Battle Mage Secrets - Fire & Regret


Greetings Summoners! Welcome to Battle Mage Secrets. The Battle Mage Secrets is a challenge where every week players must test their strategic skills in battle for specific rules.

This week the specific rule is "Fire & Regret". All units receive the Return Fire ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that attack with ranged attacks receive damage back.

  • Damage returned is equal to damage of the attacker divided by 2, rounded up.

  • Ranged attack units with the Reflection Shield ability do not take damage from reflected magic attacks.

  • The Amplify ability increases damage.

In this particular battle we are facing a level 1 Obsidian summoner. we have a small advantage because we are using a level 2 summoner. A level 2 summoner is very good since it allows the use of common cards at level 3, rare cards at level 2, epic cards at level 2 and legendary cards at level 1.


Battle Rules & Strategy

This is a 25 mana battle with the "Fire & Regret" rule. All elements except Water, Death and Dragon are allowed to play.


imagen.pngFire & RegretAll units receive the Return Fire ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that attack with ranged attacks receive damage back.

Strategy & Tips

  • Do not use monsters with ranged attack.
  • To benefit as much as possible from the effect of our summoner, we will try to use as many melee attack monsters as possible.
  • Monsters with high speed are important.
  • Lining up monsters in ascending order of their health is a good idea.

My Lineup

Tarsa was surrounded by a tribe of barbarians. Barbarians that were angry she was on their land, using their resources, and hunting their animals. They tried to talk to her, but Tarsa cared little for conversation. She was stronger than all of them combined. She flicked her wrist and bolts of fire shot from her spinning torrent, impacting the warriors around her. They screamed. She laughed. “Well, come on!” she shouted. “Let's see if any of you are strong enough for Tarsa!

Tarsa: I really like this summoner as it gives +1 health to all friendly monsters and +1 melee damage to all friendly monsters with melee attack.

Tusk the Wide: Tusk is an amazing card that can be used as a tank due to its high HP. In addition, its "Void" ability reduces damage from Magic attacks.

Creeping Ooze: Ooze is one of those cards that fits very well into almost any composition. I find it especially good in low mana games thanks to its "Slow" ability, which reduces the attack speed of all enemy monsters allowing our monsters to attack first and have less chance to miss.

Tenyii Striker: This card can target the last monster on the enemy team with his Sneak ability . My main objective with Tenyii Striker is to kill enemy monsters with low HP that players usually use in the last position.

Uraeus: Like Tenyii Striker, this card can target the last monster on the enemy team with his Sneak ability. I like the two monster combo with Sneak to kill enemy monsters in the last position as soon as possible.

Furious Chicken: This card doesn't have any abilities at level 1, but using it in the correct position allows it to be targeted by enemy monsters with Snipe, Sneak, and Opportunity abilities. It is a perfect bait for 0 mana.

Iidri Fyre: All enemy monsters will target Iidri Fyre thanks to its Taunt ability. It is very useful to protect the rest of the friendly monsters.

The Battle

Click here to see the full battle!


I think my strategy in this battle worked well. We have been able to successfully counter the opponent's strategy and win the battle. No allied monsters were killed in the battle. We've cleverly used the mana cap to make a pretty good team. The melee attack and Sneak ability of our friendly monsters were very effective, as we managed to quickly kill the enemy monsters in the back line. So I am happy with the result and the strategy I used. I won +14 rating points, +1090 reward points and +0.072 SPS for this victory in the Bronze league.


Personally I like the "Fire & Regret" rule, but we have to be careful not to use monsters with ranged attack. We have to avoid using monsters with ranged attack and instead use monsters with melee and magic attack. This way we will have more chances to win.



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