Tenyii Striker did Awesome in a Fire V Life Battle.


I got a battle of 21 mana where I played a fire v life battle in Aimless Ruleset and my strategy worked well there. Using Tarsa as the summoner, I chose six fire monsters and fought a life team with five life monsters and one neutral monster.

My Battle: Fire V Life = Battle Link.

My Lineup Strategy: I chose a fire team with total seven cards (A summoner card and 5 melee monster cards)

The battle was ruled by aimless ruleset and all monsters get scattershot ability for this that allows ranged and magic attackers to hit a random enemy targe every round. Total mana for the battle was 21. After choosing the summoner that wastes 4 mana, I chose Cerberus in level 2 for the 1st place that waste 4 mana that restores a portion of the monster's health each round for its heal ability.

Then I chose Radiated Brute in level 2 for the second position and this monster may attack from the second position on the team being a melee attacker for its reach ability and Aganju in level 1 for the third position that waste only 1 mana and this monster may start attack after getting to the second position for its reach ability. Then I chose Tenyii Striker in level 2 for the fourth position that targets the last monster on the enemy team instead of the first monster for its sneak ability and Kobold Miner in level 2 for the fifth position that does same as Tenyii Striker for its sneak ability and Scorch Fiend in level 1 for the last position.

All friendly monsters gets one extra melee attack as there are only melee attackers and one extra speed from the rare summoner that I used in this battle. And the enemy monsters gets one extra health from their summoner and got two armor each from one of their teammate monster named Truthspeaker.

From the opponent team - only Celestial Harpy will target monster in my team with the lowest health for its opportunity ability and all other opponent monsters should attack what my team get at the first place. I see the opponent did some mistake in choosing the lineup.

The opponent team chose a ranged attacker at the second place which will stay silent after getting to the first place and it will get to the first place soon as the first place holder was a melee attacker with only two health. And the third monster was a non-attacker which was protecting all monsters with two armor. Time Mage will come handy with her slow ability and Pelacor Arbalest will do double attack but the opponent could choose Celestial Harpy for the second position and let Xenith Archer a little away from the first place.
After Time Mage of my opponent team took the first turn, then Pelacor Arbalest killed my Scorch Fiend with the first attack and damaged two health of my Cerberus with the second attack. Then my Cerberus did some repairing of its health and then attacked and damaged the armor of opponent team's Gargoya Scrapper.

Then my Tenyii Striker did its first strike and damaged all armor of opponent teams Celestial Harpy and that opponent monster is done for in the next round. The Gargoya Scrapper of my opponent team damaged a health of my Cerberus, Xenith Archer damaged one health of my Aganju and then my Radiated Brute damaged all three health of opponent's Gargoya Scrapper and like I said, Xenith Archer became silent reaching the first place.

It was the second round where I got confused seeing Pelacor Arbalest damaging health of two of my monsters with double attacks. I thought that opponent monster would target my same monster randomly each round. Then my Cerberus healed itself with some health and damaged armor of Xenith Archer and my Tenyii Striker then attacked Celestial Harpy and the opponent monster didn't lose anything cause she used flying ability against this attack.
The opponent Celestial Harpy was alive as she was lucky and then she killed my Aganju. My Radiated Brute then attacked and killed opponent's Xenith Archer and my Kobold Miner attacked and killed opponent's Celestial Harpy. Both monsters of my team having sneak abilities didn't follow aimless ruleset and followed their sneak ability only.

Pelacor Arbalest could kill my Radiate Brute with its double attacks but it used one attack on my Radiated Brute and another one on my Tenyii Striker. Then after my Cerberus healed itself and attacked Time Mage, my Kobold Miner then damaged two health of Pelacor Arbalest and my Radiated Brute killed Truthspeaker.

My opponent's Pelacor Arbalest killed my Radiated Brute in the next round with the second attack and damaged some health of my Kobold Miner with the first attack. Then my Tenyii Striker killed the Pelacor Arbalest and did me a big favor. My Cerberus then was about to damage most health of the opponent's Time Mage but missed and missed the next attack as well and then my Tenyii Striker did the favor and killed the last opponent monster and the battle was packed up in round 5.

End of the battle.

How's it? I'd like to get some honest opinions.
If anybody has any kinds of advice, suggestions on my game review/storytelling, I would be happy to receive them.

Thanks for reading my post.