Splinterlands Art Contest


Hiii guys~~~ ^^
Here’s my drawing for the Splinterlands Art Contest. This time I chose to draw “Runemancer Kye”.

After drawing lots of portraits, drawing faces has become much easier. Back then I could only draw faces from the front, but now I can draw them from different angles or add hands or some fingers to my sketches which was totally hard for me back then. Besides drawing hands which was hard for me, drawing dresses or any other objects is also challenging because of their texture and showing the reflection of the lights on them, but this time I tried to overcome this problem by practicing and I’m quite happy with how her wings, necklace, and dress have turned out.

Both sketching and coloring are so important to have a good outcome. Sometimes I like the sketch but I don’t do the coloring part well and sometimes it’s vice versa. This time is one of those times that I’m quite satisfied with both. 😄
As to make it look very realistic I tried my best to add as much as details as I could by focusing on things like drawing hair strands or the highlights on her lips or the shadow of her necklace and blending her skin and also her collarbone (which I often forget to draw or shade well)
One thing I love so much about her is her hair color so much so that I might dye my hair like hers😍😁
Hope you like it ^^

Colors used for the wings:

I love it the most when I have to mix multiple colors~ ^^

Prismacolor and Faber-Castell colored pencils on Steinbach paper



Original Pic