Splinterlands Art Contest

Hiiii~ ^^
Here’s my drawing for the Splinterlands Art Contest. This time I chose to draw “Firecaller”. I just loved this card the first time I saw it. He’s cool from his hairstyle to his gesture and skin color. So I thought about how I should give him a new look so I ended up with this sketch. People looking from above give off a cool and scary look and feel.

Since his tied hair doesn't really show from this angle, I thought giving him straight hair like this was a good idea.
Also about coloring; Whenever I want to draw hair I start coloring with the lightest color and then color with darker tones and then use a cutter to scratch the paper - sometimes it’s enough, but other times it’s needed to use a white pencil on the scratched parts.
I also blended the background with a white pencil and used a white pen to create the highlights in his eyes.


Prismacolor and Faber-Castell colored pencils on Steinbach paper
Paper cutter
White pencil



Original Pic