Earth Element in Even Stevens Ruleset

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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Even Stevens ruleset that only monsters with even mana cost may be used in the battles. So this ruleset force us to using even mana cost starting with 0 mana cost 2 mana cost and so on. Some point this ruleset is very nice but sometimes it is not. Especially if the other ruleset is not supportive or the element that active is the one that you dont have the cards to play.Usually with Even Stevens ruleset the best combination on my deck is using earth monster or water monster. The combination of Obsidian as summoners in earth monster that have even mana cost is still related each other. many even monster in even mana cost is magic attack type.Especially Goblin Psychic and Magi of Chaos is have even mana cost. 2 important monster in earth element. And dont forget Queen Mycelia too. this monster is very helpfull in even mana cost monster. Lets check my arrangement in this battle using earth element in my strategy phase



First of all Even Stevens ruleset is not too hard to arrange monsters in battle field. why ?? because many monster with even mana cost are very strong such as Deeplurker, Djinn Oshannus, Diemonshark,Wave Brood,Baakjira in Water element. in earth element there is have Goblind Psychic, Mycelic Infantry, Queen Mycelia.Grund,etc. And the others element have the best monster too in even mana cost. But in my owned deck it is better if i am using Earth and Water element. I am just upgraded to level 5 rare summoners on Earth and Water element. so it is better than the other element in terms of level and ability.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (2035).png

So, this time the ruleset are 3 that is Aimless that means all monster have scattershot ability so it will waste if using taunt monster in this battle. Taunt did not works on Aimless ruleset. the second as we know that Even Stevens ruleset that will make we can only choose even mana costs monsters. and the third is Amplify so any back damage ability will be amplified and have bonus damage. The manacap that can be used in this battle is 46 manacap which is very good. not too little not too much. The element that inactive are Water and Dragon. the rest is active but,because in my main account i am just having Water,Earth,and Death element that i am upgraded so, the choices i have is just Earth and Death element. For Death element i have just upgrade my summoners to level 4. so it still have more advantage if using Earth elemental than Death element. This is my strategy

SummonersI am using this summoners because this summoners is the only summoners that up to level 5 compared to Thaddius Brood in Death element that still on level 4 this summoners is better
Tanker I am using this monster as a tanker because this monster have high HP and have ability that can double attack so it will inflict some damage to opponent monster. better if this monster can kill opponent so it will trigger trample ability effect so it will attacking thrice
AttackerNoneI am using this monster because in even manacost monster the only magic attacker that have high magic attack is this monster this damage can inflict high damage to the opponent.
Support I am using this monster as support because this monster is have complete package triage as a healer of the backline since the ruleset is aimless so triage is very usefull. and have protect ability that can give additional armor so all allies have protection 1 hit at least from opponent range monster.
Support I am using this monster because in even mana cost this monster can be good as a support and attacker with having 2 magic damage as basic magic damage it will be 3 magic attack after get buffed from obsidian. and this monster can heal and stopping heal for opponent monster with affliction ability. Bringing this monster is very good decision.
Attacker & SupportI am using this monster to utilize swiftness ability so if the opponent using same monster as mine with Grund as a tanker at least i can beat opponent tanker first before my arrangement strategy got broke up and defeated.
Attackerimage.pngI am using this monster because this monster is very good as an attacker with 3 range attack and this monster have even mana cost absolutely.

So this is my arrangement. After looking this arrangement how do you think. Can i win with this arrangement?
Lets go to the battlefield then



Screenshot (2034).png

First of all i am not expected encountered with Immortallis in this battle. one of the strongest summoners in gold and diamond league. The shatter abilities is super troublesome and with void ability that can give all opponent allies will weaken my magic damage. but what make me more than the opponent is the difference from level. With the different of course many ability and the status of the monster will be different too and with this different i can have chance to win this battle. lets see in round 1

Round 1

As usual in round 1 all monster get buffed from bots summoners and monster.

  • My parties got buffed from my Obsidian as Summoner +1 Magic Damage
  • My parties got debuffed from opponent Summoners Immortallis -1 HP
  • My monster got buffed speed from swiftness ability from my Supply Runner
  • My monster get buffed +2 Armor from Queen Mycelia Protection ability
  • My monster get debuffed -2 Armor from opponent Sporcerer.

In round 1 seems both parties just give damage to each other and no one monster beat in this round but overall the key monster like both Goblin Psychic and both tanker Grund get some major damage in this round.

Round 2

In round there is starting to look that the opponent is got beaten up

  • Ava the Undaunted beat opponent Goblin Psychic
  • My Grund beat opponent Grund followed with trample ability and give additional damage to Terracious Grunt
  • My Magi of Chaos beat opponent Hunter Jarx

That make leaving 3 monster remaining in opponents side that is 1 HP left Terracious Grunt, Sporcerer, and Beatrix Ironhand. In contrary in my team, there is still complete no monster in my team got beaten. Triage ability from Queen Mycelia is very helpfull in this battle.

Round 3 (1).gif

Round 3 is the ending of this battle with remaining 3 monster opponent seems cannot holding any longer even the opponent summoner is very overpowered but still the different of the level can handle the overpowered.

  • Supply Runner beat Terracious Grunt
  • Grund finishing with trample ability to Sporcerer and Beatrix Ironhand

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there and dont forget to subscribe like and share the video

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Earth Element in Even Stevens ruleset



So after i am experiencing this battle i can give conclution that level is very important. the different of the level can make another result. With higher level monster get additional status and additional ability that can make advantage to this battle on some circumtances of ruleset. Even you using overpowered summoners if the different of the level is too much it will be hard to win the battle. But, it is not immposible too that will depends on the ruleset and the team arrangement. Second conclution is using earth element is one of the suitable on Even Stevens ruleset. In earth element have many good monster that have even manacost more importanly earth element have Goblin Psychic as support,buff and debuff ability that can make some trouble to the opponent. Don't forget with legendary monster card Queen Mycelia that can give very great support buffed with protection ability and triage ability that can really support and prolong the allied monster in battlefield.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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