Reward Card Analysis Part III - A Diary Of A Splinterlands Player #019

New Reward Cards: Part Three - The remaining commons

Pelacor Deceiver


After Life we go to Death. Another member of the cheap three, together with the Venari Heatsmith and the Gargoya Lion. And again it is somehow justified, especially if you look at the lower levels. The Deceiver is in direct competition to the Haunted Spirit - which is a starter card with heal, both costing 5 mana. And the Deceiver has one melee attack less at level 1. It gets en par at level 3, when the Deceiver gets another Melee attack (although the Haunted Spirit is also getting an additional melee attack). And up to Silver Cap this isn't really changing, since the Haunted Spirit gets Magic Reflect, while the Deceiver is still sitting with only flying. With Gold this starts to change. With Backfire the Deceiver finally is getting a valuable member of the deck. Damaging all attackers, that miss it with two damage, this is really gonna be painful to all the slow folks. The Deceiver being at 4 Speed already from Level 2, getting another speed at Level 9, is not to be neglected. Combine it with the Spirit Miner giving Swiftness and Kitty adding another two Speed, Mr./Mrs. Untouchable is at 7-8 speed - without Enraged. That can be really painful. And if you hit a maxed leveled Deceiver as a Melee Attacker, it might also retaliate, and add some more damage. Ouch. Since it also has 10 HP, it can take a long time to take this beast down.
And by th way: You can get a level 8 copy for the price of one Beta Haunted Spirit (1 BCX copy) plus an additional 30 BCX on the way to level 9. For an Alpha Haunted Spirit 1 BCX copy you even can get a Level 9 BCX one, almost half way to level 10. Yes, it is damn cheap.

Gargoya Lion


The last one of the common's squad is the last one of the cheap trio: The Gargoya Lion. A neutral common card at $0.16? Really? Yes. And again at Level 1 somehow understandable. 1 Melee Attack, 1 Speed, 2 Shield and 6 HP with Flying sounds not bad, but isn't really outstanding for 6 mana. It gets a little better at level 3, with 2 Melee Attack, 2 Speed, 2 Shield and 6 HP, but still nothing too special. At Silver Cap it starts to shine a little. Void. Reducing magic Attack is great! And slowly it starts to become more valuable. Another Melee attack at Level 8 bringing it up to 3/3/3/6 with Flying and Void, already making it a good fit at Gold Cap. And with Level 9 it gets Enraged. Adding 1.5x to Melee Attack and Speed (rounded up) gets the Lion to 5 Melee Attack and 5 Speed, as soon as it gets hit. It's still not the world, but at 6 mana this is a completely different story. And it can be used in almost all battles, making it especially useful in the earthquake ruleset and against Magic attackers.
I would still say, that right now, I think this is probably my least favorite card within the commons.

Close one - pay attention to the rule set!


Without looking at the rule set, this looks like a clear victory on my side. But when you notice that this is a opportunity battle, it isn't that clear anymore. In the end, my Torhilo had only one heal left. One miss - and this would've ended differently.

So always pay attention to the rule set! Alyways!

Daily Quest

Another two very nice rewards!

Nov 22

Nov 23