterlands team also brings better things to the table and they keep on working to bring more innovations which is really very good. While the airdrop is over today slightly sad as there will be no more free tokens however they have upgraded the SPS dashboard and I would say that its completely refreshed and the new look is so easy on the eyes. Now we can see all of SPS along with vouchers and nodes details on the same page and even claim buttons are updated along with easy-to-use options. Needless to say that the new color combination looks too good and I just liked it very much.


I have been bullish on SPS since the beginning of the token and as part of my SPS goal, I wanted to have 50k tokens by the end of airdrop and I am glad to share that I did achieve this milestone slightly earlier than planned. As of date, I hold 53k SPS tokes and now my new goal is to have 100k SPS by the end of the year. Why I am accumulating more SPS tokens because I believe in the project and I am quite confident that this will do pretty well in the long run which can be the next few years and now is the time to build the stake.

I had no plan to buy a node license until the last week but now I am considering the way to buy at least 1 license and for that, I am also accumulating more vouchers. I have almost 130 voucher tokens and I would require 370 more to buy the node as this will provide me a discount of 1500 USD on the price and this is indeed a good option to go for. I am exploring the options as of now and let's see when I will be able to buy some.


Here is the current inventory of nodes license and there are 1998 nodes available to buy one with 500 vouchers, I will need to pay 27466 SPS as per the market price and its value in USD is 1500 which is a good amount.


I am just trying my ways if I can make it happen in the next few weeks and if things go well then I can buy 1 license I expect that this will be a good decision that can bring earning opportunities in the future within the game ecosystem. take the right decision at the right time is very important and I think that this is the right time to grab the assets in the game and we don;t know if we will ever get that opportunity again.

images are taken from splinterlands website

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