BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Heavy Hitters!

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Hi everyone! It's time for the weekly Battle Mage Secrets challenge and the challenge this week is the Heavy Hitters Ruleset.

About the Ruleset

Heavy Hitters

The Heavy Hitters ruleset states that "All Monsters have the Knock Out ability". This means that monsters that are stunned will take double damage, and is only useful if you make use of a monster with the Stun ability. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter if no monsters gets stunned.

Battle Ruleset(s)

Details of my battle with this ruleset is as follows.

Even Stevens: Only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles
Heavy Hitters: All Monsters have the Knock Out ability
Only the Fire, Earth, Death and Dragon Splinters can be used
Mana Cap: 47
Format: Modern

Cards & Line Up


Summoner: Quix the Devious - This reduces the Speed and Ranged Attack of the opponent’s deck by 1.

The Line Up

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6


Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6

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1Djinn ChwalaIt is the main tank, has high health and shields and has the Thorns ability, which will help reduce the health or shield of melee attackers.
2Ferexian HeroIt has a good amount of attack and has the Reach ability, allowing it to attack from the second position.
3Magi of ChaosIt's here for the consistent attack as it doesn't miss, unless the opponent has monsters with the Phase ability.
4TechnowizlogistIt's here to provide the stun to optimise my attacks for this ruleset.
5Scavo FireboltIt's fairly low cost and has a decent ranged attack
6TinderlockIt has the Last Stand and Close Range ability, which makes it pretty bad ass when it's the last card standing.


The ruleset here meant that:

  • Monsters with the Stun ability will increase your attacks. Use them!
  • Only even Mana cost monsters reduces the number of cards that can be used by half.

My strategy was to have 2 strong and fairly high health cards in the first 2 positions, and to deploy a Monster with the Stun ability. I opted to use the Dragon Splinter to increase the number of cards that I could use. I also paired it the Fire Splinter as I had stronger cards there for this ruleset.

The opponent also employed a similar strategy, using the Death Splinter. However, I had a slight advantage as my monsters generally had a faster attack. In addition, my attacks were concentrated on the first position, while the opponent's attack were largely scattered across my deck. As such, I did manage to win quite comfortably.

Thoughts on the Heavy Hitters Ruleset

As the Heavy Hitters ruleset doubles the damage if the opponent's monster is stunned, it is a must to include a monster with the Stun ability. Otherwise, you might be at disadvantaged position if the opponent does it too. One thing to note is that Stun doesn't land all the time, so it can also be down to luck to being able to fully utilise this ruleset.


Watch the battle here