Underatted Goblin Tower save the battle

what's up Splinter Player around the world how are you doing? I am sharing my battle out of the Dragon theme for the battle challenge but i am sharing of one of my great battle with Goblin Tower.sorry if my write is not good but hoping you can enjoy some of my content.
So, in this battle the underatted Goblin Tower save my battle with blast abilities.

Okay as usual before entering battlephase and break down hows the battle going it's good to know Goblin Tower card first right.

This monster is very underatted but somehow in some battle this monster is so powerfull. This monster have some weakness that is the speed is very very slow from level 1 until max level this monster speed is locked in 1 speed. in average battle this monster is the last monster that can attack. but somehow in Reverse speed ruleset this monster is powerfull. What makes this card powerfull is the abilities from level 1 that is Blast abilities that can splashing damage to adjacent of the opponent. And starting level 3 this monster have 3 ranged attack which is very high damage. So how to maximalized the Goblin Tower in the battlefield. Lets break down in the Strategy Phase i made in this battle.

Strategy Phase

This battle is somehow tricky because the manacap is unlimited 99 so it can bring some high mana monster. and the element can be used is Fire,Earth and Life element. But, what makes super tricky is Target Practice that means all ranged and magic monster have snipe abilities then Heavy Hitters that means All monster have knock out abilities and the last one is Reverse Speed that means Monster with the lowest speed will attack first and gain the highest chance to evading attacks. And the key of my arrangement is Blast abilities.

Here my strategy you can read it in the table below

ObsidianSummoner+1 Magic DamageI am using this summoner because i am just have Obsidian summoner that level 4 and the others element i dont have good summoners so the chance i got win is just with Obsidian
Mycelic InfantryTankerShieldI am using this monster because in Reverse Speed Ruleset Mycelic Infantry is very good tanker the weakness is just with magic attack but overall this tanker be one of the faster and have high damage tanker.
Magi of ChaosAttackerNoneI am using this monster because this is the lowest magic monster with high HP and have great magic damage for low level.
Queen MyceliaSupport BuffProtect & AmplifyI am using this monster just in case if the opponent using ranged attack at least the protect abilities can buy some time.
Goblin PsychicSupport healTank Heal & AfflictionI am using this monster because this monster have 1 speed and have high magic damage too and Tank Heal abilities can be usefull this time
Goblin TowerAttackerBlastI am using this monster because just in case if the magic monster did not work this time i can switch the attacker will be the ranged attack and give high damage and give blast effect damage to adjacent.
Mycelic SlipspawnTaunt TankerTaunt & Force FieldI am using this monster as a taunt and as a tanker so this monster will hit first and hoping this monster can buy time so others monster can take down the opponent one by one before this monster died.

After looking my strategy how the battle ends?
Lets discuss it in Battlephase aye


This battle i meet Obsidian summoner same with me but the different is just the level of summoner and this can be make a different level monster if we using the same monster.

Round 1

The opponent using different monster in this battle the enemy using Legendary monster Kron and Runemancer Florre that will make different outcome because the HP and the skill set is better than mine. I want that card but it way to expensive to buy it. As usual in first round all monster got buff and debuff from both summoners and monsters. After that because the Reverse Speed Ruleset my Mycelic Infantry attack first and give some damage to Grund after that Goblin Tower attacking opponent Mycelic Slipspawn and giving blast damage to adjacent Grund and Kron. This blast abilities help a lot to reducing Grund HP. After that both Goblin Psychic attacking both Mycelic Slipspawn. The different here is the opponent using Suidae Shaman that holding 1 turn to recharge the damage to blow it so in round 1 that clearly different the outcome damage. Before the enemy Mycelic spawn fainted this monster can give damage to my Mycelic Slipspawn because the level of opponent is level 1 and have 1 different speed lower so it will make opponent attack first than my Mycelic Slipspawn.But, Magi of Chaos can finishing off opponent Mycelic Slipspawn. And then,Kron healing themself and attacking Mycelic Slipspawn Following Grund attacking Mycelic Infantry twice and my Mycelic Slipspawn can gives damage to Kron before fainted by Runemancer Florre.

Round 2

Round 2 started with Mycelic Infantry attacking Grund after that Goblin tower attacking Kron because the Target Practice ruleset that making all Range and Magic Monster attacking Range or magic monster first than attacking Frontline melee. and the blast abilities very helpfull this time that make Grund leaving 1 HP and Suidae Shaman leaving 5 HP. after that opponent Goblin Psychic healing Grund and attacking Magi Of Chaos, after that my Goblin Psychic hit Kron and following by Queen Mycelia finishing Kron. After that Suidae Shaman release recharging damage and finishing Magi of Chaos. Then Grund attacking Mycelic Infantry and then Runemancer Florre give damage to Queen Mycelia.

Round 3

Round 3 started with Mycelic Infantry can killing Grund finally. following Goblin Tower attacking Runemancer Florre that give blast damage to all monster then.After that opponent Goblin Psychic killed my Queen of Mycelia and healing Suidae Shaman. Then Goblin Psychic take turn healing Mycelic Infantry and hit Runemancer Florre,but Runemancer Fiore having High HP so that will take time to killing this legendary monster. And in this round Runemancer Florre killed my Goblin Psychic. So in round 3 my monster outnumbered by the opponent monster.

Round 4 & 5

This is finishing round in Round 4 Mycelic Infantry give damage to Suidae Shaman but cannot killing it and after that following attack that can table turn the battle in the end of turn Goblin Tower saving this battle and locking winner by killing 2 monster at the same time with Blast abilities. After damage the Runemancer Florre blast abilties splash and give Suidae Shaman and Goblin Psychic each 2 damage and killed it. that makes Runemancer Florre is the last monster standing now and just have 3 magic damage each round and my monster can gives total 7 damage each round and cannot miss this time because my monster is the highest speed in this Reverse Speed Ruleset.
And round 5 finally Mycelic Infantry can finishing off Runemancer Florre and win this battle.

If you want to look the video you can just klik and watch link below :

if the video cannot be played...thats so sad...but don't worry you can watch in game battle link here :

Goblin Tower blast


So from my opinion Goblin Tower is sometimes usefull and sometimes useless. For example in this battle Goblin Tower have the important role that can give many contribution with blast damage and high damage even the level is still level 4. the high level give high range damage too. With speed just 1 in Reverse Speed Ruleset it will make Goblin Tower is the one of the fastest and have the high damage. But, if using it on reguler ruleset this monster seems useless because with that speed it have high chance to miss the attack because it will be the slowest monster in the battlefield.So, yeah for me it will depends on the ruleset.

In the end I am very thankfull for the reader that read my content hope you all enjoying this content, don't forget to upvote and leave comments. If you are interested in starting this game and don't have an account yet, you can use my referrals:

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