Day 4 of New Rewards Model - This Sh*t might just be THE Game Changer?


Well since the new Rewards Model mixed feelings are at an all time high. Classic. Me, so far I fall on the loving side, ever since I managed to pull 11 chests in Gold II in yesterday's focus. Fingers crossed for that 150 at the end of the season.

The quality itself wasn't too shabby if I do so say so myself.

Ish's most definitely getting interesting and intense, so much so it's the first time I rented in months, so much so I can't remember the the last time my ECR reached 70% let alone% 48. Well at least now the wifi back. A few days ago too much focus was butchering my data.

So much so such high competition and low renting prices don't make sense.

Anywho, what are your thoughts on the new reward model, how you coping under and what's your strategy for the future?

As for how it will all play out in the long run, we shall wait and see I guess;


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