Weekly Battle Challenge : Daria Dragonscale



This week's battle challenge involves Dragons and for my battle I will be using the Epic Dragon Summoner, Daria Dragonscale! Daria Dragonscale is one of my all time favorite summoners because she opens up a wide range of lineups that turn mediocre monsters into absolute beasts.

Daria Dragonscale Highlights


Daria Dragonscale is a Dragon Summoner who gives all friendly monsters a +1 Buff to their Melee Attacks. This buff is amazing in it's own right but what makes her extra special is the fact that she is a Dragon Summoner.

Dragon summoners have the special ability of being able to pair them with ANY other Splinter.

Super Secret Pro-tip

Daria is an EPIC Summoner which gives her a unique advantage in Bronze and Gold leagues for one reason:

You can use RARE cards 1 level HIGHER with Epic Summoners than you can with others!!


The league limits are based off of Summoner levels which is important to note. It is NOT based off of monsters.

If you check out the summoners at each rarity (see below), you will find that at Bronze and Gold Summoner Level Limits, Epic Summoners allow for a higher RARE card to be played.



Let's take the Bronze League as an example. Your Summoner Level limits are 1 for Legendary, 2 for Epic, 2 for Rare, and 3 for Common.

Now let's look at the max MONSTER that can be played with these Summoners.


As you can see, you can actually use a Level 3 Rare monster in Bronze as long as you're using a Level 2 Epic Summoner!

This can be a big difference maker in some battles if the Level 3 version of the Rare monster is significantly better than the Level 2.

Some examples of Level 2 Rare Monsters compared to Level 3 are:

Soul Strangler will gain +1 Ranged Damage
Regal Peryton will gain +1 Magic Damage
Tenyii Striker gains +1 Melee Damage
ime Mage gains +1 Magic Damage

That's significant!

There are many more of these examples, especially in Gold but I'll let you dig into that one!

So when do I use Daria Dragonscale?


  • Daria is so versatile she can be used nearly all the time
  • Unprotected is a good one since you can really beef up Opportunity and Sneak monsters
  • Low mana battles are also a good use since you can turn some "weak" monsters into heavy hitters
  • Rulesets that encourage Melee attacks (Melee mayhem, Up Close & Personal, Super Sneak, Aim True, and Equal Opportunity
  • My favorite is to pair her with the Water Splinter at low/medium mana and go heavy on the Sneak attacks

This Week's Featured Battle


In this week's featured battle, we have Thaddius Brood versus Daria Dragonscale in a ZERO Healing, Odd Cards battle!

Battle Ruleset


image.pngHealed OutAll healing abilities are removed from Monsters and Summoners
image.pngOdd Ones OutOnly Monsters with odd Mana costs may be used in battles
image.png99 ManaThis is considered a high mana battle
image.pngActive SplintersOnly Death and Dragon splinters are available


  • Healed Out
    • Magic Damage is pretty good here since it goes directly to reducing the enemy's health (except for Void Armor)
    • Llama/Kron isn't so scary here
    • High health is important
  • Odd Ones Out
    • Really limits what you can do but also what your opponent can do
    • There are a lot of Odd Sneak Monsters
  • 99 Mana
    • This is a high mana battle so bring out the big ones!

Magic damage can be so good in Healed Out because your opponent cannot Heal but they can still Repair Armor. Unless they have Void Armor, Magic damage can be devastating.

With Odds cards only, you really need to think about what your opponent can do and what you can do as well.

Since we only have the option of Dragon or Death, this really helps narrow down the playing field. While Magic may be preferred, I was afraid of getting nerfed by Thaddius Brood if my opponent chose to do so. I was also worried about Delwynn and a heavy magic lineup.

For that reason, I decided to go heavy in Melee damage with a Void monster as my tank. Death monsters don't typically have much armor so I though it would be a great time for Sneak and Opportunity to take out some of their more vulnerable back line.

The Lineup

PositionCard ImageCard NameNotes
SummonerDaria DragonscaleEpic Dragon summoner that grants a +1 Melee Buff to friendly monsters
Pos 1 (tank)Robo-Dragon KnightExcellent tank due to it's Void and Divine Shield Abilities
Pos 2 (secondary tank/attacker)Carnage TitanGreat secondary tank and attacker with the Double Strike and Reach Ability
Pos 3 (attacker)Silent Sha-viFast Sneak attacker
Pos 4 (attacker)Sand WormAnother Sneak attacker to help take out the backline
Pos 5 (attacker)Dragon JumperAn amazing Opportunity attacker that is fast and hard hitting
Pos 6 (attacker)Lira The DarkAnother very fast Opportunity attacker. I like to pair up Sneak and Opportunity when possible

Let's Battle!

Full Battle Link : https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_c8ff16da4546e76465e4d88219f90fed&ref=atbui89

  • My opponent did go with a decent amount of Magic Damage and even had Void Armor with Repair
  • Since I didn't use Magic, it didn't really matter to me that they used Thaddius Brood
  • I was overall quicker with a lot more damage output

Did it work?

Yes! I was able to quickly overwhelm my opponent with a constant barrage of Melee Damage.


I analyzed the battle with Splintertools and was given a 100% chance of winning the battle. That is always great to see!

Final Thoughts

Daria Dragonscale is an excellent card at every level. She is quite expensive at $23/BCX since she is out of print! However, you may be able to rent her for a decent price. She's definitely worth it to bring a new dimension to your potential line-ups.

Thanks for reading! I hoped you enjoyed it!

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If you decide to use my referral link, I'll happily send you a few cards to help you get started!