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what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle out of the Spirit Hoarder theme for the battle challenge but i am sharing of one of my great battle with Swamp Spitter.sorry if my write is not good but hoping you can enjoy some of my content.
So, in this battle the new soulbound card Swamp Spitter save my battle with Repair abilities.


okay as usual before we entering the battle phase it is good to know Swamp Spitter cards first

Screenshot (1651).png

Here Swamp Spitter new soulbound cards from reward card new edition. For level 1 until level 5 it just have Repair ability that very good for combined with Kelya because Kelya adding one Armor. The weakness of this monster is too much using Mana and Speed is average and have the chance that tank in line up defeated first before this monster activated repair ability.
But, if you bring in the right ruleset and right manacap and bring some monster that have much armor this monster is very usefull and make the lineup safe with repair ability.
Let's look in the strategy phase what strategy i made and what the reason behind.


Strategy Phase


Screenshot (1653).png

So in this battle the ruleset is Weak Magic that means magic attack will hit armor first before reducing health and Lost Legendaries that means Legendary monster may not be used in battle. Then the manacap is above average with 41 Manacap and the only element that we cannot used is just Dragon Element. So for farming in Gold league usually i am using either Earth element with Obsidian magic army or Kelya Melee army but because ruleset Weak Magic i am prefer using Water element with Kelya and playing melee damage and speed.

Here my strategy you can read it in the table below

Kelya Frendul.jpgSummoner+1 Armor & SpeedWhen farming in gold league Modern Fromat usually i am using either Obsidian or Kelya Frendul as summoner because 2 element is have very strong monster and have big chance to win and supported with the ruleset Weak Magic so the best option is Monster that have great speed and high damage such as Diemonshark is the right option so i choosing Kelya as Summoner
Diemonshark.jpgTankerTrample & EnrageI am using this monster because this monster have basic armor 6 which is very high amount for Weak Magic ruleset so it will be total like have 14 HP as a tanker it is very good especially this monster have high speed and high melee damage
Flying Squid_gold.jpgSecond TankerReachI am using this monster as a backup tanker if Diemonshark fainted this monster can be a good tanker with high HP and with reach ability this monster can attacking too even placed in second position line up.
Demented Shark.pngThird tanker supportInspireI am using this monster as a support to stand by if opponent bring Disinterigator as debuff support so my Melee damage back to the original attack and if the opponent does not bring Disinterigator the inspire abilities can buff my Melee monster to make big impact damage to the opponent.
Deeplurker_gold.jpgMain AttackerOpportunityI am using this monster because this monster have tremendous attack that can bring harmfull damage to the opponent and because Opportunity ability this monster can definitely killing one by one monster that the lowest HP in the opponent battlefield
Swamp Spitter.jpgSupport attackerRepairI am using this monster to support the broken armor for my tanker like Diemonshark and Flying Squid and this monster have 2 range attack so it will be helpfull to repairing armor. And supported by Ruleset all damage direct to armor first even the magic attack due to Weak Magic ruleset
Pelacor Bandit_gold.jpgBack attackerFlying & SneakI am using this monster to filling my line up and with high speed chance to get miss is so high especially this monster have flying abilities that adding chance to get miss and super rare people bringing sneak magic attack monster and usually sneak monster is melee and this monster have super advantage with high speed and this monster with inspire support have great melee damage too

After looking my strategy how the battle ends?
Lets discuss it in Battlephase aye



Screenshot (1656).png

in this battle i meet up with Possibilus the Wise in this time farming is so hard. Many rent player and bot using Legend cards and likely complete the cards meanwhile i am waiting from rewards to buy some NFT cards.So,hopefully this content can be high curated so it can helping me adding some cards to my deck.

Round 1


So in round 1 there is 21 movement that you can see in GIF Photo above First as usually all monster got buff and debuff from both summoners and monsters.After that the first attacker is my monster because the speed buff from Kelya and in round 1 likely both monster cracking armor but my Pelacor Bandit was fainted first with the attack from opponent Pelacor Bandit and Deeplurker meanwhile from my team it is just cracking armor and give minimum damage to opponent Diemonshark, but my Diemonshark not lose armor yet.

Round 2


Round 2 begin with opponent Diemonshark attacking my Diemonshark but with Armor it no harm this attack and my Diemonshark combined with Deeplurker attack can kill opponent Diemonshark. after that opponent Deeplurker and Pelacor Bandit give some damage to my Swamp Spitter and Venari wavesmith and Angelic Mandarin give damage to my Diemonshark. And here the beginning of the difference with repair armor to my Diemonshark it will reducing accumulate damage from the opponent and in other side my monster still can damage the opponent direct after the armor gone. lets see the different in round 3

Round 3


In round 3 with Enrage abilities from my Diemonshark this monster can kill enemy Coastal Sentry and cracking opponent Deeplurker armor but Diemonshark cannot dodge the magic attack from opponent Venari Wavesmith so it fainted too.After opponent Deepluker goes to front opponent cannot target my Swamp Spitter just Pelacor Bandit that targeting my Swamp Spitter and my Flying Squid take over the tank position and Swamp Spitter repair itself.with this line up it looking like locked the attack until Venari Wavesmith fainted it will changed everything.

Round 4


In round 4 the different is made meanwhile my second tank Flying Squid still got so many HP the opponent army goes to eroded little by little and in this round leaving Pelacor Bandit and Angelic Mandarin if the Pelacor Bandit fainted the opponent is so done because Angelic Mandarin cannot attack again. Range with no Close range abilities cannot attack in frontline

Round 5 & 6 (The Final Round)


In round 5 and 6 as you can see in GIF picture above when Pelacor Bandit fainted it will be the end of the opponent.

If you want to look the video you can just klik and watch link below :

if the video cannot be played...thats so sad...but don't worry you can watch in game battle link here :

Ninja Turtle



So in my opinion Swamp Spitter is easy to use and likely used in various battle because this monster helping repair the broken armor for the tanker and this monster can combined too with Magic Tanker like Djinn Oshannus and with bringing monster that can heal it will be the looping chain for your deck in the battlefield sothe tanker will also have Armor and healed in the end. And with the looping like that the longer the battle the opponent may died first because the other of our army attacking the opponent.But, the strategy like that is hardly to found and arrange. You need to calculate and guessing what the opponent bring so you are not bring the wrong monster in the battlefield with one mistake can broken the looping. that's why trying make looping situation like that is sometimes difficult. For me, Swamp Spitter is very usefull. if you are not have this card relax just farming and hopefully in no time you will get this monster too.


In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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