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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing?
In this content i want to share about how bad algorithm in Splinterlands. at least i am experienced it not only once or twice but in last one year. it is not have any change. I dont know this is my bad luck as human or really bad algorithm like get arranged by A.I or something like that. Why i can say that because not only when i am using my main account but in my Scholarship account is same like that. It worsed if i meet up with bot. I know some player that using bot and i remember the name. some of them using same name just change the number. And i don't know why developer still holding bot practice in this game. and what's worse i am as real human player feels like be bullied by RNG of bot player. Not only the game even the prize from daily or season chest feels like that.
Before i am researching about the prize in this content i want to share what i experienced with the element algorithm.
I want to tell you that what i have owned in my main account IGN : Arveno that you can see what i am owned. i only developing Earth, Water, and Death element. In battle it should fair and square at least got 50% chance that this 3 element show up and off right??

In my last daily farming i collect the data that the element that showing up is very2 strange it feels like be arranged that what you dont have that element will showing up,almost always showing up. I daring to collect this data because when i am playing around 4-5 account scholar and 2 main account i am memorized what i have and what i dont have. but what make me mad is almost every battle the element showing up what i am not have.

Screenshot (864).png

Okay in this day (yesterday on Apr,25) i have 41 energy and i want to spend it until remain 15 energy. Let's start the battle and look up the element algorithm.

Battle 1

Screenshot (863).png

And here we go. as i told before i just have 3 element developing in my battle deck that is Earth,water,and death element. Yep,like this this condition is often show up. and guess what i am pretty sure the algorithm showing up 2 of the element Fire and Dragon because i am not having any card or summoner of this two element. It will show Fire only or Dragon only but these element always showing up and super rare i feels in yesterday farming got these 2 element showing off.
Because i dont have the summoner and i am farming in Gold league i am just surrendered this battle.

Battle 2

Screenshot (865).png

Okay this one these 2 element that i am not have the card showing off. Or maybe just my imagination that the algorithm is bad. But, this time the ruleset is just f**k too scatter but almost when i am playing my monster attacking taunt monster. But,the opponent often attacking my keys monster. Even i have 60-80% win chance by splintertools info. maybe about RNG Scattershot i will share in the next content. this time i am just share the Algorithm about the element.
In this battle you can see in this Scattered RNG or Opportunity RNG i know that the magic damage will win this battle but look at the RNG of the target each monster attack almost all the magic attack targeting the lowest monster HP. Just my imagination or?? i dont know yet it is just one battle can be coincidence.

Battle 3

Screenshot (866).png

Okay this time Dragon showing up. And Fire element that cannot be used. in 3 battle still i am feel this fair. lets move to the next battle. Maybe some of the battle i will share tha highlight and the bad algorithm of the battle.

Battle 4

Screenshot (867).png

Okay in 4 battle these Fire and Dragon element showing up. Okay still fair and square until now. 4 battle and 50% chance right.

Battle 5

Screenshot (868).png

the fifth battle. ahhh,maybe still the coincedence that Fire and Dragon still showing up. but it is okay,water and earth element that i am fully developed still active.

Battle 6

Screenshot (869).png

Here the sixth battle still the 2 element showing up. but this time all element active. compared to the battle until right now these element still just 1 times that inactive. maybe it still coincedence

Battle 7

Screenshot (870).png

In battle 7th still Fire and Dragon element active so from the first battle until now it is still just once battle that these 2 inactive. maybe it is still coincidence.

Battle 8

Screenshot (871).png

Okay this time even worse, these 2 element that i dont owned the summoner card active and the rest inactive. this is twice. So from this time i think that is weird and something fishy. But, just positive thinking that is still coincedence.

Battle 9

Screenshot (872).png

Okay this time i will back thinking that this is coincedence because around 20% these two element inactive. but really if you have 3 element still just 20% of you dont have the owned card will inactive? i think it is not fair right? and yeah i share this battle look out of this phase did not work?? look this battle even i have phase ability and have 4 speed different the enemy just get one missed attack the rest still can hit. And i guess the opponent is bot. Coincedence or not? or the RNG got arranged? or else i dont know yet. maybe in the next content i will research for this RNG and will share to you guys.

Battle 10

Screenshot (873).png

Okay next to battle 10th and guess what Fire and Dragon element come back active again. it will always like that or go different?
From this battle i starting suspicious that the Algorithm is bad for my opinion.

Battle 11

Screenshot (874).png

This time Fire inactive but still one of these still active if you think that i am over thinking check from the first battle until now, how the percentage of the fire alone or dragon alone compared to water, earth,and death element active. Fire combined Dragon element is still high percentage active than personal element that i owned. thats very strange for me.

Battle 12

Screenshot (875).png

Okay this time is the 3rd time that fire and dragon inactive that will be around 30% that Fire and Dragon element inactive. need some to be around 40-50%. that will be fair. maybe if this percentage is like this just for one day it is okay. but if it happens almost everyday. that will be very sucks.

Battle 13

Screenshot (876).png

Okay this time back dragon element active again thankfully i have 3 element that i developed so chance to do in battle still high. but yeah still it should low percentage that fire and dragon element 2 element that i dont have the summoner got active right.

Battle 14

Screenshot (877).png

okay this is the fourth time that fire and dragon inactive. so the calculate should be 28,5% that the battle can be called fair.

Battle 15

Screenshot (878).png

Okay come back again that this time Dragon element active again. feels fair but seems unfair too from my experienced. Okay this battle i want to share too about Blind ability. it is very effective or not. If the blind abilities is stacked with the speed how about this battle sometimes the blind abilities is very very effective almost get 50% of the battle will be missed but for my case if i am using the blind in scholarship account that will be rare effective.maybe about 80% ineffective. and for this battle even i won but seems the blind abilities is effective but not supper effective this time.blind effective?

