A Earth V Water Battle in Little League Ruleset.


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I got a battle of 32 mana where I played a earth v water battle in Little League Ruleset and my strategy worked well there. Using Mylor Crowling as the summoner, I chose five earth monsters with a single neutral monster and fought a water team with five water monsters and one neutral monster.

My Battle: Fire V Water = Battle Link.

My Lineup Strategy: I chose a earth team with total seven cards (A summoner card with a melee monster, three magic monsters and two ranged monsters)

The battle was ruled by little league ruleset and only monsters and summoners that cost 4 mana or less could be use in the battle for this ruleset so I had to select monsters very carefully. Total mana for the battle was 32 and I could fill only 23 mana with all seven cards as its little league. After choosing the summoner that wastes 3 mana, I chose Xenith Monk in level 2 for the 1st place that waste 4 mana and this monster can restore a portion of it's health each round for its heal ability.

Then I chose Queen Mycelia in level 1 for the second place that protect all friendly monsters with 2 additional armors for its protect ability and Wood Nymph in round 2 for the third position that can restore a portion of the monster in the first position's health each round. Then I chose Goblin Chef and Goblin Dartling in round three for the fourth and fifth place and Djinn Biljka in round 1 for the last place and monster with camouflage cannot be directly targeted for attacks unless it's in the first position.

All these monsters that I chose cost 4 or less mana and only monsters with such mana cost were available to choose in this battle for the ruleset.

All friendly monsters gets thorns ability from the rare summoner that I used in this battle and when monsters with thorns get hit with a melee attack, they does damage back to the attacker. And the enemy monsters gets one extra speed and one extra armor from their summoner.

From the opponent team - Feasting Seaweed will target the my monster with the lowest health so Djinn Biljka should be the target at first but Biljka can't be targeted unless it comes to the first place for its camouflage ability so the next target could be Goblin Dartling or Wood Nymph, let's see who is in the radar. Creeping Ooze slows down all my monsters by decreasing a speed from each monsters who has more than one speed and Pirate Archer will do additional damage to monsters adjacent to the target monster.
As my monsters already lost speed, so the enemy monsters started attacking first and damaged some armor and health of my Xenith Monk already. My Xenith Monk had the ability to heal himself once in a round and Wood Nymph also tank healed my Monk. When Cruel Sethropod and Feasting Seaweed from the enemy team attacked my Xenith Monk and Wood Nymph, both enemy monsters took thorns damage as they're melee monsters.

The first enemy monster should've died fast but Goblin Chef somehow missed its attack and couldn't damage the enemy monster with the first turn.

Both Cruel Sethropod and Feasting Seaweed of my enemy team had to die soon where Cruel Sethropod died with normal damage and Feasting Seaweed died getting thorns damage means it died for its own attack. Then Djinn Biljka killed the enemy Creeping Ooze and all friendly monsters got back the lost speed. Xenith Monk was a major target of the enemy ranged attackers but enemy monsters were dying so quickly that there was only one attacker at last when the other monster stopped attacking.


My Xenith Monk went down to 2 health and then healed back to its normal 6 for its heal and Wood Nymph's tank heal ability. Then they started targeting the enemy monsters in one by one. First they kept attacking and killed Angelic Mandarin in a round. Then the last enemy monster Kulu Swimhunter came to the first place and stopped attacking as its a ranged monster and they can't attack from first place.

Now after Goblin Dartling damaged the armor, all other friendly monsters kept damaging the enemy monsters health and each friendly monster damaged one health so four friendly monsters got the taste of damaging the health of the last enemy monster and the battle was packed up in round 4.

End of the battle.

How's it? I'd like to get some honest opinions.
If anybody has any kinds of advice, suggestions on my game review/storytelling, I would be happy to receive them.

Thanks for reading my post.


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