My Way to become a Splinterlegend #185


These were my goals for Splinterlands so far:

  • Own all common and rare cards of the CHAOS LEGION series at bronze level
  • Own all current starter cards of the UNTAMED and CHAOS LEGION series

So I directly looked for another goal:


Collect all Rare Summoners from the CHAOS LEGION series at level 3.

Own all summoners from the RIFTWATCHERS series

If I do not have enough DEC for these goals, then I would like to collect the following card to the maximum level:


This morning I had 1,407 DEC available in my Splinterlands account.
With the current really crazy prices I could not buy a summoner card from it.


Also, the current blocks of the card VENARI BONESMITH cost about 30 DEC, which is currently a bit too much for me.
So I bought again a card on the market.
For 26.372 DEC I got another block of the card GARGOYA DEVIL.


Currently I own 23 blocks of this card.
I can only hope that the currently very crazy prices will calm down a bit in the near future.
Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to achieve my goals...
But even this does not stop me on my way!


If you have any questions or suggestions, I am happy about every comment.

If you want to support me on my way, just like this post.
Of course I also appreciate support of cards, DEC or SPS.
Everything is welcome at @arc-echo.

Here's my referral link, in case you feel like making your way through Splinterlands just like I did.

Splinterlegend - arc-echo



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