Deadly Sneak Gladius Katrelba Gobson

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Now i am write about one of the Deadliest Gladius card in Earth Element

In this content i want to share about how Katrelba Gobson can ending the battle with just 2 round. I am sharing my battle from brawl this time and find out this battle is so interesting so i want to share to you guys.

What makes Gladius Card seems overpowered is because the Bloodlust abilities that can adding 1 additional status every killing the opponent so it will be a killing machine.But, to trigger the Bloodlust abilities it need some strategy and some luck to guess and predict what opponent bring and arrange. Sometimes it will smooth and sometimes it will be bad decisions but,overall if you routine doing brawl you may guessing the right arrangement for activate the bloodlust abilities from Gladius Cards.

Before looking how the battle going it will be better if knowing more of Katrelba Gobson card and learn how to use it in Brawl battle.

Usually in brawl battle especially in Tier 1 or 2 stars in brawl battle Katrelba Gobson going between level 1 until level 3. It is so rare meet up in level 5 up. But,it will depends on what fray you entered. If you entering Gold League Fray it may meet up Katrelba Gobson level 5 up. In my case, i am using level 3 because i am on Bronze Fray. But from my opinion Katrelba Gobson from level 4 is something frightening with 3 melee damage and having Double Strike,Sneak, and Bloodlust abilities. ** Sneak** and Double Strike is the key to activate the Bloodlust abilties. The opponent sometimes did not aware for the backside of the board.So,usually the back line is defenless and just 1 or 2 low mana monster to filling the backline. But the weaker monster on the back and defenless it will the feast from Monster like Katrelba Gobson. What makes this monster hard to bring is the manacap of this monster is so high and if you bring summoner like obsidian Katrelba Gobson is not to fit with the summoner abilities. better bring some magic monster instead Katrelba Gobson if using Obsidian as summoner.

Strategy Phase

In this battle the ruleset is Explosive Weaponry that means all monster have blast ability. And the manacap is super low that just 21 and the element that can be used is just Earth and Death element. because i am just got new Summoners Soulbound Reward from Earth named Lobb Lowland that have abilities Conscript means can adding 1 additional Gladius card in battlefield. More details in table below

Lobb LowlandSummoner-1 Speed & ConsriptI am using this summoner to utilize the Conscript abilities that can use additional gladius card and - 1 speed is very good too when the water element cannot be used so 1 more speed than the opponent can be key to wins especially with blast abilities ruleset.
Hill GiantTankerNoneI am using this monster because this monster have low manacap and have big Health so it will defense the front tank from the lot damage from the opponent
Fungus FlingerSupport BuffMartyrI am using this monster and placed it in the second line up because if the opponent hit Hill Giant and give blast effect it will killing this monster and activate Martyr abilities and give 1 additional status to adjacent
Katrelba GobsonBack AttackerDouble Strike,Sneak & BloodlustI am using this monster because with blast abilities it will be get benefit from Double Strike abilities and have big chance to killing opponent monster either from direct hit or blast effect. and if Bloodlust abilities got activated this monster can be a truly monster that can killing every opponent monster in board arena
Cutter BriezeAttackerBloodlustI am using this monster because just in case if the opponent prepared for the sneak attack and give some great defend monster in the back this monster can take over the damager and give damage from frontline.
Creeping OozeDebuff SupportSlowI am using this monster to make sure the opponent not having speed than my monster even the summoner give -1 speed too. but total -2 speed is very priviladge in the battle because have big chance to attack first and killing first and can win as fast i can
Chaos AgentFillerDodgeI am using this monster because for the filler this monster is so capable with Dodge abilities it will adding miss attack from opponent and can give chance to adding time to my monster killing opponent first if the opponent using back attack

So, this is my line up and strategies,what do you think guys??
can it win the battle??
So lets find out in the battlefield aye


I am seriously did not expect that i will meet another Soulbound Summoner show up here. i guess i will meet up obisidian or rather Thaddius Brood.

Round 1

As usual in the first round all monster get Buff and Debuff from both summoners and monsters.After that Cutter Brieze attacking opponent Kotriphus Bayne and following opponent Whistling Damon attacking my Fungus Flinger but not killing it yet.But in the half Round Katrelba Gobson can killing opponent Whistling Damon and Creeping Ooze from blast effect. because of that, the bloodlust activate and the status of Katrilba Gobson increased much from before.

After Katrilba Gobson get bloodlust battle still going on. My Fungus Flinger got died and give Hill Giant and Katrilba Gobson another additional status that make Katrilba Gobson the killing machine in this battle it will be unbeatable because the opponent not have another monster and Katrilba Gobson have so much damage and speed after bloodlust activated.
So this round leaving Kotriphus Bayne in opponent side.

Round 2

Even Kotriphus Bayne can killing Fungus Flinger with blast effect that not helping much. my Katrilba Gobson is more powerful than the opponent. so in 1 Double strike attack can kill opponent last monster.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there:

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Deadliest Gladius Card


After i am looking this battle Katrilba Gobson needs to be considered as a frightening sneak monster card in Gladius edition. this monster have a few weakness. First, the manacap to bring this monster is 6 with low HP in the beginning. Second, if the opponent bring Mylor as summoner it will be backfire to Katrilba Gobson in first attack it will be killing it self before can activating Bloodlust abilities.
For advantage as you can see in the video or the explanation, usually the people bring some filler to adding space to the Main attacker so it will not killed first. And here the fault, Filler means food for Gladius card. The easiest ways to get Bloodlust active is killing the fillers cards. So be careful what you bring in brawls nowdays.

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