Starting the New Year with 100 Splinterlands Packs


That's the beginning of a New Year! πŸ˜ƒ

Splinterlands Pack Opening

After all the horror happening to me from Christmas on, these 100 Splinterlands packs that I managed to buy on the first day of this New Year gave me so much joy and raised my hope this New 2022 might be better and brighter by all means.

On Christmas, the house was full of people (children and other family members), and I was busy preparing and serving Christmas dinner. Over a sudden, my jaw dislocated. It was painful, but I thought it would pass. But it didn't, as shortly after I realized it pressed and plugged my salivary gland, which caused swelling of one whole side of the face, and I looked like a walking pumpkin. πŸŽƒ

At the same time, some pressure and drama arose in the guild around the brawl that was ending that day, all of which was too much for me to take it, and I burst it. Some more or less bitter discussion stretched over the next few days while my health condition wasn't much better. Quite in contrary!

In addition to all the above, I managed to catch a cold, got an ear infection, and had a high fever. I still couldn’t eat because my jaw was too sore to chew normally. So, instead of enjoying this excellent, fragrant, and delicious food around me, smoothies have become my best friends.

The pain was so intense that at one point, I told my husband that I would instead rather go and have another child than go through this. Meaning, childbirth pain would pass in a few hours while this stretched through the whole past week.

On New Year's Eve, I told my husband if someone asks me now where we are celebrating and welcoming the New Year, I'll say to them that I've got a special invitation for the party with antibiotics and analgesics (pain killers). 😜😁

Yesterday, on the first day of this New 2022, my husband, who is quite familiar with the Splinterlands game (although he doesn't play yet), and knowing that I'm collecting the money to purchase 100 packs during this second pre-sale, asked me how much I still miss.

When I told him, he pulled out his credit card and said, "Go and grab them! After all, you've been through this past week, you truly deserve them, and don't wait for the last day, as they might be sold earlier."

I didn't wait for him to repeat it to me twice! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€

And here, with all the drums and trumpets, I'm bringing to you the result of opening my first ten packs.

Splinterlands Opening of Chaos Legion Packs GIF

1st Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 1

2nd Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 2

3rd Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 3

4th Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 4

5th Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 5

6th Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 6

7th Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 7

8th Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 8

9th Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 9

10th Pack

Splinterlands - Pack 10

Now I'm eagerly waiting for those 13 airdrops I would be eligible for with this purchase!

Don't hesitate, and go grab your packs while you still can, enjoy opening them at least as much as I did, and then wait for more beautiful cards when those 13 airdrops are going to show their "face"!

And last but not least, with a little delay Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


I have never played this game but want to start.


I think you would love it, but even more important you would be very good at it.
If you want, I'll be glad if you use my referral code for joining -

Regardless of using my referral code or not, and if you decide to start - don't hesitate to contact me if you would need any help in the game, from simple instructions on how it's played and on.


Oh, no. I'm sorry to hear about your jaw and health problems. I hope you get better soon.

About this game, I'll let it slide. I hardly have time to make a couple of posts per week let alone to play this stuff. πŸ€ͺ


Thanks for your good wishes! I am better now, but still not quite well. I think I might need a couple of days more.

Regarding the game, LOL - now you know why I'm posting so rarely lately. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