Splinterlands Battle | Blast Day with Zaku.

Splinterlands Battle | Blast Day with Zaku.

Welcome to my blog where I'll share my winning battle of Yodin Zaku summons the team.

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Yodin Zaku (Legendary Fire Summoner)

This is the legendary summoner that I wished to get so much from the airdrop and I even invested in some booster packs to get my hands on this fantastic summoner. I remember publishing around 2-3 posts about me investing in this summoner and I also talked about the feedback about what went wrong and I even thought that I got one from the airdrop and then I understood that I better leave watching that dream of getting a Yodin Zaku from the airdrop. And then I've got some of this legendary summoner from the packs that I bought and opened and I sold some and I kept this one for me to scare away my opponents.

Blust of splinterlands is not a card. It's a special ability of some cards that gives a chance to the card with this ability to do additional damage to monsters adjacent to the target monster. This means when a monster with this ability attacks a monster, the adjacent monster will get extra damage.

A Brief Info About The Battle

The battle mana cap was 19 with the "Standard" rule where I've used the fire splinter where my Yodin Zaku summoned two goodies of the fire and two from the neutral splinter and my Yodin Zaku offered the "Blast" ability to all my monsters which is the thing that I wish to show in this battle.

My Lineup.


I had Cerberus with melee attacks at the 1st position, Furious Chicken as a bait at the 2nd position, Fire Beetle with ranged at the 3rd position and Goblin Chariot with ranged at the last position.

And my opponent had his/her cards as Haunted Spirit with melee attacks at the 1st position, Haunted Spider with ranged attacks at the 2nd position, Skeleton Assassin with a melee attack and the "Sneak" ability at the 3rd position, Creeping Ooze with the "Slow" ability at the 4th position and Centaur with a ranged attack at the last position.

Let me talk about monsters that I used in this battle.

No 01: Cerberus (Rare Fire Monster)

Cerberus is the three-headed beast which is a great melee attacker in fire splinter and which I'm using from the very beginning of my splinterlands journey whenever I play a battle with fire splinter.

I used my Cerberus in level 1 with 2 melee attacks, 3 speed & 5 health with "Heal" ability and it needs 4 mana to battle.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 02: Furious Chicken (Rare Neutral Monster)

This is the card that I use when there's a slot left but no mana left. I mean its service is great for free I suppose. Right now... I can't imagine playing a match without this card.
It's like the chicken that lays the golden egg. It provides great support with its counterattack. With 0 mana... it's just amazing.

My Furious Chicken is in level 1 with 1 speed, 1 health and It needs 0 mana to play.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 03: FIRE BEETLE (COMMON Fire Monster)

This is probably the most used fire monster in my collection along with other helpful monsters.
It's a very powerful beetle with fire on it that has a nice ability which is "Snipe" from level 1 and it's a very helpful monster for little league battles.

I used my Fire Beetle in level 1 with 1 ranged attack, 2 speed & 4 health with "Snipe" ability, and it needs 3 mana to play.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

No 04: Goblin Chariot (RARE Neutral Monster)

While many Gobson inventions are far from perfect, the Goblins there have truly mastered the wheel and the gear. Chariots are an easy way for a single Goblin to pull at least six others into battle. They can also be pulled by goats and other beasts, but Goblins have always preferred using Goblin Power when they can.

I used my Goblin Chariot in level 1 with 2 ranged attacks, 3 speed & 3 health and it needs 5 mana to battle.

Go on check out this card from Splinterlands Market if you wish to.

On the battlefield.

For a better experience, you may watch the battle direct from the splinterlands official website from the link below.

Link to the battle.


For the special buff of my summoner Yodin Zaku, 2 of my (ranged) monsters got +1 ranged attack each, all my monsters got +1 health each and the "Blast" ability. And for the special buff of my opponent's summoner, my Cerberus lost a melee attack (it was good that I didn't use a lot of melee monsters). Then for the special "Slow" ability of my opponent's Creeping Ooze, 3 of my monsters lost 1 speed each although that was temporary until my monsters knocked out the Creeping Ooze.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1).gif

Then... for being the most speed holder, my opponent's Skeleton Assassin started the battle with its first attack on my Goblin Chariot and killed 1 health with the starting shot. Then the opponent's Centaur attacked and killed 1 health of my chicken. And then my monsters started attacking and my Goblin Chariot attacked first on behalf of my team and killed 3 health of the opponent's Haunted Spirit with ranged attack and blasted away the opponent's Haunted Spider and the opponent monster had to leave the battlefield before even have an opportunity to attack someone. Then after healing 2 health, the opponent's Haunted Spirit attacked and killed 2 health of my Cerberus. Right after that, my Cerberus healed 2 health of itself and attacked and killed 1 health of the opponent's Haunted Spirit although the real damage could be double but as my Cerberus lost 1 attack because of the opponent's summoner, the attack was less affected. But not only did the opponent's Haunted Spirit lose 1 health because of the attack of my Cerberus but also the opponent's Skeleton Assassin lost 1 health because of the "Blast" ability that my Cerberus got from my summoner Zaku. Then my Fire Beetle threw its ranged attack towards the opponent's Creeping Ooze while it had only 1 health, so the Creeping Ooze had to leave the battlefield for that attack but it was not the only loss of my opponent. As the Creeping Ooze was at the 3rd position of my opponent's lineup, there were 2 adjacent opponent monsters who were about to get hit for the "Blast" of my Fire Beetle. So, the opponent's Skeleton Assassin also had to leave the battlefield and it left the battlefield before the Creeping Ooze and then, at last, the opponent's Centaur lost 1 health as well which we may say, "getting 3 birds through 1 shot". After the opponent's Creeping Ooze left the battlefield, 3 of my monsters got back the lost speed that they lost because of the "Slow" ability of that Creeping Ooze and now the opponent had only 2 monsters left out of 5 although no one died from my lineup yet.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif

There came the beginning of a new round which was started by my Goblin Chariot and my Goblins threw their big ranged attack towards the opponent's Haunted Spirit and killed 3 health with 1 shot and the opponent's Centaur lost 2 health as well for the "Blast" ability of my Goblin Chariot that my goblins got for the special buff of my Yodin Zaku. Then the opponent's Centaur threw its ranged attack towards my Furious Chicken and grilled the chicken. Then my Cerberus attacked and killed 1 health of my opponent's Haunted Spirit out of 2 health and the opponent's Centaur had to leave the battlefield after losing the only health because of the "Blast" ability of my Cerberus. At this moment, I thought the opponent's only monster Haunted Spirit would take a turn and heal itself but it didn't get the chance as my Fire Beetle at that moment attacked and killed the last opponent monster for good.

The battle finished in round 2 while my team had 3 monsters alive. All my monsters did great on the battlefield.

Battle Results


By playing this battle, I won +0.457 Dec and +66 League Rating.

If you're interested in playing the splinterlands game then you should start it.
Here is the link to the official websites which is also my affiliate link.

Photos of the thumbnail and other splinterlands related photos and sentences are properties of splinterlands and the above GIFs were created through EZGif.

** The End **

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

"Stay Home, Stay Safe & Let's Beat Corona".


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