Archmage Alpha - Achievements and Goals

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At the beginning of February, Archmage commenced its Closed Alpha. Several months' effort went into the launch, and overall we were proud of how it went.

Some comments on development are followed below by our achievements and goals.

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The group of mages had all heard the murmurings and gossip about the great and powerful Archmage. One by one, they decided to take on some of the Archmage's power and become a part of the legend. They met in an old ruin, deep in the forest. The air was thick with excitement as they shared their stories and pledged to work together. To overcome their challenges would require strength, skill, and courage, but with determination, and with the power of Archmage, nothing would stop them from reaching their goal.

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Based on feedback, the way we prioritise our tasks has been to help the most people. Each of us is working on smaller components locally as well as collaborating on the larger issues. New features are constantly in the pipeline, and their testing may even be expanded to certain users by agreement in future.

All the feedback has been great and has really helped us out in terms of where to target modifications to the production code. After the upcoming roll-out of direct configuration, the team will be excited to begin additional work on hand-finding improvements.

The developers have identified some new metrics around the hands to help augment the selection process. As well, the hands may be run through a secondary improvement process. In the meantime, direct configuration should make the user experience significantly more smooth while freeing up developer time. On the distant horizon is planned tournament and brawl support too.

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  • Over 40% of the total supply of Closed Alpha access passes (ARCHAMGEA) have been sold, with only the remainder of this month to purchase them.
Communication and Education:
  • Archmage Courier was launched with associated branding.
  • Our ‘Onboarding and Getting Started’ series started.
  • Our ‘How to Escape Bot Hell’ series started.
  • Our ‘Meet Archmage’ series started.
Platform Development:
  • A bug related to the Delwyn summoner was fixed.
  • A bug related to inactive splinters was fixed.
  • Automatic league advancement was added.
  • ECR Target Mode added to staging environment for testing.
Website and User Interface:
  • Work continued on the new UI.

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Product Updates in Testing

  • Revised scheduler for auto-balancing load.
  • Back-end platform enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Upgrade to user configuration implementation.
  • Implementation of the new configuration UI for users.
  • Platform logging improvements.
  • Improved error-handling logic.
  • New blockchain oracle for config and future use cases.

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More achievements and goals posts will follow.

After Main Launch, they will be on a scheduled basis.


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