Small mana monster strategy in Equalizer Ruleset

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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle this time in new format of battle challenge that discussion about Equalizer ruleset that means all monster have the same HP to the highest HP in the battlefield. So this ruleset force us to be a tricky player that will be utilise the highest HP of the card of both party. Whoever bring the useless high HP monster will be the lose one.



This ruleset is Equalizer that means The initial health of all monster is equal to that of the monster on either team with the highest base Health. This ruleset is how to manage monster with combination attack and ability in our team to beat up the opponent. Usually this ruleset is the best when manacap is low but in Giant manacap battle this ruleset is also tricky. you can miss the arrangement that make your team slightest lose. i am suggesting to adding many monster with the double strike ability in this ruleset or the deadliest one with low HP adding in the battlefield is good also. Here the example of the battle that i am using the low manacap monster in this ruleset.


Strategy Phase

Screenshot (1989).png

So,this time the battle have 3 ruleset. The first ruleset is Target Practice that means all ranged and magic attacks monster have snipe abilities. The second is Ferocity that means all monster have fury abilities. The third one is Equalizer that means The initial health of all monster is equal to that of the monster on either team with the highest base Health. The manacap in this battle is 20 which is very low so the battle will the battle of mini mini little leagues. and the element that inactive is just fire element. So, this is little tricky because that will be the battle of low base health. Because if the manacap just 20,if bringing high monster mana that will be useless. we need bring much more monster to outcome the opponent. best monster that bring is sneak monster. The choice is using water element, Life element, or Death element. Earth element with magic damage is good also but the trouble is earth element monster cost high mana for the magic attack monster.
So i am arranged like in the table below for this battle

Summoner+1 Speed and ArmorI am using this monster because i want to outcome the opponent from behind with the sneak monster and with additional speed from Kelya that will be good to make sure finishing first the opponent monster.
TankerNoneI am using this monster because this monster have small manacap that need just 3 manacap and have good armor and HP so basically this monster is the highest HP in the equalizer ruleset. With additional 4 Armor in the first battle it will make total 9 defense for ranged and melee damage.
AttackerReach & Reflection ShieldI am using this monster because this monster have Reach ability that can make this monster in second position and still can doing the attack and this monster have good melee damage for the low Manacap monster.Also this monster have pretty good speed too.And pretty sure that the opponent using thorns ability monster or blast monster this monster did not taken damage at all.
FillerDodgeI am using this monster because this monster can be good as filler if the opponent using snipe this monster have chance to dodge the attack and if two of my monster die this monster can be good as tank with dodge ability that make this monster have higher chance to dodge the opponent melee and ranged damage.
SupportTriageI am using this monster to stand by if the opponent using sam strategy with mine and attacking from behind. this monster can heal the second position until six position. So this monster can still support the backliner if the opponent using sneak monster.
Back AttackerSneak & PoisonI am using this monster because this monster have pretty good ability that is poison ability that can make the opponent have additional 2 damage from poison. And this monster damage from behind with sneak ability.
Back attackerSneak & FlyingI am using this monster because this monster have pretty good status to be a back attacker and back tanker with flying ability this monster have higher chance to dodge the attack and with high speed this monster can make sure to attack first and have higher chance to dodge the attack too.

So this is my Strategy for the Equalizer ruleset. can this strategy work?
lets see in the battlephase



Screenshot (1992).png

So this battle i am encountered with Death element with the level of the opponent is maximum level 2 rare summoners. the opponent is below my level is pretty higher. So my chance of winning is bigger than the opponent but as you know in this game sometimes the RNG can be fucked up especially if meet up with bot. and i am pretty sure that the DEV LOVES BOTS SO MUCH.

so without further a do lets go to the round 1

Round 1

As usual in the first round both parties got buff and debuff from both summoners and monsters.In this battle my team got speed and armor buffed by my Summoner and got health debuff and magic attack debuffed by opponent summoner. After that in this first round my Chaos agent did not dodge any attack from the opponent so that make my Chaos Agent fainted. thats make i am pretty sure that the opponent is bot because the bot will rarely miss the attack and maybe just one miss from every thousand attack. yes in this first round my battle position in lose condition.very bad RNG for me but yeah i know because BOT will never lose the RNG

Round 2

In Round 2 i can beat opponent Soul Stranger one of the highest damage from the opponent.after that my Cruel Sethropod can beat opponent Chaos Agent too in this round too. That pretty good signs. Thankfully i bringing Angelic Mandarin that can be as a sniper tanker with healing from Triage Ability.

Round 3

In round 3 both team cannot killing any monster but the most damage is from my team. the opponent team just depends on Life sapper and in my team depends on Uraeus and Pelacor bandit. Hopefully i can reach Life Sapper before my Angelic Mandarin fainted.

Round 4

In round 4 Tide bitter can defeated Venari Marksrat and give martyr effect to opponent Life Sapper that make Life Sapper more stronger than before.And in this round too Uraeus can beat the Weirding Warrior. And believe me if you are facing bot you effect like poison,stun,or some ability that have chance it will not out until the opponent die then the effect will come out like my Uraeus always comes out the poison effect when the opponent die. I dont know how become like that but yeah that the cheating of using BOT but yeah dev seems do not want to hear and see. Imagine if the opponent have level as mine i will be the lose one because of the RNG takes side to bot instead of player user. And i am asking on team support but seems team support did not want to investigate after all. Still all the devs support the bot system.

Round 5

In round 5 the battle is starting to look that i can win this battle even the RNG is very very shit for human player or me at least. Fortunately that i have higher level than the opponent. But, in this round still my team cannot beat up the opponent just give some damage to both Life Sapper and Ravenhood Warden and still the battle continue in round 6

Round 6

In round 6 finally Angelic Mandarin can beat Ravenhood Warden.that will be remain Life Sapper. so i need to kill the Life Sapper before 5 attacks from Life Sapper because in 5 attack that will be Uraeus in front and that will make me lose this time. But,after i am calculate the attack i will not lose in this battle. Maybe if the level same as mine i will lose this one.

Round 7 (Final Round)

Finally in round 8 i can beat up the Life Sapper. this monster is thought too.but my team can handle it so i can win this battle this time.

If you want to look it in video you can watch in there and dont forget to subscribe like and share the video

or if this video cannot be played you can watch in game battle in link bellow

Small mana monster in Equalizer ruleset battle



Okay after i experienced this battle of course i can say that level is very take effect to the battle. Different level on summoner can make different level to the monster that can be bring into battle too and different level monster can make very different outcome. in this battle for the case if the opponent have same level as mine. I am pretty sure i lose this battle. But if the RNG still fair i think i can still win this battle. But,overall botting will have super advantage in RNG of the battle for example like this battle 1 speed different can make my monster miss the attack meanwhile 2 until 3 speed different cannot make opponent miss the attack. look at round 1 no one attack from the opponent miss the attack to my Chaos Agent even my Chaos Agent have dodge ability. yet,bot can still hit that. it nonsense if you want to fair and square battle. this is just one example battle that i get almost 70% of 100 battle everyday. imagine how cheat the BOT are and yet the dev still doing nothing but pro to bot i guess. That make my investment buying cards is very useless. Please dev listen to the loyal player that invest in this game to have fun and play in fair and square. Or, you can ignore this and this game become idle and no player join anymore. think about that.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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