Battle 16

Screenshot (879).png

Come back again still Dragon active fire inactive compared to every water,earth and death element combined still the dragon and fire element chance active is higher. and my opinion still the RNG algorithm is still suck. and ohh..remember the battle 9 that the 4 different speed did not get dodge the attack?
how about this 2 different speed get the miss attack 2 speed diff can miss i know that this battle is i am lost due the different summoner but, what i want to tell is 2 speed different can missing the attack but 4 speed different just 1 dodge attack? fair? i dont think so

Battle 17

Screenshot (880).png

Come on, still dragon element active again. even the fire element inactive but back again these two element that i dont have in my mind still active it is been like the Algorithm push me to have all the element. Am i right? or i am just too sensitive?

Battle 18

Screenshot (881).png

Finally, this is the 4th times from total 18 battle so that will be 22,22% chance that these two element inactive that means almost 70+ that between these 2 element always active.

Battle 19

Screenshot (882).png

Okay the inactive still continue this time so it will be 5th for every 19 battle. and what i mean in this content not just the fire and dragon element. but the weak on your deck or you have not owned the summoner or cards will often active than you developed deck. and by the way i am just know that level is very take effect. Check this battle Level is take effect even the speed same but the level is very effect the higher level it will attacking first.

Battle 20

Screenshot (883).png

Come back again Fire and Dragon element come back active this time, so based from the last that will be 5 battle that inactive for every 20 battle that will be 20% chance that Fire and Dragon element inactive. that so small percentage right.

Battle 21

Screenshot (884).png

Back again in 21th battle still Fire and Dragon active again. From this experienced i can say that very strange algorithm.

Battle 22

Screenshot (885).png

Okay this time Dragon element inactive maybe after 22 battle this time that just dragon element inactive but fire element active. So what do you think? just 3 element that i have developed gotta be played active and inactive and these 2 element almost active in every battle? When we say about probability theori that will imposibble right

Battle 23

Screenshot (886).png

Yep Dragon Element come back active. ahh i forgot to mention before my Dragon card is very little and i am not developing any dragon card except the last dragon element reward card. Coincidence that dragon element almost showing up in every battle with the weakest deck in this account? or maybe i need to gathered the all information for 4 other account to make this really strange algorithm?

Battle 24

Screenshot (888).png

Come back again Fire and Dragon element come back active. yep i am start thinking that this algorithm is very very bullshit.and you know what i am starting thinking that developer still pro to bot user than human player user. maybe in the next content after i am collected the data i will share how bot can overcome the human player in every battle.

Battle 25

Screenshot (889).png

Dragon still active? thats very amazing. imagine if i am rented just 2 or element to saving the expenses to get good loot and can cut expenses but get bullied by the algorithm. that sure will make me mad. and maybe i wont play this game anymore. ohhh,and by the way in this situation i want to share about the strange of the botting.The affliction ability and the different speed 4 speed different that must be 40% chance to dodge the attack right. and the abilities is 50% chance right. this is the advantage using bot awesome bot imagine if the Goblin Psychic did not afflict my Djinn Oshannus i will win this battle. absolutely. even if the affliction out after the third attack i will win this fight. but the speed different from Goblin Psychic and Djinn Oshannus just 20% will dodge the target is 40% dodge the attack and affliction is 50% chance that suck got out in first time. but i am pretty sure if the condition got switch. i am pretty sure that my affliction will not come out in the first attack. that is the privilledge of using bot all the time. how can be i am sure that is bot check every battle same time interlude different.

Screenshot (890).png

Screenshot (891).png

Imagine if the bot got back up from the RNG and can win until 65% battle that will be make the player that consume of the energy,time,fun lost to bot that exploiting the fun for the player (both if win from bot i dont happy,if i lose from bot it will make even worse) exploiting the rewards too,imagine the soulbound card get more bcx than the human player 65% winning rate compared to player that owned card that will just 50% winning rate. it just need 8 months that bot will win every battle to human player even the bot not rent any cards just using reward soulbound card. ahh once that hurts so much. bot is like not appreciate the player that dedicated to this game based from love and buying and collecting one by one the nft that just lost to bot. very very disrespectful. sorry to say.



Okay this content is not just complaining but i want to share to you guys because i am loving this game so much i am playing this game since septermber 2021 that almost 2 years i am playing this game. and i am intense playing this game since februari 2022 that i have scholarship account from Nifty arcade guild and right now i have 2 scholarship account from Balthazar guild and Playdough guild. But, what i am facing the problem almost same what the account element weak almost that weak element showing up active. that is very bad algorithm for my opinion thats not fair. what the purpose algorithm like that? to buy the nft? when i have the NFT it will same the RNG make it worse if encountered with bot account. that need to be fixed. I hope developer read this content and can give some solution.
And based for the data collection the fire element is 14 battle from 25 battle that active, water element is better that 15 battle from 25 battle, Earth element is 15 battle for 25 battle,life very worse just 11 battle from 25 battle, death element is 13 battle from 25 battles and the last that i am weak is dragon element 18 battle from 25 battle active. But,because i am loving this game i am hoping this is just coincedence still positive thinking. thats not all my fault that i am thinking that developer feels like pro bot than human player. i am thinking like that based from what i am experienced the battle the rewards,until the algorithm of element. But,yeah i am still addicted to playing this game and still planning buy and investing on this Splinterland NFT. last words, please dev,just monopolize the bot.and make it 30-40% win rate. so if the player need using bot just pay ot dev and you can burn the token instead using the third party and like the corrupted like that.monopolize still better than look corrupt. just suggestion no offence.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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