Splinterlands Weekly Social Media Challenge! | Gargoya Scrapper as a Tank



We are experiencing the new reward system in the last update, and it is very good system reward because it gives more chance to players that have lot of time to play to maximize their reward. In addition the reward also benefitting the owner of the card more than people that don't buy or rent any card to play. Another good update that everyone like is the reward chance is getting better as you get higher leagues to play at the time you play.


Screenshot (948).png

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If you want to watch the battle directly, you may tap the links below.

BATTLE LINKS : Battle Challenge


My Line Up Explanation


Screenshot (950) - Copy.png

  • Leagues = Gold 3
  • Earthquakes = Every monsters will get damage by 2 point from earthquakes each end of turn, except if the monsters have the flying ability
  • 30 mana = Decent mana in gold leagues
  • summoner = Dragon and earth can't be used


Screenshot (929).png

I used General Sloan as my summoner because it is the only summoner in life splinter that has advance level. Although this card doesn't give any buf to Gargoya Scrapper which is the monsters that we are going to discuss, but this Summoner gives +1 Ranged attack to our archer monsters which luckily has flying ability.


Screenshot (954).png

Usually the main tank of each team is the one that has decent attack and superior health. But in certain circumtances, using an ordinary monsters is actually useful if properly placed in the team's line-up. In this battles I used Gargoya Scrapper to get every damage before it gets into our main tank. In this battle I placed it in the second position. This Monster is also good at getting magic damage because it has void ability


Screenshot (925).png

Chaos knight is my main tank in this battle, albeit it doesn't have a flying ability to avoid damge from the ruleset, This monsters has shield ability to lower the damage taken from earthquake. Aside from that this card also has 3 melee attacks and decent speed that makes it also a damager. He lack of speed but in this battle earth splinter is banned that has many magic monsters that could easily kill Chaos Knight.


Screenshot (956).png

For the third position I choose celestial harpy to fill in the spot. The reason I choose this card because it has flying ability that makes it benefitted from the ruleset. This card is also has opportunity ability and True strike ability that makes this card as deadly as the real harpy told in the history. This card only need 2 mana to summon but also has low stats.


Screenshot (927).png

The fourth monster is time mage. although this card has low health and doesn't have shield or flying ability to help her in this battle but I need this cards' ability rust and slow, To reduce the enemy speed and decrease their shield. This card only last for 2 round due to the earthquake damage. I thought 2 round is enough for my team to deliver devastating attacks.


Screenshot (928).png

The fifth monsters that I used is pelcor arbalest, one of the key monsters in life splinter nowadays. this is the only ranged cards that has double strike in chaos legion so far. I choose this card as my line-up because it has flying ability and double strike, the damage that this card deal will be impactful. I avoid putting this card in the last position because it only has low health, while it has so much value, so I cover him in this position


Screenshot (953).png

The last but not the least is Adelade bright wing, this card comes with four useful ability, the flying ability is good to avoid the earthquake damage. the repair could recover chaos legion shield due to the earthquake. and the resurrection will absolutely activated to gain more defense. This card is place in the last to protect Pelacor arbalest from sneak attack.


Did My Strategy Worked? What will I do Differently?
The strategic that I want to use in the battle works beatifully in this battle. Every ability activated in harmony, the ability helps my monsters thorough the battle. While the enemy doesn't have good ability to support his monsters. it is worsened by lacking of damager and simply my pelacor arbalest destroy the enemy line up 😂 hahaha. Gargoya scrapper also plays big part in the starts of the battle by taking bunch of damage.


About This Monsters

Screenshot (954).png

What I like about this monster :

  • Void ability I often use this card in equalizer ruleset, because life is lack of void monsters that has enough health to be put on the tank position
  • low mana This card will always be put whenever we have 1 mana left, important to fill the blank spot also could be a damage taker from sneak attack

What i don't like about this monster:

  • low health, This cards has low health, but fair enough cause it only need 1 mana to use it


When to use This monsters

I suggest you to use this monster only for this situation:

  • Equalizer, This card could be your anti-magic strategies in this ruleset because this card has void ability
  • need a filler, good as a filler in every position.


When to Avoid using This Monsters :

I don't recommend you to use this monster for this situation below:

  • high mana cap, This card is not suggested to use if you have much mana to spend, simply this card is not good and we have lots of other choice
  • when you need strong tank, Apparently this card is not the best tank in the life splinter, better use chaos knight or blinding reflector instead.


Final Words
Thank you for reading my post, i hope you enjoyed this post and could give another view about this monster. Let me know if you got another view about this monster on comment section. In addition for the new players to Splinterlands if you sign up with my referral link and complete the spellbook purchase, I will send you 75 DEC in game which should help you get started by renting some cards and building up your teams




  • Splinterlands for making a masterpiece play2earn game
  • carrieallen for ultimate markdown tutorial
  • Mr. Flauwy for the dividers


My favorite filler card at the moment


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Have you had a chance to try Gargoya Scrapper with Crystal Werewolf against a Magic team? I've seen it brought up in other challenge posts, so I'm curious if that's something you were able to test.



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