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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Aim True Ruleset that means Melee and ranged attacks will always hit their target and This applies to magic attacks as well even if there is a phase monster. So magic monster cannot be dodge anymore even have slowest speed in board. Like the picture above i am using earth element in Aim True Ruleset this time


Because the battle challenge change to new format to Battle Mages Secret that disscussion about ruleset and this week is Aim True ruleset. this ruleset is somehow can make the battle easy but sometimes make the battle super hard. especially when the manacap is super low with Aim True ruleset it will make the arrangement is super difficult. Okay lets discuss further in Strategy Phase


Strategy Phase


Screenshot (1681).png

okay in this battle the manacap that can be used is 44 and the element that cannot be used is Water and Dragon element with 3 ruleset one of them is Aim True Ruleset like i am telling you above. the other is Stampede means The trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled monster is killed and the other one is Melee Mayhem means that the melee monster can attacks from any positions. When i am farming i have some template in certain manacap 44 manacap is included usually when manacap hit 44 i am using Earth Element with obsidian summoner depends on what ruleset but overall i am using more or less like this Obsidian as summoner, Grund as tanker,Regal Peryton as second tanker, Magi of Chaos as attacker, Goblin Psychic as support, Queen of Mycelia as Support and last Mycelic Slipspawn as taunt tanker. but when meet certain ruleset condition it may change a little bit.
Like in this battle i modificate a little bit that you can observe in table below

Obsidian.jpgSummoner+1 Magic DamageLike i said above the manacap 44 usually i am using template using Earth Element bringing Obsidian Magic Army, i modificate a little bit with adding Mycelic Infantry and switch up with Grund to holding and survive long enough to give opportunity Grund attacking twice freely.Obsidian is very strong deck build with magic army and the damage is super high but the weakness is almost all Obsidian Army is Super Slow speed.
Mycelic Infantry.jpgFirst TankerShieldI am using this monster because this monster have Shield ability that can reduce impact from attacked by Melee and range monster and with high HP this monster is very tough to endure many attacks from the opponent
Grund.jpgSecond TankerDouble StrikeI am using this guard is for replacing as a tanker if the mycelic infantry was fainted and this monster with High HP can guarding the others monster. With doubles strikes ability and with Melee Mayhem Ruleset this monster is have great advantage if placing in the second position. can be the attacker and as a backup Tanker
Regal Peryton_gold.jpgTanker & AttackerFlyingI am using this monster because this monster have high magic base attack and when adding with Obsidian buff it will be great magic attacker in the battlefield. Not only that this monster have high speed and with flying abilities this monster can be a good tanker if the enemy using melee or range monster to face me.
Goblin Psychic_gold.jpgTank Healer SupportTank HealI am using this monster because this monster have Tank Heal abilities that can helping Tanker to live longer and can fight longer. This monster have great magic damage too but the weakness is this monster super slow with just have 1 speed and surely this monster attack and healing last so hopefully the tanker not die fast to get healed by this monster.
Acid Shooter.jpgFillerScattershotI am using this monster as a filler the manacap even just a filler this monster can helping some damage to the opponent but not hoping too much
Mycelic Slipspawn.jpgTaunt TankerTaunt & Force FieldI am using this monster because this monster is having Taunt abilities and high HP and have Force Field abilities too so if the opponent have 5 damage is reducing and just get 1 damage

After looking my strategy how the battle ends?
Lets discuss it in Battlephase aye



Screenshot (1680).png

I am extremely rare meet up Lux Vega in Modern format Gold league that dominate with bot and the opponent using max level gold League meanwhile i am just using Silver max level. So lets go to the round 1

Round 1 (1).gif

In this battle i meet up with Lux vega that using Fire Element this is super hard battle considering that the average of Fire Element Monster is Melee with high attack. Basically my team and the opponent team almost the same with High Damage based but the different is just the enemy using melee and mine is using magic attack. Okay, as usual all monster get buff and debuff from both summoners and monster after that with adding speed buff from Lux Vega the enemy monster having more speed than my monster and almost the enemy monster attacking first and can killed my Mycelic Slipspawn.Mycelic Slipspawn even cannot survive in round 1 because the enemy have the massive melee attack and with Aim True ruleset all attack is cannot be dodge and miss. in contrary my monster just can give high damage to Grum but cannot kill in round 1.

Round 2 (1).gif

Thankfully Mycelic Infantry have shield abilities with Shield abilities the opponent that mostly is using Melee and Ranged attack the damage reduced by half and with the support from Goblin Psychic Mycelic infantry can survive long enough and in this round Grum can be killed by Grunt with Double Strike abilities.

Round 3 (1).gif

In round 3 my team can handle The Forgotten One but in my team Acid shooter got killed too with Uraeus.With combination from Grund with doubles strike abilities and Mycelic Infantry high attack this round can killing Lava Launcher too. In this round the enemy like crumble and the strategy is broken. With remaining Supply Runner, Uraeus and Radiated Scorcher. And remember that Range monster if placing in the first position cannot attacking unless the monster have close range abilities. And Supply Runner did not have this abilities so the chance opponent win is zero percent.

Round 4 & 5 (Final Round) (1).gif

Round 4 and 5 is the final round with the formation right now the opponent cannot doing anything Supply Runner almost cannot be as a tanker because the HP is very low and cannot attack the Uraeus just give 2 damage to the back monster and Radiated Schorcher cannot give any damage to Mycelic Infantry and with my magic attack that can directly hit without calculating armor it is very easy to penetrate the defense and especially Grund can attack twice too. so in round 5 just like that Grund finishing this game.

If you want to look the video you can just klik and watch link below :

if the video cannot be played...thats so sad...but don't worry you can watch in game battle link here :

Combination damage in Aim True ruleset



So Aim True ruleset in my opinion is something that can be a table turn battle and the players need to calculate and imagining what the opponent will bring and not only just bringing monster that have high damage but we need to maximalize the combination both support Tanker and Attacker so if the battle going to long run you ready and can still give looping support for the tanker and the back attacker still can attacking the opponent field. Just dont forget to calculate a little bit especially in brawls. this ruleset can be fatal if we miss calculated the attack and the speed also how the support give advantage to your tanker or attacker.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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