Melee Dominate in Equal Opportunity Battle

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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Equal Opportunity ruleset that means all monster have Opportunity ability. So this ruleset force us to be a assasin mode to hunt the lowest HP in the battlefield first. Some point this ruleset is very nice but sometimes it is not. Especially if the other ruleset is not supportive or the element that active is the one that you dont have the cards to play. Sometimes the bad choices of the cards is important too if you want to win the battle in Equal Opportunity ruleset battle.
Lets discuss the ruleset below aye. I have making same content about this ruleset in part one that using Quora Towershead as a main attacker with melee and magic damage you can check in Quora The best assasins, but in this battle i will share how terrible the melee damage monster in Equal Opportunity battle.



This ruleset Equal Opportunity basically is making every monster in the battlefield have Opportunity ability so all monster will attack the lowest HP monster on the board. The best strategy is choose the monster that have lowest HP but have the best ability like Phase and Dodge ability or both in one card. Better with adding monster that have Backfire ability so if the opponent miss the attack it will backfire to the attacker. And make sure with this Equal Opportunity ruleset you need to be fast to make first movement and kill as many as possible so the opponent cannot hit back our team. Or you can bring the monster with Taunt ability to make sure the opponent targeting just one monster not the lowest HP monster in our line up.In this battle i will share to you guys how the melee still can dominate the battle. Basically i am still bringing Magic Monster ability like Djinn Oshannus to be a tanker to defend if the opponent bring magic attack too in front liner. But,overall all attacker are melee damage monster. So,without further ado lets check on my arrangement and stratgey aye.


Strategy Phase

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So,the battle this time is have 3 ruleset. The first one is Counterspell that means all monster have the magic reflect ability, The second one is **Equal Opportunity which is i am explained above and the third one is Even Stevens that means Only monster with even mana cost may be used in battle. So this ruleset is making straiten to choosing my line up due the limited choices. The manacap that can be used is very average that is 35 manacap. and The only element that inactive is Fire. So with straiten ruleset what i choose this time?? Lets go to the table below

Summoner+1 Armor and SpeedI am using this monster because in even monster mana costs. Water element is still the best choices. There are many even monster in water element that have completed ability to be as attacker or defender such as Djinn Oshannus,Baakjira,Diemonshark,Deeplurker.etc.
TankerTrample & EnrageI am using this monster because this monster have the best attacker but can be as a tanker with high speed plus enrage ability that can make this monster have super high speed that can handling enemy melee and range monster but this monster weak with magic so in this battle considering opponent can bringing magic monster, that will need adding more tanker to magic attack.
FillerReflection Shield & CamuflageI am bringing this monster to be a filler that can holding some moment to dispel opponent attack and cannot attacking my main attacker.
Buff SupportInspireI am using this monster because this monster still can attack in Equal Opportunity ruleset and helping all allies with Inspire ability to adding 1 additional melee attack to allies. That can make my Melee monster stronger than before.
AtttackerOpportunityI am using this monster because this monster can give the high damage to opponent. this monster basically assasin in water element. especially if combined with inspire from Demented Shark. This monster can be a fearsome.
Attacker buffSwiftnessI am using this monster because this monster have very good ability that is Swiftness. This monster can adding chance that my monster will attacking first than the opponent and combined with Equal Opportunity ruleset,the higher speed have some advantage than the slowest one.
Filler attackerNoneI am using this monster as a filler to fulfill the maximum manacap and this monster is having the high speed and high HP so if the opponent bringing sneak monster this monster can holding some attack to protect other allies.

After looking my arrangement, how do you think of this strategy?
it will work or not?
Lets go to the battlephase aye.



Screenshot (2021).png

This time i meet up with equal player that have same as mine using Kelya level 5. i Know this guild having so many players around in Modern Gold League but i dont know this player using XBOT or no. but based from my experience i think they might be used it. But this battle is very exciting and hard to beat.

Round 1

As usual in round 1 both parties got buff and debuff from both summoners and monsters. in this battle my monster got 2 speed buffed from Kelya and Supply Runner Swiftness and 1 additional armor from Kelya. In opponent side the have additional 1 speed and 1 armor from Summoners Kelya. The opponent is very clever and know me so well that i am not using magic monster at all. So they bringing Dumacke Orc. At the moment i want to using Dumacke Orc but i have feeling that the opponent bring the magic monster with them so i am not adding Dumacke Orc in this battle and with Counterspell Ruleset i am not bringing any magic monster with me. This is when i am hesitant the opponent is XBOT or not. Usually human player is likely think twice bringing Dumacke Orc when no ruleset that can help weaken the magic attack but how the opponent know that i am not bringing Djinn Oshannus too?
but it is okay my monster still attacking Torrent Fiend first due the lowest HP in the board and in line up before Dumacke Orc.after that opponent beating up my Igor Darkspear. Same 1 card for 1 card.

Round 2

In round 2 Djinn Oshannus opening the attack to my Supply Runner and due the Equal Opportunity ruleset all my monster target is still on Dumacke Orc. Thankfully the RNG is still nice. Usually if the opponent using bot the RNG is so f*cked Dumacke Orc not activate the Retaliate ability from before just one time to retaliate my Demented Shark after my Demented Shark beat up Dumacke Orc. and Thank you for the good RNG my Supply Runner can dodge two times of opponent attack from Igor and Deeplurker so this round my Supply Runner still survive.

Round 3

In round 3 opened by Djinn Oshannus attacking my Supply Runner but cannot kill it. and my Deeplurker can beat opponent Igor Darkspear. After that my team can make opponent Diemonshark dying but cannot kill it due the Venator Kinjo missing the attack.But, its okay opponent Deeplurker same missing attack my Supply Runner.

Round 4

In round 4 with help opponent Diemonshark attacking my Diemonshark that make my Diemonshark activated Enrage finally my Diemonshark can kill opponent Diemonshark then continue with Trample to Djinn Oshannus but due Force Field ability make the damage from my Diemonshark to be just 1 melee damage. and then combination attack from Demented Shark and my Deeplurker can killing opponent Deeplurker.

Round 5 (Last Round)

In round 5 opponent side just remain Djinn Oshannus and Djinn Oshannus can beat my Diemonshark and with just remaining Djinn Oshannus of course my team can beat up opponent.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there and dont forget to subscribe like and share the video

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Melee Dominate the Battle



After Experiencing this battle melee monster is very aggressive in Equal Opportunity especially if you adding monster that having Inspire ability. That can make instant kill to opponent side.But in this battle thankfully the opponent did not bring Magic monster due the Counterspell ruleset because usually melee attacker is super weak if encountered with Magic Monster like Diemonshark for example this monster is super weak to magic attack. but this monster can handle melee and range attack. So, still need to combine some magic monster especially like Djinn Oshannus monster that having Void ability to repel the Counterspell ruleset. Equal Opportunity ruleset still need looking what the other ruleset to arranging the best combination of the monster that we bring into the battlefield.


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