A Fire V Fire Battle in Equal Opportunity Ruleset.

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I got a battle of 39 mana where I played a fire v fire battle in Equal Opportunity Ruleset and my strategy worked well there. Using Tarsa as the summoner, I chose six fire monsters and fought a fire team with all six neutral monsters. The opponent team used the fire splinter but there's not fire monster there, it fills with neutral monsters only.

My Battle: Fire V Water = Battle Link.

My Lineup Strategy: I chose a fire team with total seven cards (A summoner card and 6 melee monster cards)

The battle was ruled by equal opportunity ruleset and all monsters get opportunity ability for this that allows the monsters to attack from any position and will target the enemy monster with the lowest health. Total mana for the battle was 39. After choosing the summoner that wastes 4 mana, I chose Grum Flameblade in level 1 for the 1st place that waste 11 mana and this monster gets +1 to all stats every time it defeats an opponent using bloodlast ability which makes this monster stronger and magic attacks hit this monster's armor before its health for its void armor ability.

Then I chose Mordeus in level 1 for the second place that waste 7 mana and this monster already had the opportunity ability. Then I chose Exploding Rats in level 2 for the third place that waste 4 mana and this monster does additional damage to monsters adjacent to the target monster using blast ability. Then I chose Cerberus in level 2 for the fourth place that waste 4 mana and this monster can heal itself once in every round using heal ability which makes this monster more alive. Then Ant Miners with scavenger ability and Living Lava with shield ability.

All these monsters that I chose there are melee attackers and they shouldn't be able to attack from other than the first place in normal except for Mordeus who had own opportunity ability. As the battle was ruled by opportunity, so I chose these melee monsters who now can attack from any position using the opportunity ability.

All friendly monsters gets one extra melee attack and one extra speed from the rare summoner that I used in this battle. And the enemy monsters gets one extra speed from their summoner.

Except for the first monsters in both team who will attack the first monster of the opponent team, all other monsters will attack the opponent monster with the lowest health until it dies and it continues. Which means, my Exploding Rats and Ant Miners are in great danger then the target may turn to my Mordeus and my monsters will start targeting Scavo Hireling, then Uraeus of the opponent team and so on.
Then first before dying, my Exploding Rats exploded and killed the armor repairer of the enemy team and the adjacent two monsters were exploded where one lost one armor and the other one lost two health. Then the enemy Supply Runner attacked and exploded my Exploding Rats and my Ant Miners scavenged two health out of these two kills and became the next target.

My Ant Miners had total four health and lost three to next two attacks of enemy monsters and I thought it'd die now but something different happened when the enemy Ureaus attacked my Living Lava ignoring Ant Miners. Actually the enemy monster had both opportunity and sneak abilities. The sneak ability worked before opportunity does so the damage went for my last monster instead of any other monsters although my Living Lava evaded that damage using shield ability.
My team got two more kills when and my Ant Miners got 2 more health. Maybe the miners will do some more mining or not. Then my Grum Flameblade destroyed the armor of my enemy's Gargoya Lion and my Living Lava destroyed the armor of my enemy's Gargoya Devil so no enemy monsters has any armor now. It was the second round where my Ant Miners died after getting damages from two enemy monsters. I wish the ant miners could scavenge health out of their own death.

My Cerberus attacked and killed Gargoya Devil and then my Mordeus took turn to kill the Gargoya Lion but my monster missed the whole six melee attacks to the flying ability of the enemy monster. My Grum Flameblade also missed the five melee attacks on Gargoya Lion. Then my Living Lava killed four health of the lion in the third round and my Cerberus killed it off. The last enemy monster Xenith Monk attacked and killed two health of my Mordeus a moment earlier and now my Mordeus attacked this enemy monster with six melee attacks when the enemy monster also had six health and the enemy monster died and the battle was packed up in round 3.

End of the battle.

How's it? I'd like to get some honest opinions.
If anybody has any kinds of advice, suggestions on my game review/storytelling, I would be happy to receive them.

Thanks for reading my post.


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