Runemancer Kye did Awesome in a Water V Fire Battle.


I got a battle of 39 mana where I played a water v fire battle in Earthquake Ruleset and my strategy worked well there. Using Alric Stormbringer as the summoner, I chose five water monsters and one neutral monster, then I fought a fire team with three fire monsters and three neutral monsters.

My Battle: Fire V Water = Battle Link.

My Lineup Strategy: I chose a fire team with total seven cards (A summoner card and 6 magic monster cards)

The battle was ruled by earthquake ruleset and non-flying monsters take 2 melee damage at the end of each round for this ruleset and I chose five monsters out of six that has flying ability for this ruleset. Total mana for the battle was 39. After choosing the summoner that wastes 3 mana, I chose Runemancer Kye in level 1 for the 1st place that waste 11 mana and this monsters health increases each time it damages an enemy monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt for its life leech ability and for its flying ability, it has an increased chance of evading melee or ranged attacks from monsters who do not have the flying ability.

Then I chose Phantom of the Abyss in level 1 for the second position has an increased chance of evading melee or ranged attacks for its dodge ability and Ice Pixie in level 2 for the third position and Sea Genie in level 3 for the fourth position then Enchanted Pixie in level 2 for the fifth position and Coral Wraith in level 2 for the last position where only Coral Wraith don't have flying ability and all other monsters have the flying ability that helps in a battle in earthquake ruleset.

All friendly monsters gets one extra magic attack from the rare summoner that I used in this battle. And the enemy melee monsters gets one extra melee attack and all enemy monsters gets one extra health from their summoner.

The enemy team chose two monsters with shield ability and they could reduce damage from melee and ranged attacks using that ability but alas! I didn't have any melee or ranged attackers. And the remaining four enemy monsters have flying ability and I bet my opponent chose these flying monsters because of the earthquake ruleset. Among those flying monsters, there's one ranged attacker who may attack from the first position as well for its close range ability.

The battle started and Phantom of the Abyss of friendly team attacked Antoid Platoon of enemy team and the enemy monster lost three health out of four and the next attack from Spark Pixies of the enemy team damaged two armor of my Runemancer Kye. My Runemancer Kye took the next turn which damaged the enemy Antoid Platoon's last health so the enemy monster had to leave the battle and my Runemancer Kye increased one of its health using its life leech ability.
My Coral Wraith then attacked the last enemy monster instead of the first enemy monster using its sneak ability which killed two health of Tower Griffin out of three. Then Tower Griffin and Gargoya Devil of the enemy team damaged the remaining armor of my Runemancer Kye and my magic monsters started attacking Living Lava of the enemy team till my Sea Genie took the last turn in damaging the last three health of the enemy team.

The enemy Gargoya Lion got the first place and got a chance to take a turn in the last moment of the current round and took the chance but my Runemancer Kye evaded the attack probably using its flying ability. Here I used the term "Probably" because as far as I learned, flying monsters evade attacks from non-flying monsters but the attacker was a flying monster there so I can't be sure if it was for the flying ability.
It was the second round where only my Coral Wraith fell in the radar of earthquake as there's only this monster in the battle at this moment who didn't have flying ability and my monster lost two health to the earthquake. Then my Phantom of the Abyss damaged four health of my enemy's Gargoya Lion out of seven and the enemy Spark Pixies this time damaged two health of my Runemancer Kye.

And then my Runemancer Kye took its turn and damaged the remaining health of the enemy's Gargoya Lion and the lion had to leave the battle and my attacker increased two of its health using its life leech ability. The next turn was from my Coral Wraith who attacked the last enemy monster again and this time the enemy Tower Griffin died losing its last health and the enemy team is already so much broken.

After my Ice Pixie damaged two health of the enemy Gargoya Devil, the devil then did its last attack and damaged two health of my Runemancer Kye. Then my other pixie, the Enchanted Pixie attacked and killed the devil for good. The last enemy monster got the first position keeping only two health and its a ranged attacker so there's no hope for the enemy team and beside my Sea Genie was waiting with its three magic attack. As soon as the enemy monster changed its position, my Sea Genie attacked and killed the last enemy monster and the battle was packed up in round 2.

End of the battle.

How's it? I'd like to get some honest opinions.
If anybody has any kinds of advice, suggestions on my game review/storytelling, I would be happy to receive them.

Thanks for reading my post.


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