BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! | Reverse Speed with Fire Elemental Units


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With the new battle challenge created by the Splinterlands team, rulesets became one of the most exciting parts of sharing strategy by adding necessary complexity to a solid, tight game. Sharing the knowledge of different strategies of players within the community, and learning new ways to process and strategize in their upcoming battles. Achieving the said winning strategy on the set conditions given by the game so players can connect the dots on their own, and when they encounter the same set conditions, it will serve as a sample format on what is the best strategy and elements to choose from.

For this week's challenge, the ruleset chosen was the Reverse Speed rule where all the units with lower speed stats attack first, and also a high chance of evading the attacks of the opponents units.

Here is my featured battle that I would like to share in the given ruleset. All the chosen units were under the Silver League level rules, and choosing the Fire element because that is all I can rent given by my available DEC at the moment.

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  • Silenced Summoner: All the abilities given by the chosen summoner are voided.
  • Reverse Speed: Monsters with the lowest speed attacks first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
  • 43 mana capacity battle.

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  • Because of the Silenced Summoner rule, choosing a summoner with high mana would be such a waste. Good thing I've rented Talia Firestorm and chose it as my summoner.
  • For the first position, I choose Living Lava as the tank with the stats of 1 speed, 3 melee damage, 3 armor, and 3 health, reducing half of the melee damage taken from the opponent unit with its shield ability.
  • Second position is the Molten Ash Golem with 2 speed, 2 range damage, and 10 health. With its Close Range ability, it is a good reserve tank once my first position unit is defeated.
  • The third position is the Ettin Spearman with 2 speed, 4 range damage, 8 health. With its Piercing ability, the remaining damage from breaking the opponents target unit armor will be directed in the health.
  • Fourth position is the Lord Of Fire with 2 speed, 1 range damage, and 4 health. With the Strengthen ability, all my chosen units health will increase by one while the opponents chosen units magic damage will decrease by 1 due to the Silence ability.
  • Fifth position is the Pyromancer with 2 speed, 3 range damage, and 6 health. With the Blast ability, it gives half the damage to the adjacent unit of the opponent's target unit.
  • The last position is the Magnor with 3 speed, 5 melee damage, and 14 health, serving as the sacrificial unit due to the Taunt ability.

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Click the image to watch the featured battle

In the battle, all my units were under the Silver League level rule while the opponents units were under the Bronze League level rule, which gives me more advantage in terms of stats available in a unit. With the higher mana capacity, I choose high mana monsters with lower speed stats based on the rulesets given. The battle lasted for 3 rounds with all my units still alive in their respective positions.

My strategy in the featured battle was efficiently conducted. With the level gap in units, there is a higher chance of me winning the battle.

By choosing Magnor as the last position unit based on its ability was a good choice because all my remaining units can focused on attacking the opponents first positioned unit, causing an enormous damage leading to an instant win in just a few rounds, earning me with 62 wild points, 323 RP, and 0.011 SPS.


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