Battle Mage Secrets - Lost Legendaries


Greetings Summoners! Welcome to Battle Mage Secrets. The Battle Mage Secrets is a challenge where every week players must test their strategic skills in battle for specific rules.

This week the specific rule is "Lost Legendaries". Legendary units may not be used.

This battle was played in Brawl with a novice fray limit, so we were only able to play level 1 cards.


Battle Rules & Strategy

This is a 35 mana battle with 3 battle rules (Briar Patch, Healed Out and Lost Legendaries). All elements except Fire and Earth are allowed to play.


imagen.pngBriar PatchAll units receive the Thorns ability at the start of the battle. Enemy units that use melee attacks receive damage back.
imagen.pngHealed OutAll healing abilities are removed.
imagen.pngLost LegendariesLegendary units may not be used.

Strategy & Tips

  • Do not use monsters with Heal, Tank Heal, and Triage.

  • Do not use monsters with melee attack.

  • Legendary summoners are still available.

  • To benefit as much as possible from the effect of our summoner, we will try to use as many Magic attack monsters as possible.

  • Our strategy will be to use a magic damage composition. Does magic damage is very important. Monsters with magic attack may do damage from any row, since this form of attack ignores the defender’s Armor STAT (damage is applied directly to health). Unless there is a monster with Phase on the enemy's team, magic attack will always hit. There is no miss chance.

My Lineup

The oldest AZMARÉan Summoner, Alric Stormbringer, founded the modern arts of Chaos Magic. He has many pupils from around the Splinterlands. Alric’s gift is not so much bringing the storm, but channeling it. He has lived for hundreds of years, and some stories claim he was alive before the Splintering.

Alric Stormbringer: I really like this summoner as it gives +1 magic attack to all friendly magic attack monsters.

Torhilo the Frozen: Torhilo is one of my favorite tanks. It has a lot of melee attack damage, HP and armor. In addition, it has the Void ability, which allows him to absorb a lot of damage against magic attack teams.

Kelp Initiate: This card has no abilities al level 1 but for only 2 mana it has 5 Speed and 5 HP, which makes it a very strong tank.

Nerissa Tridawn: Nerissa is an amazing magic attack card with a nice combination of magic and HP. Even if its mana cost is high, it's a perfect card for high mana battles.

Venari Wavesmith: This card gives +2 armor to all friendly monsters. I think it is very useful since none of our monsters have armor. Armor will allow us to resist more attacks from enemy monsters with melee and ranged attacks.

Magi of Chaos: This is an amazing magic attack that in combination with our Summoner will have +1 additional magic attack, so it does 3 damage each round. This card is Neutral, so we can use it with all elements.

Ice Pixie: I choose Ice Pixie as my sixth and last card position because it has a decent Speed and Flying ability, which gives him a more chance to dodge monsters with melee and ranged attacks.

The Battle

Click here to see the full battle!


This was a great battle. My opponent played very well and with a very similar strategy. He is a very good player! I am happy with my victory and the strategy I used. My victory helped my guild (The Guild of Kingshaven) get more rewards in Brawls.

Personally I like the Lost Legendaries battle rule, as there are legendaries that are too strong and expensive that many players can't play with. Lost Legendaries seems like a very fair battle rule for everyone, as it allows to play only with common, rare and epic cards which are not as expensive and as difficult to get as legendary cards.




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