Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge with Prismologist. Blasting Armor in equal Health

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Ahoy! This time I am once again joined the weekly battle challenge in Splinterlands. Hopefully still in time as I am submitting this once again on the last day of entry.

During this week the featured card is Prismologist, an Epic Monster from the Life Splinter in the Chaos Legion set.

I currently have this card at level 1, almost at level 2 as I just need to get 1 more before I can level it up. At level 1 the card looks like this.

At level 2 her health goes up by 1 and at level 3 her Ranged Attack goes up. So personally level 2 isn't too interesting to me, well it can of course survive an additional attack sometimes. Level 3 does seem the best for when it comes to silver league levels as that extra Ranged Damage could be great. Especially because she has the Blast ability. When paired with General Sloan or Selenia Sky the Blasted damage will also go up when she's at level 3 compared to level 1 or 2.

In the battle that I'm sharing today I used Prismologist in my team with the Byzantine Kitty summoner against my opponent using Mylor Crowling. Here is a picture of our lineups at the start of the battle.


And here is a link to the battle if you'd like to check it out for yourself: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_2c6730ebfb36d40ec70f9c0fa7902c81&ref=athunderstruck

In this battle the Earth, Life, Death and Dragon Splinters were the available choices. It's a 60 Mana cap game with two rulesets.

Equalizer: The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.
Stampede: The Trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled Monster is killed.

Team Setup

I decided to have Djinn Chwala up front because of the Armor and high Health, additionally if my opponent brings Melee Attack Monsters in the front and second position with Reach then the Thorns on my Djinn Chwala helps to battle them. Second I placed Carnage Titan with Reach and Double Strike to deal some good damage against the opponents front line. I need a lot of damage because the health on the front line will be the same with this ruleset. Then I placed the Dragon Jumper, with his Opportunity he will also attack the front line due to the equal health.

Up next I went for some Magic and Ranged Attack Monsters for additional damage and some diversity in the types of attacks. I brought Bila the Radiant because with equal Health she can more easily get even higher Health thanks to her Life Leech ability. If she'd end up in the front line eventually then that would allow her to get healed even more thanks to Byzantine Kitty's Tank Heal ability and allow her to tank longer.

Then I brought the Air Elemental with 3 Ranged Attack and high speed that is increased even further thanks to Byzantine Kitty. A really fast and strong Ranged Attacker.

Last but definitely not least I brought Prismologist. With the Armor and equal Health she provides some great protection in the backline. I also chose to bring her in this battle because her Blast ability will help me already deal a bit of damage against the 2nd Monster in my opponents line up. Which is very helpful with equal health to make the next Monster slightly easier to deal with.

Strategy Successful?

My opponent made a great choice of bringing Mylor Crowling. I had 3 Melee Attackers in the battle so all 3 of them would always be taking damage from Thorns when attacking. The Carnage Titan even twice due to its Double Strike ability. To add to that my opponent brought Queen Mycelia to amplify that Thorns damage.

My Djinn Chwala's Thorns damage was not so great because my opponent used Lord Arianthus in the front, but they did bring Oaken Behemoth with Reach so at least the Thorns did do damage to that one. The best part is that Djinn Chwala and Oaken Behemoth killed each other because of that Thorns ability.

My opponent landed Affliction on my Djinn Chwala in the first round so she wasn't able to get healed at the start of the next round. My other Melee Attackers keep taking Thorns damage and being attacked by most of my opponents backline and so they end up dying. Which puts Bila the Radiant in the front line, but by the time that happened my opponent only had 2 Monsters left.

Meanwhile my Prismologist can be seen taking away the Armor on two of my opponents Monsters because of that Blast ability. Which makes them vulnerable for the majority of the rest of my damage. In this battle my opponent brought the Goblin Thief as 1 Monster with the Sneak ability. It needed a turn to get through my Primologist's Armor and then it dealt 3 more damage to her leaving her still at 9 Health. So she also successfully protected herself and the rest of my backline against the potential Sneak attacks.

Yes my strategy was a great success! I brought Prismologist for backline protection and to deal some damage two Monsters at once with her Blast ability, to make things easier for the rest of my team. And she did both of the reasons why I brought her. Which was awesome!

Do I like Prismologist

Yeah, it's a pretty awesome card! Especially paired with General Sloan to further increase her Ranged Attack she can deal a lot of damage. This is one card that I also always rent for Brawls. I might not use her often in Brawls but I do like to have her available in case I find a game where she fits in well. I'm looking forward to eventually upgrade her to level 3 to have her maxed out in Silver League.


I made a great choice with this lineup. Half of my lineup did take some severe damage because of my opponents Thorns from Mylor Crowling, but together they all had a lot of damage to quickly take out my opponents. Two of my Melee Attackers also had Armor to keep themselves protected for a bit against that Thorns damage.

Prismologist can be a bit weak against Sneak attacks with her lower health, so might sometimes need some protection to get enough damage output. But in this ruleset with the equal Health she could definitely be at the end of my backline and survive quite a bit of potential Sneak Attacks while still dealing some great damage.

My backline with 1 Magic Attacker and 2 Ranged Attackers was also a great choice so that all 3 of them could still deal damage once my Bila the Radiant had reached the front line.

Right now my Prismologist is still level 1 with 1 card away from being level 2. So I could upgrade her soon, but I'm definitely looking forward to get her to level 3 for the increased Ranged Attack.

That's it for my battle challenge this week. Thank you for reading!

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