BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge! Lost Magic!

Hi everyone! It's time for the weekly Battle Mage Secrets challenge and the challenge this week is the Lost Magic Ruleset.

About the Ruleset

Lost Magic

The Lost Magic ruleset states that "Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles". This means that we are restricted to only Melee, Ranged and Non-attacking monsters.

Battle Ruleset(s)

Details of my battle with this ruleset is as follows.

Silenced Summoners: Summoners do not give any stat buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities
Lost Magic: Monsters with Magic attack may not be used in battles
Taking Sides: Neutral Monsters may not be used in battles
Only the Fire, Earth, Death and Dragon Splinters can be used
Mana Cap: 53
Format: Modern Tournament, Bronze League, No Legendary Summoners

Cards & Line Up


Summoner: Helios Matriarch - This increases the Speed of my deck by 1 and allows the use of 1 gladiator card.

The Line Up

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5


Position 1
Position 2
Position 3
Position 4
Position 5
Position 6

[Card image source]

1Djinn ChwalaIt is the main tank as it has a pretty good amount of health and shield, and has the Thorns ability, which will hopeful reflect some melee damage.
2Carnage TitanIt also has a fairly good amount of health and shield, and has the Reach and Double Strike abilities, allowing it to attack twice from the second position.
3Lava LauncherAgain, another card with a fair amount of health and shields, and has the Close Range ability, allowing it to attack in position 1.
4Scavo FireboltIt's low mana cost and has decent damage to go with it.
5TinderlockIt's here to make the last stand, should it come down to that.


The ruleset here meant that (1) Summoners do not provide any advantage, beyond the card levels you can use, (2) No magic Monsters, and (3) No neutral monsters.

Given this combination of rulesets, the cards that can be used are fairly limited. As such, my first though was to use the Dragon Splinter along with the Fire Splinter, which allows me a larger card selection. Since no magic monsters can be used, my strategy was to choose cards with as high health and shields as possible, which explains my choice of card selection.

The opponent opted for the Earth Splinter, with each monster being able to deal at least 3 damage, with a couple of irritating debuffs. So, high damage, decently high health, irritating but low on shields. Fortunately for me, I took out Grund fast, without it landing an attack, the ranged cards from position 3 onwards are unable to attack at position 1, which gave me a slight advantage.

I did win fairly comfortably as a result, ending the battle with 4 out of 5 monsters still alive.

Thoughts on the Lost Magic Ruleset

I like using Magic monsters a lot, so I tend to be a little lost with the Lost Magic ruleset. But it does force you to try to be more creative with the other cards and strategies. So for Lost Magic, a good strategy is to stick the high health and high shield monsters throughout the entire deck if possible.


Watch the battle here


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