Dragon Squad - Weekly Battle Challenge

This week our challenge is DRAGONS, so why not use only all the biggest and baddest dragons around.

Dragon Rampage.png

When you are given infinite mana, what better use is there than to just cast all the biggest dragons in the game!

I picked Kitty as the summoner, because Kitty is the best. If Kitty is an option you pick Kitty.

Slot 1: Djinn Chwala!

We have melee monsters can attack from anywhere as the ruleset, so we have to provide some counter damage if our opponent decided to utilize that rule.

Slot 2: Robo-Dragon Knight!

He is the best tank we have on the team, we need him front and center after Djinn Chwala performs their duty!

Slot 3: The new Desert Dragon!

This beautiful dragon has some high damage so we had to tuck her back a bit, with the huge damage output and a piercing trample this is a very dangerous dragon to be around.

Slot 4: The new Chaos Dragon!

Like the name says, I wanted a little Chaos in my team, sprinkle some damage all over the back rows to pick off healers, provide damage to allow the Desert Dragon to get a trample easier if given the chance.

Slot 5: The mighty Diamond Dragon!

We don't want our guys to catch any bad debuffs, so it's best to clean things up, and she provides amazing anti-sneak with the large armor supply. And it never hurts to outspeed your opponent even more!

Slot 6, Naga Brute!

I wanted to prevent my team from being torn apart from the back, so this prickly little fella will help with that!

Watch the Battle!

I love playing with dragons, and this was a very fun and potent team given these rulesets. Hope you guys enjoyed my breakdown this week!
If you have any gold kitties I'm always looking for more. :)