Battle Weekly Challenge - Dragons


Hello everyone and welcome to the Battle Weekly Challenge. This week is the turn of the dragons! Dragons are one of the most fun elements in Splinterlands as it gives you the opportunity to combine your cards with other elements.

In this particular battle we are facing a level 2 Thaddius Brood summoner. As he has a level 2 summoner, he was able to use several common cards at level 3 while I could only use level 1 cards, so I was at a bit of a disadvantage. Nevertheless, let's see the rules, the team and the details of the battle to see who finally won.

Battle Rules

This is a 52 mana battle with "Fog of War" and "Stampede" rules. All elements except Life are allowed.

Fog of WarMonsters lose the Sneak and Snipe abilities.
StampedeThe Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.

My Lineup

Some time ago, Daria Dragonscale nearly lost her twin brother Delwyn to the Burn that had stricken so many of the scaled. She would have lost him completely, but at his deathbed she hired the services of a dark sorcerer who transferred his soul into a special Heliosoulstone. While he was suspended inside the stone, Daria traveled to the Earth Splinter, where she visited the Flesh Golems in the root of the Elder Tree. With their help, she created a new Golem from fleshy scraps. Delwyn’s soul was transferred into the new Golem, and Daria had her brother back… forever.

Delwyn Dragonscale: I really like this summoner as it gives +1 magic attack to all friendly magic attack monsters and the possibility to combine our cards with other Splinters as it is a dragon Summoner. Does magic damage is very important. Monsters with magic attack may do damage from any row, since this form of attack ignores the defender’s Armor STAT (damage is applied directly to health). Unless there is a monster with Phase on the enemy's team, magic attack will always hit. There is no miss chance.

Unicorn Mustang: I have chosen Unicorn Mustang as the main tank because I think it is a very complete card for 8 mana. It has a good combination of speed, attack and HP. Its high speed and HP will allow us to attack first, dodge some attacks and resist longer in battle. In addition, his Void ability will also help us to absorb the magical attacks of enemy monsters.

Carnage Titan: In the second position I decided to use Carnage Titan. This card will target the enemy monster in the first position thanks to its Reach ability. He will attack twice with his Double Strike ability, which is very powerful. It will help us to kill the enemy tank quickly. Also, its high Armor (7) and HP (8) make him very useful as a second tank.

Chaos Dragon: I love this card. Chaos Dragon is an amazing magic attack card with a nice combination of magic, armor, speed and HP. It fits very well with our magic attack team.

Void Dragon: This card is one of my favorite dragons. He is fast, has a lot of HP and his abilities allow us to defend ourselves from monsters with melee, magic and ranged attacks. It is a very complete card for only 5 mana.

Mushroom Seer: I saw that my opponent used a lot of magic attack cards in his last games, so I decided to use this card that reduces the magic attack of all enemy monsters by -1.

Wood Nymph: This card will help us to keep our tank alive as long as possible thanks to its Tank Heal ability, which restores a portion of the monster in the first position's health each round. I placed this card in the last position because there is no danger of being attacked by monsters with the "Sneak" ability thanks to the "Fog of War" rule.

The Battle

Click here to see the full battle!



Did your strategy work?

I think my strategy worked quite well. I have been able to defeat an opponent with higher level cards than me. Even if the enemy was prepared to face against a magic damage composition, we were able to win the battle. So I am happy with the result and the strategy I used.


Do you like Dragons?

I love dragons. I think they are one of the most fun elements of Splinterlands as they allow you to perform very varied strategies and use a variety of cards to surprise your opponent. The possibilities with dragons are limitless. Their power and versatility allow us to win many battles. I love them!



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