Flying Ability in Earthquake Ruleset is the easiest way to handle the Ruleset


what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Earthquake ruleset that means all monster who don't have any Flying ability will get 2 damage in every turn.
Basically this ruleset is tricky one to be handle in the battleset. By the way sorry if the Thumbnail not animated this time i dont know why but when i am upload the animated one they said error so i post the picture this time.



This ruleset is Earthquake is Non Flying unit get 2 melee damage at the end of the round. So same with all melee damage,it first damaging the armor and if the monster have shield ability it will compress the damage. So there are many strategy to be put on in every battle in Earthquake ruleset. But,if want to get the simple strategy is adding 3-4 monster that have flying ability and the rest is support monster or you can adding high HP monster or tanker monster that have shield ability and heal support Or you can make the looping of the shield with protection ability. There so many ways to outcome this ruleset.
And i have one battle that i can share to you guys. My strategy is so simple using the Flying ability.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (1971).png

So in this battle the ruleset are 3, first is Close Range that means all ranged monster have Close Range ability. With this ruleset Ranged monster can attack wherever they are even in the frontline still can do attack. The second is Earthquake That means Non Flying unit will get 2 melee damage in the end of the round. And the third one is Reverse Speed that means monster with the lowest speed will attack first and have the highest chance to dodge the attack. The manacap of this battle is very high in 56 manacap. The element that active is just 2 element that is earth and dragon element. Because i am using my main account there is no other option I have besides pick the Earth element. I don't have Dragon Element. and as usual in every battle almost Fire and Dragon element that never inactive i guess in every battle. Thats very funny of the algorithm. So,yeah this battle i am using Earth element and i will count on Regal Peryton this time.

So this is my Strategy you can check in the table below :

Summoner+1 Magic DamageI am using this summoner because there no other summoner that i have in my deck so yeah of course i am using Obsidian in this battle
TankerShieldI am using this monster because this monster is having Shield ability that can handle and compress damage and range monster. But,if the opponent using Magic Damage this monster will becoming weak.
Second TankerFlying & healI am using this monster because this monster is have Flying ability and have heal ability so hoping this monster can handle the magic monster until the non flying magic monster get killed by Earthquake itself
AttackerFlyingI am using this monster because this monster is have Flying Ability and have good magic attack to bring down opponent monster and dont forget the speed. This monster have good combination with speed and flying ability,
SupportAffliction & Tank HealI am using this monster because this monster have pretty good ability that can support the tanker with heal and with affliction ability i am having chance to stop the opponent get healing. and this monster still can give some damage too the opponent with 3 magic damage combined this monster magic attack and buff from obsidian
Buff SupportProtect & AmplifyI am using this monster because this monster have protect ability that can give additional 2 armor so it will give at least 1 additional round before the non flying monster get the damage from Earthquake ability.
Taunt TankerTaunt & Force FieldI am using this monster because this monster have high HP and have taunt ability so this monster will be targeted first. hopefully 3 tank in my strategy can holding the damage until all opponent non flying monster fainted first before Regal Peryton going to frontline

So,this is my strategy,pretty basic right?
yep when farming mode i am usually using basic strategy and not too complicated and often the strategy was succesfull.

Let's go to the battlephase and see how the battle going



Screenshot (1970).png

First of all it is rarely i meet up with dragon soulbound summoner in ranked battle. Second,from Splintertool i know that i 100% won but,Splintertools not always right..something odd and not full functionally right now so i did not recommend Splintertool at all. Okay, lets look the battle

Round 1

As Usual in round 1 both parties get all buff and debuff from both summoners and monsters. And in this battle all my magic monster get buff one additional magic damage and additional 2 armor from Protect ability from Queen Mycelia. In the opponent side they got additional 1 speed from Helios the dragon summoner,

After that,because the Reverse Speed Ruleset now my lowest speed monster will be the fastest now and Mycelic Infantry opening the damage and all my magic monster opening Agor Armor. Agor is one of the troublesome monster nowdays. Hopefully i can still win this battle.

Round 2

In round 2 all non Flying Monster get 2 melee damage in my side the armor of Mycelic Infantry still full because in first round Unicorn Mustang miss the attack, and other non flying monster broke the armor this time. Agor can be defeated in round 2 with combined attack from all my magic monster. But, in my side Mycelic Slipspawn got beaten too by Runic Skyclaw.

Round 3

In round 3 the battle still goes on and the Earthquake still give damage to the all non flying monster. And Opponent Goblin Psychic got fainted due the Earthquake and my monster still holding on after the Earthquake. After Mycelic Infantry beat up the Unicorn Mustang my Goblin Psychic heal Mycelic Infantry and make the HP going full again and with my magic attack can inflict opponent Pelacor Mercenary. Opponent Regal peryton still gives Mycelic Infantry damage but cannot killed it and Runic hit my Regal peryton due the Snipe ability. The bad sided of the opponent is they have separate target to attack. So total damage will be divided and hard to kill my monster.

Round 4

In Round 4 Still same non Flying Monster still get damage in this case it is just my monster that get the damage.All opponent non Flying monster is fainted that remains all Flying Monster in opponent side. This is my chance to winning this battle. The good part is until round 4 my Goblin Psychic still alive and can support Mycelic Infantry. In this round opponent Pelacor Mercenary fainted with my Goblin Psychic attack and my Regal Peryton gives damage to opponent Regal Peryton and Runic gives damage to my Regal Peryton. In the end of the round 4 the opponent monster remainin damage Redal Peryton and Runic. I think the calculation of the Splintertools is true this time. i can win this battle.

Round 5

In round 5 my Goblin Psychic got fainted due the Earthquake and my Regal Peryton can beat the opponent Regal Peryton. And that make the opponent just have Runic in the end of this round, after looking like this i am pretty sure i am the winner. i believe the opponent cannot outcome my 2 Flying monster especially one is Regal Paryton that have magic damage so that cannot be missing the attack.

Round 6 &7 (The Final)

As you can see in the GIF above my team needs 2 round to beat Runic Skyclaw. what i am confused is 6 different speed (due the Reverse Speed Ruleset) Runic Skyclaw never miss the attack. it is because Runic have Flying Ability or because it is bot?? Strange and Weird. But finally my Pelacor Mercenary give the final touch to Runic and can beat the opponent in Round 7.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there and dont forget to subscribe like and share the video

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Flying Ability in Earthquake Ruleset



So,after i am experienced this battle i know that Flying ability is the easiest ways to handle the Earthquake ruleset. Maybe in this battle i am combined a little with Mycelic Infantry that have shield ability to handle the Earthquake and because the Reverse Speed ruleset that can make the Mycelic Infantry is overpowered because this monster have just 1 speed. and the rest i am preparing with the flying ability. My suggestion is if you using earth element in Earthquake ruleset i recommended to bring Queen Mycelia to give 1 bonus round for the damage of the Earthquake. Protect can give some benefits to handle the melee and range damage from the opponent and Earthquake. Then second i recommended is using Dragon element if you rent or have it. why because in Dragon element there are many monster that have the flying ability. but the weakness is many Dragon monster that have Flying ability is Legendary monster if the ruleset come out with no legendary monster the dragon element is such a useless.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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