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Hello Guys!

I'm back again with my Splinterlands post. I'm going to share one of the battles that I find very interesting, which is when the Trample ability is active on stampede rulesets. Of course, the monster Trample will be a destroyer who rummags through the opponent's monster army. Imagine if not only did the Abiluty Trample have active, but the monster also had a Double Strike with considerable damage, it would definitely be very unsettling for the opposing army. Can you guess who the monster is? Yes that's right, it was Grund. Epic Chaos Legion monsters from earth element.


Grund has 10 mana with Double Strike ability which has been active since level 1. Millestone owned by Grund is also quite good, where at level 4 other ability active is Trample ability and at max level will be active Cripple's ability. There is no speed from level 1 to max level and Grund also has no Armor.

If you only look at the manacap you have, Grund is indeed more suitable for high mana battle, but the reality is some players who use Grund in which middle battle, or low mana. Especially when Grund's Trample ability is active or fighting in the Gold league and above, there must be many players who use Grund in any battle.

Since this monster came out, I have liked this monster quite a bit. Even though we don't have Armor, on the Earth deck we can combine it with Queen Mycelia who has the ability Protect. In certain rulesets like Opportunity or Super Sneak, I'd also rather use this monster as the main attacker that I'm stationed in the middle of the formation rather than using Grund as the main Tank.

In the battle that I share below, Grund plays the main character because his Trample ability has been triggered, and Grund constantly attacks and only stops when his attack misses. This opens up a battle of high mana, so it's pretty easy to master Grund's Trample abilities.

Well, I made this post to follow the Splinterlands Social Media Challenge. I'm neither a proplayer nor a tournament hero. I just enjoys sharing strategy and battles that I find interesting in my own view. This is a battle I did in the Diamond league, and maybe the strategy I used was not suitable for use in the lower leagues because of the differences in the abilities that opened up from each monster.




The rulesets in this battle are Ferocity ** (All monsters have the Fury ability) and Stampede (The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attacks if the trampled monster is killed) with mana capacity 24 and elements active Fire, Earth and Dragon.

The best strategy for the rulesets above is to not use Taunt monsters and maximize the ability of the Trample, of course, by using one of the many monster Tramples in this battle.

In this battle I used the Summoner of the Neutral element, Lux Vega. I think rental players like me would be more frugal if I hire a Neutral Summoner, so there's no need to hire a Summoner from each element anymore and only need to hire the most important monsters in my deck from each element. Just need to hire the cheapest Summoner of each element just in case there are Minion rulesets, because Lux Vega has 5 mana.

An explanation of each of the monsters and the strategies I use I will summarize in this table:

lux.pngLux VegaSummoner+1 Speed, +1Armor, +1 HPApart from the fact that Lux Vega can be combined with monsters from all elements, I chose this Summoner because it provides buff abilities that will increase the chances of winning. Speed to attack with buff +1 Speed and defense by giving buffs +1 Armor and +1 HP at the same time.
photo_2023-01-25_09-06-21.jpgGrundFirst (Tank+AttackerDouble Strike, Trample, CrippleGrund as the main Tank and at the same time as the main Attacker. It has 4 Melee attacks Double Strike which means that one attack can deal 8 damage. Another monster as Grund's support so that the Trample ability of this monster will immediately activate as soon as possible so that this monster can become an unstoppable destructive monster.
photo_2023-01-25_09-06-20.jpgFungus FiendSecond TankSlowMelee which monster 0 has the Slow ability to derive -1 Speed debuffs from all opposing monsters. This monster will not move before Grund Dies and replaces Grund as a Tank.
photo_2023-01-25_09-06-18.jpgDjinn BiljkaThird (Attacker+Support)Camouflage, Void, WeakenThis monster as an attacker has 3 magic damage, even though it only has a speed of 1. This monster also has Void ability as a defense of Magic monsters and Camouflage which means that it will not be able to be attacked by other monsters if not how much in the first position. In addition, this monster has a Weaken ability that reduces the opponent's -1 HP as Support.
photo_2023-01-25_09-06-17.jpgDoctor BlightFourth (Attacker+Support)Affliction, Camouflage, Poison, Scavenger, WeakenAlmost the same as Djinn Baljka, but more powerful because it has more abilities compared to Djinn Baljka. Doctor Blight is often the MVP of low mana battles because he has an Affliction ability that makes the target that is hit by an attack unable to heal, Camouflage which can only be attacked if it is in the first position, Poison which if it hits the target then each round of targets will lose 2HP, Scavenger which makes HP will go up if there are other monsters that die, and Weaken which gives a -1HP debuff to all monsters. When combined with Weaken from Djinn Biljka then the opposing monster will get a debuff of -2 HP and this will increase the chances of Grund's Trample ability to activate as quickly as possible.
photo_2023-01-25_09-06-15.jpgAcid ShooterLast (Attacker)Scattershot, Cripple, PoisonAcid Shooter is monster that have 2 mana and 2 range damage with Scattershot, Poison and Cripple abilities. I thing is good to be attacker.

