My Way to become a Splinterlegend #309 /daily 04.06.


These were my goals for Splinterlands so far:

  • Own all common and rare cards of the CHAOS LEGION series at bronze level
  • Own all current starter cards of the UNTAMED and CHAOS LEGION series

So I directly looked for another goal:


Collect all Rare Summoners from the CHAOS LEGION series at level 3.

Own all summoners from the RIFTWATCHERS series

If I do not have enough DEC for these goals, then I pursue the following goals, depending on the DEC earned:

  • 0 DEC - 50 DEC: Buy the cheapest card
  • 50 DEC - 150 DEC: Buy a card from the CHAOS LEGION SERIES (common)
  • 150 DEC - 300 DEC: Buy a card from the CHAOS LEGION SERIES (rare)
  • 300 DEC - 500 DEC: Buy a card (epic)


My daily reward from yesterday was top, ten cards, including two rare ones! So it may continue with pleasure.


In addition, I was extremely happily surprised!
I have won yesterday two giveaways:

Once from @dk1trade , where I received a card EVER-HUNGRY SKULL. This was really unexpected.


Then I won the giveaway from @hofmeister84.
And I received an absolute killer card: From the REWARD BETA series the card GOBLIN MECH.
Until now I didn't own this card, but I remember well the UNTAMED times, this card was really hard to crack, at least with my means at that time :)


Here once the current giveaway.

Next, I had an accumulated 586 DEC in my Splinterlands account. I earned just under 13 DEC yesterday. Still clearly too little for my goals
Because this amount is unfortunately below 50 DEC I bought the cheapest card on the market today. And today I bought a card that I haven't bought for a very long time. The REWARD card PELACOR MERCENARY


I paid 12.006 DEC for one card.
In total, I currently own 74 block of the card PELACOR MERCENARY. Very pleasing to look at!



If you have any questions or suggestions, I am happy about every comment.

If you want to support me on my way, just like this post.
Of course I also appreciate support of cards, DEC or SPS.
Everything is welcome at @arc-echo.

Here's my referral link, in case you feel like making your way through Splinterlands just like I did.

Splinterlegend - arc-echo



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