Splinterlands Art Contest

Hiii guys ^^
Here’s my drawing for the Splinterlands Art Contest. This week I decided to draw the portrait of “Drybone Raider”
Drawing the sketch I decided to change her hairstyle and give her a more feminine look so I drew her short black hair.
A little bit about coloring: well it’s my first entry that I’m doing in digital art, so everything was a little bit different. I started drawing facial features like eyes, lips, and ears separately I didn’t have enough confidence to draw a whole face but after drawing an eye which I posted earlier I got a bit more confidence to do a whole face.
When doing traditional art and I’m to color hair, I color the light parts on the first layer so that I can’t scratch the paper with a paper cutter to have light, narrow strings because otherwise it wouldn’t be possible or look natural. But now doing digital art, first I colored it black and then with a sketching brush drew the strings. I might find other better ways later, for now, this is how I’m doing things ^^
In the end, I thought of adding some blood effect on the background to make it look cooler. First, I added some blood stains and then I added some drip of blood. I think this way she looks more like a raider ^^



Original Pic