Battle Weekly Challenge - Pelacor Arbalest


Hello everyone and welcome to the Battle Weekly Challenge. This week the challenge is with Pelacor Arbalest, a rare Life element card with the Double Strike ability. This card belongs to the Chaos Legion edition and is part of the Starter cards, so we can use it for free.

In this particular battle we are going to face a level 1 Pyre summoner. We are going to play on equal terms since we can only use cards at level 1. So let's see the rules, the team and the details of the battle.

Battle Rules

This is a 27 mana battle with the "Weak Magic" rule where only Fire, Life and Dragon elements are allowed to play.

Weak MagicMagic attacks hit Armor before reducing Health.
  • Protect, Repair, Rust are useful in this ruleset. Beware the opponent could choose only Melee and Ranged monsters, so keep a tank with Shield.
  • Monsters with a lot of armor will be useful in this ruleset to protect our team against monsters with magic attack as they will hit armor before health.

My Lineup

Life magic came naturally to Reega Sloan. As one of the top healers in her field, she was the first they would call to cleanse the sick and cure the wounded. Growing up in the city of Ulundin, she became renowned for her healing abilities and many came to see them, some traveling hundreds of miles in the hope of being treated. She always performed her magic at no cost, simply wanting to help others. Reega has often wondered at the magic that has grown within her since joining the Chaos Legion. Sometimes she can feel the chaos energy, wriggling inside like a parasite that craves more of the life blood she can channel. It quickly became apparent that every time she used her healing abilities, her power grew stronger, artfully twisted by the taint of chaos and subtly transformed to be more aggressive. It wasn’t until she was confronted by patrolling soldiers from Ulundin that she understood the real changes that had occurred. Chaos-fuelled magic enveloped her, twisting tendrils of purple energy into the nearby Portal Spinners that had accompanied her and enhancing their attack. The result was so devastating that not a single soldier was left standing. As they writhed and cried out in pain on the ground, Reega smiled; she didn’t feel like helping any of them.

General Sloan: I really like this summoner as it gives +1 ranged atack to all friendly ranged attack monsters. By selecting more ranged units in your team, you maximize the benefit you gain from selecting General Sloan.

Shieldbearer: I have decided to use Shieldbearer as the main tank to protect all friendly monsters from the back line. All enemy monsters will target Shieldbearer thanks to its Taunt ability.

Armorsmith: The idea of using Armorsmith is to protect our tank as much as possible. All monsters will target our tank due to its "Taunt" ability, so repairing its armor every turn is a great idea.

Truthspeaker: This card gives +2 armor to all friendly monsters. I think it’s very useful since many of our monsters have no armor. Armor will allow us to resist more attacks from enemy monsters and take advantage of the "Weak Magic" rule.

Herbalist & Xenith Archer: These cards are very similar as they have the same stats at level 1: (1) ranged attack, (1) Speed (2) HP and no abilities. I like this duo especially for its low mana cost. They are particularly strong in combination with our summoner General Sloan as it gives +1 ranged atack to all friendly ranged attack monsters.

Pelacor Arbalest: Finally, I decided to use Pelacor Arbalest. This card is very powerful. His high ranged attack damage along with his "Double Strike" ability and the +2 armor that Truthspeaker gives to the team make him a very strong monster. Monsters with "Double Strike" attack twice each round, so it basically does 6 damage each round taking into account the +1 ranged attack bonus that our summoner gives to all friendly ranged attack monsters.

The Battle

Click here to see the full battle!



Did your strategy work?

I think my strategy worked quite well. We have been able to make a solid team and win the battle. I think the main reason for my victory was to keep in mind the rule of battle Giving all friendly monsters +1 Armor prevents us from taking magical attacks directly to Health due to the "Weak Magic" rule. I am happy with the result and the strategy I used.


Do you like Pelacor Arbalest?

Yes, I like Pelacor Arbalest. Personally, it is a card that I use a lot for its impact in battles. I think Pelacor Arbalest should be taken into account in most high mana compositions, especially if we use the General Sloan summoner that gives +1 ranged atack to all friendly ranged attack monsters. We can also take advantage of its low speed in games with the "Reverse Speed" battle rule, where slower monsters attack first.



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