Melee and Magic hunting the weakest feat Quora

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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Equal Opportunity ruleset that means all monster have Opportunity ability. So this ruleset force us to be a assasin mode to hunt the lowest HP in the battlefield first. Some point this ruleset is very nice but sometimes it is not. Especially if the other ruleset is not supportive or the element that active is the one that you dont have the cards to play. Sometimes the bad choices of the cards is important too if you want to win the battle in Equal Opportunity ruleset battle.
Lets discuss the ruleset below aye.



This ruleset Equal Opportunity basically is making every monster in the battlefield have Opportunity ability so all monster will attack the lowest HP monster on the board. The best strategy is choose the monster that have lowest HP but have the best ability like Phase and Dodge ability or both in one card. Better with adding monster that have Backfire ability so if the opponent miss the attack it will backfire to the attacker. And make sure with this Equal Opportunity ruleset you need to be fast to make first movement and kill as many as possible so the opponent cannot hit back our team. Or you can bring the monster with Taunt ability to make sure the opponent targeting just one monster not the lowest HP monster in our line up.So,without further ado lets go to the strategy phase i will show you guys


Strategy Phase

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So,this time the battle just have 2 ruleset that one of them is Equal Opportunity that means All monster have the opportunity abilities like i said above. The other is Are you not entertained? that means One additional Gladiator card may be used in battles. So with this ruleset i can bring one Gladius card edition in the battlefield. This batte contains 29 manacap which is not too much so i am need to arrange some mix between the higher mana monster and low mana monster. And the element that inactive is Fire and Life element that means my powerfull deck on my collection Water and Earth is can be used in this battle. With this i am arrange my team like in the table below

Summoner+1 Magic DamageI am using this summoner because with Are you not Entertained? ruleset, i can bring Quora on my line up. So far that i know that Quora is super strong monster so far. especially with Equal Opportunity ruleset that can make the bloodlust ability of Quora active several times and make Quora even stronger.
TankerNoneBefore placing Quora i need some backup tanker so Quora will attacking the weakest first and can activate the Bloodlust ability first before going to be a tanker. So i am adding this low manacap but have big HP as a tanker in this battle.
FillerNoneSame reason as Hill Giant this monster need to be as a filler before Quora reach the frontliner tank.and because of all opponent monster will have Opportunity ability i can make sure tha this monster will be attacked first before everything else.
.AttackerBloodlust & HealThis monster is the strongest gladius card that i have and this card is very functional in low mana battle with bloodlust ability combined with heal ability that make this monster very invincible ,very hard to get killed and can unbeatable when the bloodlust ability going active.
.Buff SupportProtect & AmplifyI am using this monster because this monster have support ability called Protect that can give additional 2 armor to all ally monster. this armor can protect some damage from melee and range attack which is very good to help Quora defense from enemy attack
AttackerCamuflage & VoidEven though this monster have very little HP but this monster have great basic magic attack that can helping to defeat the opponent. And with Camuflage ability this monster
AttackerFlyingI am using this monster to protect if the opponent using sneak attack and attack from behind so with Flying ability and have 6 basic speed this monster can have chance to dodge the opponent attack of course human player not bot player. BOT NEVER MISS right

After looking my arrangement, how do you think of this strategy?
it will work or not?
Lets go to the battlephase aye.



Screenshot (2019).png

This battle i am battling Kelya level 2 and my level is 4. with this different hoping i can win this since there so much XBOT Bot player user that unbeatable. it is very weird that developers just watching and not doing anything from exploiting from XBOT user. Sorry if i mad if talking about bot because this is trully make it worse and not fun at all. So,lets go to round 1

Round 1

As usual in round 1 both parties got buff and debuff from both summoners and monster. in this battle my team got +1 magic damage buff from Obsidian and the opponent get +1 armor and speed buff from Kelya as summoners and opening attack by Regal Peryton killing Torrent Fiend and after that the enemy countering by killing my Fungus Fiend with combination attack from Tide Bitter and Coastal Sentry, Not long after that Quora can killing Pelacor Bandit with magic attack and following the melee attack to Cruel Sethropod but just damaging the Armor.

Round 2

In round 2 Regal Peryton again opening the attack to Tide Bitter and after that following by Tide bitter attacking Hill Giant and Coastal Sentry can kill Queen Mycelia. But, Quora still collecting skull by killing Tide Bitter and activated Bloodlust once again. that makes Quora still the strongest monster in this battle field with total attack 5 magic damage and 4 melee damage. This round ends up by opponent Demented shark can kill Hill Giant and my Djinn Bilkja can give damage to Demented shark.

Round 3 (Last Round)

So in the last round Regal Peryton can beat Demented Shark and Countered by Coastal Sentry attacking Quora but after get Bloodlust Ability the damage is not give some effect after Quora attack Djinn Biljka finishing this battle.

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or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Quora the best assassin



After experiencing this battle i can say still Quora Towershead is the savage and overpowered monster. Especially if Quora can killing spree and activating Bloodlust ability again and again.. What makes the Quora overpowered in Equal Opportunity ruleset is because yeah with all monster have Opportunity ability it will make all monster attacking the lowest Health or the weakest first including Quora and with Opportunity ability, it make higher chance to kill and activated Bloodlust effect and make Quora strong and stronger after times. Maybe in the next content i will share on battle that using Equal Opportunity ruleset too with melee damage so it is not using Quora. But, if the ruleset is Opportunity,or Sneak,or Melee Mayheem i still recommended Monster with Bloodlust ability such as Grum,Quora,or Jared. these monster can be a trully overpowered monster and savage monster.


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