Headcanon Theory: Assessing this Season's Strategy


So you may know that during the first 2 days of a season you earn many more Crystals per win as plenty players are still recharging their ECR. Hope you do take advantage of that.

The Strategy:

But that's not what we're here for today, but an alternative strategy I've been using this season. I have a theory.

It's pretty simple really, just be your regular quest seeker who once the quest his quest has ended, continues to play until the very first losing streak. Revisit the game every few hours, play until the first losing streak, pause. Rinse repeat, no crunch time.

Well, that's the strategy until 5-6 days before the season ends, at which time crunch time comes in clutch. Why? I have a theory.

So Headcanon:

I have a theory that during the first week or so, most of the foes you'll meet will have relatively massively stacked out decks whether through rentals or ownership, and tend to stump their way to leagues mere plebs like us aren't ready for just yet.

This leads to losses upon losses, crystal leaks on crystal leaks, all marinated in a pool virtual tears. It can be so frustrating when your ego at stake.

Luckily though, by the time the season is halfway done, those overpowered bullies have left our levels and now you get to battle players who are more or less on your level or as cheap as you.

This is the sweet spot. My win to loss ratio has vastly improved, and due to how I've been conservative with my playing, my ECR is at 72% whereas before I'd be struggling to keep it above 30% at this time in the season. And of course, plenty more Crystals per win I've been swimming in.


Reality to Set In?:

As this theory is still being beta tested, and though I'm sure I'll be meeting a few sleeping giants in the last 2 days, I'm fairly certain events will continue to unfold this way or at least not that differently.

Sure, using this strategy I won't be reaching Diamond I let alone Champion but, if I can reach as far as I did last season(Diamond II), then I'll consider using it more often.

I mean, why not. More crystals, less yelling at my phone and most importantly, I didn't spend anywhere as much on rentals as with previous seasons, which is a godsend in a Chaos seeking era.


All in all I'm liking how it's going so far, and if I can maintain this strategy and end the season with at least 70% ECR, I'm already salivating at the thought of how many Crystals I'll be earning per win during the first 2 days of next season.

Crunch time started today, we shall wait and see how it all unfolds;


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