Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! | Crystal healing let me win the game



Welcome hivians to my splinterlands Social media challenge. I Will share my experience in using Venary Crystalsmith in a battle, I think it's lucky for to win the match. Keep reading to find out my lucky match recently.



If you want to watch the battle directly, you may tap the links below.

BATTLE LINKS : Battle Challenge


My Line Up Explanation


There is a saying says that if you want to be lucky you have to examine the choice you make. Therefore before every match you should examine carefully about the rule of the match. In this match we were not allowed to used magic monsters and thorns ability is equipped to both Players monsters. From this ruleset we should use more ranged attacks and no attacks monsters in order to avoid the thorn rules.


  • Leagues = Silver 1
  • Briar Patch = All monsters has the thorns ability
  • lost magic = monster with magic attacks can not be used
  • summoner = All summoners are available except dragon summoner



Due to Briar Patch ruleset making sloan as one of the reasonable choice to use. Melee Will only be a disadvantaged to me if I insist on using them but that's not work on sloan. The thorn ability would not affect ranged monsters as it only gives +2 damage to every melee attacks monster that hits 100% on the target.



it is a wise choice to put a no attack monsters as your main Tanks in this battle so, I choose pelacor conjurer as it won't be affected by thorn ability. The stats it's own is not that bad where it has flying ability to counter ranged attack and also magic reflect ability that hopefully could give me some advantage. Eventhough it only cost 2 mana to summon but the benefits it present is more than the initial cost. That's why I usually use this card on low mana cap.



Chaos agent is fit to use as the filled in low mana battle since it only cost single mana but has Dodge ability that Will come in handy in most situations when taking melee attacks as well as ranged attacks. Another reason that I use this card is because it can't be die in vain due to receiving thorn damage, it Will happen if use Gargoya Scrappers instead



To be honest I rarely use portal spinner in a battle. It only happened on ceritain type of condition such as in this battle where the only safe way to attack is using a ranged attacks while in my deck I only owned few ranged monsters in the garage. So, basically I left with no other choice to use instead of this card but I was totally wrong and underrated this card. It turns out this card plays as a tank from not only snipe attacks but also an opportunity monsters since this cards has 4 health and a Shield it becomes a perfect for a tank/support role.



My strategy to put this card after the portal spinner is to hide it from the snipe attacks since I really need her to support my tank by way of using healing crystal that this card master well. This strategy aims to give more time to my main attackers to get down every opponent's monsters. Whenever the healing ability is activated it means there is a chances that the opponent's monsters Will get affected by thorns ability.



A famous ranged attack monster card that I use in this position aiming dealing most damage in a very safest place because it is covered by pelacor conjurer, portal spinner and the last position filled by the queen of ranged attacks (prismologist). The card's ability double strike is great tools to Bury opponent's tank. It is also supported by general sloan by adding additional ranged attacks giving it +3 ranged attacks each time Pelacor arbalest decrease a monsters' health.



I put prismologist on the last seat to counter a sneak attack, this card has 2 point' of Shield that Will be useful to block the monsters attack. This monster Will not be easily die because aside from its Shield it also posses 5 point' of health that is quite a lot compare to some sneak attacks monsters attackin power that mostly below 5 point'. Prismologist also serve as a Giant killer due to the blast ability of its Arrow. Not only beautiful this card also indeed strong!!.


Did My Strategy Worked? What will I do Differently?
My rival is not quite lucky as I am. He use kelya as his summoner and bring along a bunch of melee monsters. That was a bad strategy. While I don't suffer any thorn effect, My rival greatly suffers from it, His pelacor, Uraeus and Deeplurker become less sustain in the battlefield. The baakjira he used is a wise choice but the high damage it received could not help it recovers some health from Meerdali Guardian before it got killed by my monsters ranged attacks. Crystalsmith is playing a good part on supporting the pelacor conjurer whenever it got attacked by Angelic Mandarin quickly Venary Crystalsmith Will heal my tank. Agent of chaos and my portal spinner was succesful on differentiate my rival attacks thus my Pelacor arbalest could safely sending each of my rival cards towards the graveyard. I was lucky this time 🥰.


About This Monsters


What I like about this monster :

  • heal tank ability This monster's ability is an important factor in some situations to slowing enemy attacks by way of healing out main tank
  • ** reward card ** because this card belongs to the reward card it means this card is cheap and you could maximize this card according to the current leagues you are in. I personally have maxed this card to silver leagues.

What i don't like about this monster:

  • **low speed **, This cards has low speed, so unless in reverse speed battle this cards is so so


When to use This monsters

I suggest you to use this monster only for this situation:

  • No magic rule only ranged attacks and magic could do attacks from behind so it is a good decision using this card.
  • Equalizer making use of it's healing ability to our advantage on equalizer is also a good point
  • Thorn rule set I showed you already how good this card in this ruleset.


When to Avoid using This Monsters :

I don't recommend you to use this monster for this situation below:

  • Back to Basics, This card Will not be as good as when heal ability enable. This card also has decent ranged attacks which making it less competitive in the current ranged monsters in modern format. But when you have no other choice you are welcome to pick this card
  • healed out there are other good options instead of this card to use when on this rule. This card is good due to its healing ability so when the ability is removed it get a bit tricky to play this card.


Final Words
Thank you for reading my post, i hope you enjoyed this post and could give another view about this monster. Let me know if you got another view about this monster on comment section. In addition for the new players to Splinterlands if you sign up with my referral link and complete the spellbook purchase, I will send you 75 DEC in game which should help you get started by renting some cards and building up your teams




  • Splinterlands for making a masterpiece play2earn game
  • carrieallen for ultimate markdown tutorial
  • Mr. Flauwy for the dividers