20 Gladius Cases Opening - LEGENDARIES?! Can I get the last one that I'm missing?

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Ahoy, it is time to open up some Gladius Cases again! It's been quite a while since I have opened any Gladius Cases. That's also why I haven't posted any videos of opening them, since I just didn't open any.

I have 200 Blood Stones that increase the chance to get Legendaries from Gladius Cases, but currently no Power Stones. The Power Stones increase the chance to get Gold Foil Gladiator cards from the Gladius Cases. It does require higher level guild buildings to unlock those, so I don't have any yet.
That's why I didn't really wanna use my Blood Stones and would rather keep them until I have some Power Stones eventually. I looked in the settings but couldn't find any setting to disable using Blood Stones. I asked my guildmates and they didn't find an option either, thinking it's probably not possible. Which makes sense I guess cause in the guild store it does mention that Blood Stones are automatically used.

The main reason I didn't really wanna use them is that I don't wanna buy them with DEC. I would've rather seen the option to purchase them with DEC become an additional option. Have both Merits and DEC available to buy the Blood Stones, rather than the options to buy them with Merits being replaced. I hope that eventually both options will be possible.

The other day it was announced that the Splinterlands team can now make tournaments with Gladiator cards allowed. So I suspect in the future we might see a tournament with these allowed every now and then, like the tournaments with ghost cards.
That was an additional reason for me to open some Gladius Cases now to increase my collection, and for that it would be quite good to use the Blood Stones now anyway. I still need two of every Legendary Gladiator to level them up to level 2. And for the one from Earth I still need to get my very first one as that's the only Legendary Gladiator I don't have yet.

Time to open up these Gladius Cases.

Starting off really strong there seeing a Legendary Gladiator in the first row already! The second row has 2 Epic Gladiators!

Here is a bullet list of all the Gladiator Cards I got in the packs.

Common Gladiators:

  • 5x Krash Wanderford
  • 5x Katrelba Gobson
  • 6x Witch of Warwick
  • 5x Bertrol Gobson
  • 8x Helmet Kharafax
  • 5x Hugo Strongsword
  • 1x GOLD FOIL Isgald Vorst
  • 3x Chimney Wallstop
  • 7x Whistling Damon
  • 9x Alva The Crusher
  • 9x Isgald Vorst

Rare Gladiators:

  • 2x Cutter Brieze
  • 4x Captain Katie
  • 3x Alfredo
  • 1x GOLD FOIL Palidon Rakk
  • 5x Palidon Rakk
  • 2x Relenor Cleaver
  • 2x Orella Abadon
  • 3x Kotriphus Bayne
  • 2x Liza Fox
  • 1x Sarius
  • 5x Ajax Lightfoot

Epic Gladiators:

  • 2x Trapp Falloway
  • 1x Gorth

Legendary Gladiators:

  • 1x Jini Guise
  • 2x Xulax Nightwind
  • 1x Larissa Kerato

Two Gold Foil Gladiators in these packs, that's not too bad. It's not really great either, but it could've been worse. So overall I am definitely happy to get 2 Gold Foil Gladiators. One of them is new and my first one for the Water Splinter. Definitely looking forward to try that one out!
Oohh one of the Epic Cards I turned over actually had 2 copies! So that makes it 3 Epic Cards in these.

The first Legendary that I open up is Jini Guise!! That is the Earth Legendary Gladiator and the ONLY Legendary Gladiator that I didn't have yet!! Now I have all of the Legendary Gladiators!! 😄 Here is a look at the card.

The second Legendary I reveal turns out to be 2 times Xulax Nightwind! That came as quite a surprise that I got two of the same legendary actually. Which is perfect as I'll be able to level this one to level 2 then!

At level 1 the card looks like this

And at level 2 he gets more Melee Attack and the Thorns ability so he looks like this.

The final legendary that I flip over is Larissa Kerato, the Legendary Gladiator for Dragon and the only Dragon element Gladiator that currently exists. She's pretty awesome! At level 1 her card looks like this

I think she definitely pairs well with Delwyn Dragonscale as a Summoner to increase the Magic Damage especially as she has Double Strike. But with her low health she is definitely vulnerable to Magic Reflect, Opportunity and Scattershot. I think she can be quite powerful, but definitely has to be protected well so she can try to trigger Bloodlust.

After I did the opening I go to my Gladiator Cards in my collection and hit the combine all button. Since they are soul bound I always do that to get them to their highest potential level with the cards that I have. Of course it might sometimes be better to keep one slightly lower level for a reverse speed ruleset. So that's everyone's own choice. I just like to get them all combined.

I'll definitely look forward to a potential tournament to try out some of these Gladiators in them.

Did you open Gladius Cases recently and got a really good one out of them?

That's it for this video. Thanks for watching!

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