Mirror Damage on Magic Reflect Ruleset

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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Counterspell Ruleset that means all monster having magic reflect ability. Sometimes this ability is perfect but sometimes this ability is suck. Magic Reflect ability make the magic attack can do mirror damage to the attacker half the magic damage. Usually using magic monster that have Void armor or Void ability is the best choice in this battle or you can using Melee or Ranged monster to avoiding the mirror damage.
Without further ado lets break down this ruleset and the combination strategy to facing this ruleset.



So basically this ruleset is adding Magic Reflect Ability to all monster that bring in the board that called Counterspell ruleset. This ruleset somehow is very annoying especially combined with ruleset that Magic only. with that combination both players need to think that make the monster not die from the mirror damage and from opponent attack.
But, if just Counterspell only that the ruleset that can make mirror damage it just to tinkering the melee and ranged monster to be brought. So, technically this ruleset is very simple but sometimes can be deadly because of the mirror attack same as Briar Patch ruleset.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (1921).png

Okay in this battle the main ruleset of course as we discussed before that is Counterspell that means all monster have magic reflect ability,the second ruleset is Amplify that means the mirror attack will doubled the effect,and the last is Return Fire that means all monster have Return Fire ability. The manacap in this battle is 54 which is very good manacap and the element that inactive is just fire element. Because i am playing with my main account (IGN : Arveno) so my choice can be Water,Earth,and Death element. Earth is out of the choice because with obsidian combined with magic army it will my lost due the Amplify combined with mirror attack by the Counterspell ruleset. Death combined with Lira and Dhampir Stalker is not good either due the Return Fire ruleset. So,the last option i have is Kelya with melee army,i think the opponent doing the same strategy with me this time using melee army only with Deeplurker as a main monster that can attacking the lowest HP with Opportunity ability.So this is my strategy you can see in the table below :

Summoner+1 Speed and ArmorI am using this summoner because this summoner is the only option i have with the Counterspell and Return Fire ruleset the best is using melee monster combined with speed and armor
TankerTrample & EnrageI am using this monster as tanker because this monster is very good attacking the frontliner opponent and if the opponent using melee monster,Diemonshark can handle and holding much longer turn to make the other monster beat the opponent.
Second TankerReachI am using this monster as a backup tanker,but with reach ability this monster can help giving damage to the front liner opponent tanker. So,basically this monster can do both as a tanker and attacker in early battle
Buff SupportInspireI am using this monster to prepare if my two frontliner monster defeated this monster can be a frontliner,but before that this monster can give buff damage to my other melee monster with Inspire ability.
Magic TankerVoid & PhaseI am using this monster still prepare for the worst if my frontliner got beaten p by the magic monster this monster can standing the opponent magic monster with Void and Phase ability and if this monster attack the mirror damage is just only 1 damage due the amplify ruleset.
AttackerOpportunityI am using this monster because the opportunity ability that can make this monster will finishing off the lowest HP on opponent board. With the inspire buff this monster have 5 melee damage that big enough to beat up some low mana monster in opponent side.
Buff SupportProtectI am using this monster to cautious if the opponent using many monster that have Thorns ability or using Mylor as a summoner that can give Thorns ability. So with adding more armor my melee monster at least can surive long enought to beat the opponent before all my monster die due the mirror attack.

So how's my Strategy? With the ruleset that have more dangerous if opponent using maximalize the mirror damage due the amplify ruleset. So,let's go to the Battlephase



Screenshot (1920).png

Okay in this battle i am encountered with Death element using Thaddius Brood as summoner and i can guess the opponent want to maximize the Thorns ability combined with Amplify ruleset. Hopefully i can win this battle.Curious with what monster the opponent bring. Lets go to the round 1

Round 1


As usual round 1 both party get buff and debuff from both summoners and all monster. in this case my Monster get Speed and armor buff plus get additional 2 armor from Arkemis The Bear protect and 1 additional melee bonus damage from Demented Shark Inspire,in other hand i got Melee Debuffed from Harklaw and Disinterigator Demoralized. And from summoner all my monster got debuff 1 magic damage and 1 HP to all my monster. So many debuff this time hopefully my team can catch up the opponent.
In round 1 i can easily beat Lira The Darkness because amplify plus return fire ruleset will give mirror damage to Lira itself and Deeplurker can finishing off Lira.

Round 2


In round 2 my team can beat the most annoying monster that can give mirror damage from Thorns ability that is Cursed Windeku but my melee monster got beat up pretty bad too. and in the opponent side Dhampir Stalker get fainted from the mirror damage from the attack itself. From this round i am pretty sure that i can handle the opponent there no monster that can give mirror damage anymore. But, with demoralized ability from both Harklaw and Disinterigator it will make the battle super slow and it can be my team lost due lack of the melee power. but who knows lets go to round 3 shall we.

Round 3 & 4

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

In round 3 and 4 Due the lack of melee power it is pretty hard to beat up Harklaw with Shield ability that can compress any Melee damage. And it worsedn by Silent Sha-vi beat up my backliner tank Arkemis The Bear. But,it is okay Arkemis job's is done there no more armor left in my team so it is okay Arkemis fainted. And in round 3 and 4 none of the opponent Monster fainted.

Round 5 & 6 (Last Round)


In round 5 Deeplurker can beat up The Disinterigator that make my Melee monster team can back with original state Melee Power. with Melee Power is back it will more easier to beat up Harklaw. By the way Oshannus is very tankable for the magic attack right.Even got amplify from Counterspell ruleset that still have 4 HP remaining left in the end of the battle. And in round 6 my team can easily beat up Silent Sha-vi because there is no more Demoralized ability and my Melee power got buffed from Demented Shark Inspire.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there and dont forget to subscribe like and share the video

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Mirror Damage Counterspell



After i am experienced this battle and many battle. I am pretty sure that using Void ability monster in Counterspell ruleset is very very nice that can be as a tank also. Especially like Djinn Oshannus that have Phase too that will be awesome tank that this monster can do damage without thinking get mirror damage or get easily damage from the opponent. And if you want to avoid the Battle of using mage in Counterspell Ruleset that will be choosing whatever using Melee monster or Ranged Monster. So it will be battling around speed combined with armor and Melee or ranged damage. So check your cards that bring you the best is still the best option. But, i am trully suggesting using Void Monster in Counterspell Ruleset is the best option we had.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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Wow awesome post with the animations, very impressive!
Great effort! 👍


Mirror Damage on Magic Reflect Ruleset" is a term that refers to a specific mechanic in certain role-playing games. When a character with a magic-reflecting ability is hit with a spell, the damage of the spell is reflected back onto the attacker as if they had cast the spell themselves. So you can visit Virtual magician and get new ways about magic. This can result in unexpected consequences and add an element of strategy to battles in which magic is involved. It is a common feature in many fantasy-themed games and is often used to balance gameplay mechanics.

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