Battle Mage Secrets - Ferocity


Greetings Summoners! Welcome to Battle Mage Secrets. The Battle Mage Secrets is a challenge where every week players must test their strategic skills in battle for specific rules.

This week the specific rule is "Ferocity". All units have the Fury ability. Think carefully before including a unit with Taunt in your lineup as they will take double damage from units with Fury.

This battle was played in a Splinterlands tournament where only the Chaos Legion and Riftwatchers editions were allowed to play. It was in the "Summoners' Novice Beginner Training" tournament, so only level 1 cards were allowed. Let's see the rules, the team and the details of the battle.


Battle Rules & Strategy

This is a 55 mana battle with 3 battle rules (Aim True, Ferocity and Lost Legendaries). All elements except Life and Death are allowed to play.


imagen.pngAim TrueMelee and Ranged attacks will always hit their target.
imagen.pngFerocityAll units have the Fury ability.
imagen.pngLost LegendariesLegendary units may not be used.

Strategy & Tips

  • Do not use monsters with Taunt.

  • Monsters with high speed are important.

  • Use a powerful Gladius card.

  • A good tank and a balanced line up of Magic and Ranged monsters is a good idea.

  • Aim True could be a problem, so use cards with high HP and Armor.

My Lineup

At five-hundred and ninety-three years old, Rosa Phireth was the youngest matriarch selected by the other cardinals to head the Church of Helios. Now, almost a century later, she has greatly increased the church’s influence within the Gloridax Empire and developed a close friendship and bond with the Dragonach Shogun, head of the empire’s mighty Dragonsguard. Rosa carries Ataraxia, the Dragon Warden Staff. According to scripture, Ataraxia was gifted to the church’s first Matriarch by Helios, the Sun God of Dragons, himself. The staff has the power to bend time to the will of its wielder.

Helios Matriarch: I really like this summoner as it gives +1 Speed to all friendly monsters and the possibility to use an additional Gladiator card in battle.

Djinn Chwala: In the first position I have decided to use Djinn Chwala. I think this card is an amazing tank as he does damage back to the attacker thanks to its Thorns ability. This is very useful as it allows us to kill monsters faster. Its high HP and its Thorns ability make enemy monsters fall on their own.

Venari Marksrat: When this Monster dies, adjacent Monsters get +1 to all stats.

Quora Towershead: In my opinion one of the strongest cards in the game. It is a very complete and versatile card. She has incredible stats. She restores a portion of the Monster's health each round and every time she defeats an opponent, she gets +1 to all stats. She is unstoppable.

Goblin Psychic: This card will help us to keep our tank alive as long as possible thanks to its Tank Heal ability, which restores a portion of the monster in the first position's health each round.

Uloth Dhampir: This monster has Stun. When a monster with Stun hits a target, it has a chance to stun the target causing it to skip its next turn.

Arkemis the Bear: This card gives +2 armor to all friendly monsters. I think it’s very useful since many of our monsters have no armor. Armor will allow us to resist more attacks from enemy monsters with melee and ranged attacks.

The Battle

Click here to see the full battle!


I think my strategy worked well. We have been able to make a solid team. We have managed to use a varied combination of different types of damage (melee, magic and ranged) and win the battle. My opponent played very well too and with a strategy very similar to mine. He is a very good player!. I am happy with my victory and the strategy I used. I have won 18.667 SPS for finishing 4th in this tournament.

Personally I like the Ferocity rule, but we must be careful not to use monsters with Taunt so as not to be at a disadvantage.

Battle results


Tournament ranking




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