You can see the line-ups of the two teams in the picture below. Opponents use Summoner Quix The Devious which gives the debuff -1 Speed and -1 Range. This won't have much impact with my formation as only Acit Shooter takes damage reduction, while other attackers have no effect. The debuff speed given is also resolved with a +1 Speed buff from Lux Vega, so it counts as breakeven.


The opponent's main tank is the Gargoya Lion which has the abilities Flying, Void, and Enrage. Has HP 7 and armor 3. An early analyst from me, If received the Weaken debuff from Djinn Biljka and Doctor Blight eating hp left only 5. Grund's first attack that has Cipple ability will reduce his HP to 4 and Grund's second attack will activate Trample ability. Wow, it's very exciting if the match goes as predicted.

In the second position, there is an Assasin Dragon that has Backfire and Swiftness abilities, which will increase the +1 speed of all monster friends. I also have a monster that has Slow, so the speed of all monsters will be the same as the initial speed. In third place is Gargoya Devil which has Flying, Close Range, and Deathblow abilities. The fourth position is Doctor Blight level 3 and the last position is Max level Chaos Agent. Are you curious about what this battle is like? Now, Let's jump to battlefield arena!




(Click the image above to direct to the battle link)

Round 1 (1).gif

As usual, the battle begins with showing off the buffs and debuffs of all Summoners and Monsters. The Asassin Dragon that has the highest speed is the first monster to attack. Acid Shooter gets his next turn, but his attack misses the Chaos Agent and instead turns around regarding his Armor. Even though it doesn't have damage, Chaos Agent max level is indeed very annoying. I've even written about Chaos Agent under the title The Annoying CHAOS AGENT!!!.

Interesting performances have been happening since the first round, after Grund got the opportunity to attack, the first attack destroyed the Gargoya Lion Armor and reduced 1 HP to 4, the second attack directly killed the Gargoya Lion and at the same time activated the Trample ability. Next, Grund attacked the Assasin Dragon who died immediately and destroyed the Armor of the Gargoya Devil. So in one round Grund killed 2 monsters at once. At the end of the first round, Gargoya Devil died due to an attack from Doctor Blight.

Round 2 - End (2).gif

In this round, the opponents only have 2 monsters left, namely Doctor Blight and Chaos Agent. Doctor Blight died as a result of an attack from Grund and immediately triggered Trample ability, but the second and third attacks from Grund missed the Chaos Agent and his attack turned to hit Grund. Dri Dotor Blight and Djinn Biljka's attacks also missed the Chaos Agent. Wow Chaos Agent is indeed super, in this second round a total of 4 attacks missed and instead reversed direction because of the Backfire ability of Chaos Agent.

In the end, this battle round ended in the third round after Chaos Agent died due to an Acid Shooter attack. I won this battle with satisfactory results with a complete formation with no monsters dying. You can see the final result of this battle in the picture below:




The strategy I used went very effectively in this battle, and this battle went according to what I planned. Grund presents an interesting show after trample ability is active
From the battle I did above, I can draw several conclusions, including:

  • Stampede Rulesets is a great opportunity to show off Trample monsters.
  • Support for supporting monsters is needed so that the Trample ability is activated as soon as possible.
  • Chaos Agent is a very annoying monster hahaha 😄

Ok guys, I think my post is enough here, thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to upvote and leave a comment. If you want to start playing Splinterlands and don't have an account yet, don't hesitate to use my referral:

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