My Journey in Playing Splinterlands and How You Can Earn More From It

Authored by @Laurenceuuu

I am not fond of gaming but it is the trend in the past few months where more people became exposed to cryptocurrency due to its good concept–play-to-earn. Of course, I want to go along with the trend and start investing in games. The first game that I invested in was Splinterlands. I have been seeing this game from other users and I heard that they are earning huge amounts of its in-game currency which can be converted into other crypto or even cash.

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Hence, I gave it a try and started to invest. One of the best things in this game is you will only spend $10 to start earning. You will buy Spell book in the game which is a requirement to earn in the game and it is worth $10. Also, you can play it for free as a way of practicing the game and learning its concept but you cannot earn from it.

I also bought Dark Energy Crystal (DEC)—its in-game currency—worth $5 to buy Venari Wavesmith. The reason why I bought this is because Water Splinter was my favorite and it is overpower to use if you will have +1 Magic attack. I always win when I am using this type of Splinter. Thus, it leaves me to have a total of $15 investment.

I was playing the game for a long time and I think I already break-even to my investment. Probably more or less than $20 is my total earnings from it which I converted into HIVE to power up my account and have more resource credits. However, I also lost my track about my investment on the game but I think I really got my initial investment back.

Then recently, I deposited more in the game to convert it into Credits and buy Chaos Legion packs. People are panic buying with these packs to give back in the community and try their luck to get good cards. In my case, I haven't opened my packs yet. Who knows, it might be worth more in the future. Although, I have a lot of Legendary potion which can give me a higher chance to get legendary cards.

On the other hand, after the new update was released, the new deck of cards are also used in the game which I found it difficult to manage and pick the best card to use. Unlike before where I am sure win in the Water Splinter giving me a +1 Magic Attack. The combination of Obsidian (+1 Magic Attack) consumes a lot of Mana and I cannot form a better team from it. Because of this, I am not renting cards anymore because I can't even reach Bronze 2 and I cannot earn in Bronze 3 tier. It means I cannot earn from it today as I am having a hard time to choose the best card to use when I am forming a team.

Nevertheless, I am still playing the game everyday to complete my daily task and open the loot chest for an extra reward. It still gives me a not bad rewards. In fact, I got Rare and Epic Cards last day in my daily loot chest. I consider myself as lucky because I usually get potions and cute amount of Credits.

The new technique that I learned was to save the credits that I earned from the game and buy a new card using it to increase my collection power and give me a chance to get into higher rank.


Furthermore, the game is still a good one but I suggest to learn its concept first in a free mode and do not invest on it right away if you don't know the game. Better to do your own research first and understand the game. It still offers a lot of opportunity to earn.

In fact, you can participate on its airdrop where you will earn their governance token $SPS. You can accumulate more SPS depending on your collection points. The basis of collection points is your assets in the game.

Lastly, you can increase your earnings by participating on their weekly community writing contest where you can write about your gameplay and share it on different communities such as, Publish0x, and Hive to earn extra tokens.