Magi Necrosi "Snipe" Goes wrong

what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle the theme is Magi Necrosi for the battle challenge with its abilities that goes wrong this battle.sorry if my write is not good but hoping you can enjoy some of my content.
So i got the theme battle as i am farming using my main account called Arveno. and coincidentally i meet opponent that using Magi Necrosi and goes wrong that make me more stronger.
Curious how the battle happens?
lets talk about Magi Necrosi abilities first

Magi necrosi is epic Chaos Legion edition card that almost splinter player using it and believe me this card is super strong. rarely splinter player using it wrong and because of that rare i want to sharing this battle. Usually Magi Necrosi used to killing the ranged or magic monster behind tank so the opponent will have less damager and we can outcome the number of the opponent monster.

In level 1 until 3 Magi Necrosi just have Camuflage and Snipe Abilities. Level 4 & 5 adding Oppress abilities and max level got additional stun abilities.
Overall, this monster is very good and great. with 2 magic damage in early level and got camuflage abilities it will be great for sneak and sniping opponent ranged and magic monster first without being a target. Before new update and adding Martyr abilities there is little monster that can counter Magi necrosi , one of a kind like Djinn Oshannus it can handle this monster attack but beside Djinn Oshannus there is very few to handle this monster.

After new update card soulbound and adding Martyr abilities,snipe can be fatal and even make opponent stronger than before because Magi Necrosi killed opponent monster that having Martyr abilities and make adjancent gain 1 additional status. That can be fatal in battle.And you know what guys. in this battle i guess and strategize good and wisely (i am rather called lucky) what i am doing to arrange my battle deck let's check it out in strategy phase

Okay in this battle is basically using 2 abilities that is Martyr and Snipe. When snipe action hit Martyr it will be fatal and bad decision.

So the ruleset is Unprotected means Monster do not have any armor and do not get armor from abilities or summoner buffs. The second is Tis but scatches means all monster get cripple abilities. Manacap in this battle is 27 that means average number so we can bring on strong and high mana monster and fill low mana monster after that. The element that cannot be used this time is Earth and Life. And this time i am choosing Death Element and here my strategize on the table

Thaddius Brood-1 Life and -1 MagicSummonerI am using this summoner because i am thinking that opponent maybe using Water element and thats why i am using Death element with Cursed Windeku as a tanker it will give additional damage after hit Cursed windeku with Thorns abilities. and after all there is only 2 summonern that i have with level 4 summoner that is Kelya and Thaddius
Cursed WindekuThornsTankerI am using this monster as a tnaker because the HP is big and Speed is average and have Thorns abilities that good if the opponent dont have armor because ruleset Unprotected and i am thinking the opponent using of water element so i am prepared for the opponent using water element
Venari MarksratMartyrSupportI am using this monster because if the opponent using Water element it will bring Deeplurker so i place it in the second row if the opponent not bring Deeplurker at least the third row will get Martyr bless.
Life SapperLife LeechAttackerI am using this monster because for low mana having 2 magic damage is very good and this monster have Life Leech abilities so it can be a tanker too after few rounds and if the opponent bring snipe abilities i am preparing with Martyr abilities so this monster can be attacked second and having additional status before that.
Spirit HoarderTriageSupportI am using this monster just in case if Silent Sha-vi got attacked it will backed up by triage abilities and if life sapper got hit by snipe at least can helping healing with triage abilities
Soul StrangerNoneAttackerI am using this monster because in low mana this monster have heavy damage with 3 damage and cost 3 manacap it is awesome to give some impact damage to the opponent especially if the opponent don't have armor because Unprotected ruleset.
Silent Sha-viSneakAttackerI am using this monster to standing guard if the opponent using sneak attack with HP 6 it will good for back tanker and this monster is very good too for sneak attacker with 5 speed and 3 melee damage. It is very good status in death element.

After looking my strategy how the battle ends?
Lets discuss it in Battlephase aye

In this battle i did not expect that the opponent using Thaddius Brood that same as mine. I am expecting to meet Kelya because in modern gold league now it often meet Kelya than the others.

Round 1

As usual in first round all monster got buffed and debuff from all monster in the board. After that my silent Sha-vi can killed opponent Revealer. After that this is the wong decision of the opponent using Magi Necrosi with snipe abilities it will attacking ranged and magic monster first instead attacking tanker. And because i am bring Martyr monster abilities it will give Life Sapper additional status and Cursed Windeku additional status too. And because additional status it will give great different outcome in this battle. Life Sapper can damage the opponent Cursed Windeku with 2 magic damage now.

Still in round 1,Cursed Windeku attacking each other but in this battle the outcome opponent Cursed Windeku got fainted first and my Cursed Windeku still alive.Opponent Cursed Windeku got heavy damage from My Cursed Windeku and finished by Soul Stranger after that opponent Corpse Fiend attacking my Cursed windeku and got fainted by Thorns abilities. And this round closed by Spirit Hoarder give damage to opponent Venari Bonesmith.

Round 2

Round 2 is the last round in this battle. Yes, it is very quick battle with the different additional Status it will make the battle quick and adding chance to win the battle.Like this battle right,Round 2 starting with Silent Sha-vi killed opponent Life Sapper after that Life sapper and Cursed windeku attacking Venari Bonesmith and got fainted after that the closing of this battle Soul stranger killing opponent ** Magi Necrosi**.

If you want to look the video you can just klik and watch link below :

if the video cannot be played...thats so sad...but don't worry you can watch in game battle link here :

Snipe goes wrong


So, in my opinion Magi Necrosi is very strong for death monster army sometimes Snipe and camuflage is very crutial in battle with Snipe abilities it can attacking main attacker and usually main attacker is ranged or magic damage so with snipe it will get targeted first. And what make Magi Necrosi great is camuflage abilities that can make this monster attacked last. But, after last update adding Martyr abilities it will make consideration using Snipe abilities like this battle if snipe attacking monster with Martyr abilities it can be fatal give opponent additional status and can make table turned. And Snipe can be wrong if the opponent using monster magic or ranged that have counter like Magic Reflect or Return Fire abilities or Void and Phase combined like Djinn Oshannus have. it will be super useless using snipe abilities.So, overall i still recomended using Magi Necrosi and one of the core in death element.

In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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Thanks for sharing! - @rehan12

I must say, Magi Necrosi does really has its use case in different battle strategies. A good card to hold onto!