Betrol Gobson control in low mana battle

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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing?
in this content i want to share one of Common Gladius Card in earth element that can control battle in low manacap battle called Betrol Gobson. Did you ever using Betrol Gobson in brawl or in ranked battle before guys?
this monster is very very effective in low battle mana especially if the ruleset is Are you Not Entertained? that can bring one gladius card in the ranked battle.
Before see my strategy phase lets check about this card

Screenshot (1931).png

So this is the status of Betrol Gobson maybe in level 1 and level 2 is not too effective because with 1 melee damage it will hard to killing the opponent and that will be to long waiting the bloodlust activate. But,from level 3 it can be used and have a little effective with 2 melee attack this monster can kill a little bit fast. Especially if this monster level 6 until max level this monster will more scarier with additional Poison Ability.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (1935).png

Okay in this battle the ruleset is Silenced Summoner that means summoners dont give any stats buff or debuff or grant or use abilities. the second is Aimless that means all monster have scattershot ability. The last one is Are you not entertained? that means One additional gladiator card may be used in battle. so in this battle i am utilize the third ruleset that can bring one gladius card in ranked battle. As you can see the manacap is jus 12 which is very very low manacap and hard to choose and arrange card. And the only one element that inactive is Fire element.

Looking in this ruleset and manacap i know that this battle is very hard and i dont have much card that have low manacap. Because i am using my main account i know that the choice in this battle is either using Death element or Earth element. Usually i am using Earth element that combined with Regal Peryton magic damage. Regal Peryton magic damage is awesome combined with the tank Hill Giant is the usual i am arrange in the 12 manacap Or i am using Death element with using Cursed Windeku combined with Weirding Warrior. But, still Silenced Summoner ruleset is the bad ruleset in this battle. I have more disadvantage with my choice of the card.

So i arrange it like this

Summoner+1 Magic DamageAfter comparation with Death element i am prefer using Earth element and using gladius card than using Magic damage like Regal Peryton because with Silenced Summoner the attack of Regal peryton will be still 2 damage which is very low to be as an attacker this time. and with Cursed Windeku in Death element is still that have very low total attack in the team compared the strategy i use.
TankerThornsI am using this card because if the opponent using melee monster it will get the thorns damage and if the opponent using Range attack this monster have 5 speed basic so i am hoping this monster can dodge some attack and Bertrol Gobson can kill some of the opponent monster and activated the bloodlust ability effect.
AttackerBloodlust & OpportunityDue the Are you Entertained? ruleset i am using Bertral Gobson as attacker thankfully i have upgraded to level 3 so the attack will be 2 melee damage that can give a very good damage for the opponent and if the opponent choosing bring the lower mana monster and low HP monster it can be the feed for this monster bloodlust ability.
FillerNoneI am using this monster because this monster can be a filler to holding 1 or 2 attack so my Bertral Gobson can still alive until the bloodlust active.

So this is my arrangement for this battle with low manacap battle. Curious what happened in the battlephase?
Lets go for it guys



Screenshot (1934).png

So,before entering share the battle i want just give some intermezzo, because i am still mad if battling bot and lost so much so i want to try the Splintertools that the rumour can help to increasing the winning rate. But, it turns out that wether using or not it is still lose to bot. So i am hoping the proposal not just to losing bot in modern. But,come on just delete bot in this game too. thats not fair that bot have more advantage than human players. even i asking in the helping center that not helping so much. but yeah after i pay 1 hive i am using Splintertools in this month. Maybe next month i am not using it because this is very useless if playing with bots. The bots ca read your decks and can counter what you bring.

Okay thats enough of my complain about bot. Thats very make me mad and annoyed if battle to bot especially if battle with xbot and archmage user i feel cheated.

And in this battle i meet up with Level 2 Quix so lets see what happens in round 1

Round 1

round 1.gif

As usual in round 1 both party get buff and debuff from all the summoners.Upppss, i forgot that in this battle one of the ruleset is Silenced Summoners so there no buff and debuff from both summoners. So, as i imagined the opponent using so many low manacap and health monster. That can make my Bertrol Gobson full of bloodlust. it will be easy to activated the bloodlust ability.
In this round my Bertral Gobson can killed opponent Carrion Shade so the bloodlust effect activate and adding 1 additional status to Bertral Gobson.

Round 2

round 2.gif

Move into round 2 the most annoying in this battle is the poison from Venari Bonesmith and the life leech abilities too. And in this round once again Bertrol Gobson killed Kra'ar Xoc and activated Bloodlust once again.So that makes Bertron Gobson more stronger in this round. And my Venari Knifer got poisoned by Venari Bonesmith.But,i think it is okay because you know that Bertran Gobson have twice activated the Bloodlust and that will be lock my chance to win this battle.

Round 3

round 3.gif

In round 3 once again Bertron Gobson killing Naga Assassin and once again activated the bloodlust effect so this monster going strongest in this board right now. Just waiting in the next round my Bertran Gobson can end up the battle with killing Venari Bonesmith.

Round 4 (last Round)

As i said in the end of the previous round this round is explain that my Venari Knifer fainted due the poison and after that Bertrol Gobson ends Venari Bonesmith and get more stronger by bloodlust effect.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there and dont forget to subscribe like and share the video

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Bertrol Gobson control low mana battle



Okay after experienced this battle i know that if the ruleset is supporting the player can use the gladius card this strategy maybe on of the best. But, if need using the soulbound reward card called Lobb Lowland i think this strategy did not work because the manacap of the summoners is not very good. But, if in brawl that will be a different story,this strategy can be used too in brawl. I am suspicious that the opponent is bot not the real human player because the opponent have guild and not using gladius card in Are You Not Entertained ruleset is very strange for my opinion. Usually human players maximalize the gladius card because the bloodlust effect is very helpfull in battle. But,it turns out that the opponent did not using the gladius card at all. Very very strange but who knows that the opponent bot user or not. Yeah, my suggestion still Bertral Gobson is one of the common Gladius card that very usefull.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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