Splinterlands - Making use of price fluctuations in the market

The price of Splinterlands assets is quite unpredictable right now. But the good thing about the market is that it shows very good price fluctuations creating a nice opportunity. Today I was observing the market and especially the price of SPS tokens. I was wondering what would be the future of SPS. The price of Vouchers is skyrocketing right now and many people are trying to grab more vouchers from the game to purchase packs.

The price of DEC and SPS is also fluctuating a bit and I was able to book some profits by trading SPS in the market. I thought I should try the same with Vouchers and CHAOS packs as well and I did that too. I bought some paks low and sold them high.

I initially thought I should be selling my vouchers for a good price but now after seeing people creating a huge demand for the vouchers, I'm guessing I should go for a minimum of 100 packs at least and then sell the remaining vouchers probably. Already on the first day, I sold my vouchers at 24 Hive per voucher. Every day based on the staking volume the number of SPS we get and the number of Vouchers we get per day is also reducing. I was initially thinking that it would be 4 vouchers for me for a 12k stake but now it is below 3 and maybe it can even go below 2 if the demand increases.


Looking at the market today I'm wondering what is making DEC and SPS go down. Just today alone SPS market saw a great fall. Yesterday when the price was around 70 cents, I was curious and I bought lots of SPS tokens. Now price at around 60 cents is also highly tempting. Many people say that SPS will recover back because there is a huge demand for it inside the game. There is also a feeling that SPS will lose its demand and Vouchers will have their party and it also looks like that.

This definitely creates some confusion among the investors and traders. It is a pure risk to purchase tokens at this price. But for people who have the intention to hold long-term, this is a good opportunity. I personally have a thought that SPS will be back to 1$ again in short term before the pre-sale ends. I recently decided that I will keep my Vouchers safe and try to purchase at least a minimum of 100 packs as a pool along with a few more people. But I don't know if my decision is correct or not. Maybe I should sell my Vouchers and book my profits or just hold tight and make good use by purchasing the packs. It is really confusing but hopefully, time will give us the best answers I believe. Let's see.